Catholic Bishop condemns male domination in matters of life

Bishop of Mangochi Diocese, the Right Reverend Montfort Stima had condemned male domination in all aspects of life, emphasizing that it needs to have no room in modern society.

Bishop Stima

Bishop Stima was speaking during celebration of an Easter Sunday mass at St. Louis Catholic Parish in Mangochi.

In his sermon, Sitima insinuated that from the beginning of time God has always regarded men and women equal without favour or segregation, as such it was important that human kind accepted Gods will and started regarding women and men as being at par.

“During Jesus’ time, among the Jews men were regarded as more important than women as the Gospel reveals time and again, such as on Luke Chapter 10, where of all the people that Jesus fed out of two loaves of bread, only men were counted.

“However, when Jesus was crucified and resurrected, He chose women to be the first ones to know He had risen and women were the first to send the message home about His resurrection as taught on Mark 16: 1-8,”” said Sitima.

He translated that this was a clear indication of how Jesus regarded women as important even though He was born and raised in a society that was completely male-dominated.

The Bishop added that it was sad to note how such unfruitful domination continues to reign in current society despite all the lessons and efforts put by the Church, governments and organizations aimed at bridging the gap between men and women.

He said: “Let’s all strive to remove some obstacles in the name of cultural beliefs which are denying women chance to realise their full potential in the economic world. At a time when government is working hard to put in place initiatives that empower women to take up leadership roles, there is need to remove the barriers.”

On encouraging women to stand up for themselves, Bishop Stima expressed disappointment in the way some women look down upon themselves, advising them to stop accepting subjection to inferiority.

The Bishop said so many times women accept their failure by declaring themselves weak, as such they give room for society to abuse them and make them even weaker:

“You can agree with me that sometimes you hear women say things like we have failed to do this or that because men were not here. I say that is not helping in the fight for women empowerment.”

Commenting on the sermon, Chairperson for Catholic Women’Organization (CWO) at St. Louis Parish Mrs. Irene Silumbu called upon fellow women to be more prayerful and serve God with all their strength.

“The Holy Gospel gives us a classic example of how our fellow women passionately served Jesus even after He was in the tomb; they still wanted to be at His service and show Him how much they loved Him. We too need to have such love and passion for Gods service,”” said Silumbu.

Christians across the world believe that Jesus was crucified on Friday, and He resurrected on a Sunday that followed; a period which is widely known as Easter of the Lord.

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Its indeed ironic for the bishop to attack male domination in society. The Catholic church itself leads in this male domination and women marginalisation, by refusing to have female priests, bishops and popes.


Malawi yiripabvuto anthu anzeru achuluka, people are busy urging against anything.
Whenever leadership is poor people get tired and as a result they don’t listen to proper advices from fellow human beings.

Men do not have natural authority over women. This is just a stupid belief that we have been indoctrinated with and which is selfishly perpetuated by misogynistic and ignorant men. Mndambala Boy, probably you don’t know – some of us (girls and women) have high intelligence than the average man. We academically beat boys and men from primary, secondary to university. M`ma office ndiye osanena: some men you really wonder, is this a MAN (well, because men are wrongly presented as `equally` strong when they are not) koma ena ndi m`phwemphwa. Some of us women are actually earning more than… Read more »
According to what Mr Bishop said, i dont have any problem with that Mrs Banda if that is your husband amene mukumudyetsayo kikkkkk! but what i mean here is that we dont need to be told kuti azibambo must also allow there wives to do this and that in the name of equal rights no! but according to the love that a man has upon his wife, the wife also should take part in development by giving her time to do that, You see Mrs you have counted what you do to your husband/husbands by the look of your statement… Read more »
Economic Advisor

Muyambe ndi inuyo a Bishop kukhala ndi wansembe wankazi ndiponso Papa wankazi




Bwana Bishop banja mumalidziwa koma? munalidziwila kuuu?
Osamangoshoshozela zinthu apa bwana!!! in this modern society things can change as well but not the Bible.
What i mean is that naturally a man has natural authority not power but am saying authority, ndiye azimai athuwa inu mukawapachika pamwamba muzingowadulitsa manja inu muli uko phee!! kikkkkkk! Just advise your members to respect their families, inu zisamakukhudzeni nanga mulinaye wanu mkwazi?


Thanks Bishop Stima for the wise sentiments. I hope your church will start ordaining female priests to show this equality

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