Catholic Bishops decry Malawi academic crisis: It’s a pity about universities’ closure

The closure of the institutions of higher learning has attracted the wrath of bishops of the influential Catholic Church in Malawi and attacked the collapse of education system in the country.

Bishop Mtumbuka: We capacitate Malawians toshould elect good leaders
Bishop Mtumbuka: We capacitate Malawians to elect good leaders

Speaking on behalf of Catholic Bishops at the opening of a two-day round table conference Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) organised with its development partners in Lilongwe, Bishop Dr Martin Mtumbuka said most of the problems in Malawi, including academic crisis, is a result of poor and incompetence of leaders.

“It is a pity that some universities have closed. It is very sad that [public] universities are not functioning,” said Bishop Mtumbuka, who is also vice chairman of ECM.

Mtumbuka also heads the education section of the ECM.

He said the education mess is not only at tertiary level but even primary and secondary schools.

“People participate in governance issues when they are educated. But here in Malawi the whole concept of education is abandoned,” said Mtumbuka.

He said Malawi education system is “down” and that people are not capacitated, saying “bad politicians are thriving on that.”

The Bishop added: “We should capacitate people to choose good leaders and to kick out bad leaders.”

Speaking during the first congregation of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) last week, President Peter Mutharika accused councils and managements of public universities of contributing to the closure of the institutions of higher learning because of their resistance to embrace the ongoing reforms in the public service.

The President declared that he does not want “everything to come to me” whenever a crisis arises in the universities.

Said Mutharika: “I know that some people are eager to point fingers at the Head of State and chancellor for every problem that arises in the universities. I am the ultimate authority and I don’t mind.

“But we must remember the principles of good governance. The governance of every university is done by the Council and its management. We have empowered them by law to govern the universities on behalf of the government. And I do not expect everything to come to me. I expect the Council and management to do what is required of them.”

“And to every chairperson of Council and vice-chancellor, let me say this: Malawians expect you to be visibly active in managing your university on behalf of Government; more so in times of crisis,” he added.

He also accused authorities in the education sector of resisting change, particularly the ongoing Public Service Reforms Programme (PSRP).

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7 years ago

call him bishop martin mtumbuka, not bishop dr martin mtumbuka. the world allows one title and that of bishop is enough. most of the world leaders have PhDs but you will hardly hear them say Pope Prof. this nor Pope Dr this.

7 years ago

Zonvetsa chifundo zedi. Amene akuzunza wanawa adaphuzila school yaulere ku University, pamene Boma linali ndi ndalama zochepa. Lero budget ndiya ma billion koma akuti wana azilipila komanso modula. Cholinga ana a amphawi asaphunzile, kuti olemera azipitilira kutilamulira. Ndikudabwa kuti kodi akuluakulu a m’boma, mabungwe amene anapitako ku Univeristy bwanji salankhulapo. Yankho; wana awo amapita ma coleji zakunja kwa dziko lino. Koma mudziwe kuti zomwe mukuchita sichilungamo ayi, chifukwa anthufe mukutizuza kwambiri. Mbali zonse palibe chomwe chikukomera wanthu wamba ai. Kodi dziko lino ndilanu lokha? mutiuze ife kuti kwathu ndikuti, tizipita kumeneko, ndipo mutsegule malire a dziko lino kuti tizituluka mwaufulu.… Read more »

7 years ago

A letter to Bishop Mtumbuka I wish if you were very neutral over this issue. Be sober man of God. You are blaming only the government What about those students who have taken injunction that has made everything to be on standstill.Let me tell that the government produced a calendar with new fee. The date for Poly was given and the students came on the campus for academic activities. But these students were trying to be more smarter than our education planners who introduced the new college Fees. I would be happy if you are criticizing both sides goevrnment and… Read more »

Abeat Minthu
7 years ago

It would not happened during MCP/Kamuzu Banda to close university like it has done during DDP/Muntharikas time. They dont care their children go abroad. How can a vet educated man not understand importance of education? When Kabwila defends education they call her man names just because she is a woman. Ignorant Malawians can support a thief as long as he is a man. Thats why Trump won in USA. Banda put education, agriculture, and healthy as historia priorities. Even APM and his brother and many during Kamuzu got high government education. Look to day full of bad private schools with… Read more »

7 years ago

To kick out bad leaders and choose good leaders!! kikkkk!
By this time who is bad? and who is good?
Next election, who will be good?
Lets see here, the one who is bad to day is the one who has messed up things ya?
Two bulls in the house,
You Bishops, do you want to tell me that this Government is bad?
Led by bad leader? then if that is the case, Chakwera is good leader though you did not mention here.
So next election remind people to choose a good leader mwanva?

7 years ago

There is no govt in Malawi. This country is running without any leader and because of no direction it will sink. It is our own country and this is so because of 36% of Malawians Malawians who have brought all this mess. But our God father will rescue us aday will come.

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