Security Minister Chiumia says Rwanda genocide suspect is ‘successful businessman’ in Malawi

Vincent Murekezi, one of the 1994 Rwandese key genocide suspects,  who has been exposed to  have acquired a Malawian passport and is now using the surname Banda, has been described by Malawian Minister of Home Affairs anf Internal Security, Grace Chiumia as”successful businessman” in the country.

Rwandan genocide suspect obtains Malawi passport, freely enjoying his life in Lilongwe

Rwandan genocide suspect obtains Malawi passport and has backing from Immigration Department

Chiumia said she knows Murekezi and that Malawi government does not have information relation to his role in the killings that occurred in 1994.

“I know Murekezi asa one of the successful businesspersons in the country,” Chiumia said of the Rwandan.

The Rwandam has been hitting headlines after he acquired a Malawian passport.

His  Rwandan passport number PC939663 indicates that his birthplace is Ngoma-Huye in Rwanda. The same information appears in a Rwandan government record, which names him a suspect of the 1994 genocide.

In the MA07817 passport, Murekezi identified himself as a Malawian citizen from Mbeya in Tanzania.

He also identifies himself in the other passport as Vincent Murekezi whose birth place is Kigali, Rwanda.

Human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula urged the Government of Malawi to engage Rwanda and the international community in investigating and verifying reports.

Minister Chiumia said she has since ordered the Immigration Department to furnish her with Murekezi’s “bio-data and foles.”

Chiumia said she has taken “personal interest” in the matter.

“I will be studying his files to get to the root casue of these reports,” she said.

Immigration Department spokesman Joseph Chauwa confirmed the geneocide suspect has  a Malawian passport number MA606888 and that what was referred in the press as passport  number MA078171 in 2011 was a travel document.

According to Chauwa, the Rwandan genocide suspect Murekezi “met all the requirements” for awarding a Malawi citizenship and a travel document.

He has been in Malawi since 2003.


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Already too may intelligent posts from intelligent readers. Hon. Minister, you goofed big time. The first thing Malawi Government should have done before giving this criminal citizenship was to check with the Government of Rwanda by sending all his bio-data documents to Kigali for vetting. The reason is that many genocide suspects fled the country after Paul Kagame took over. It was stupid for anyone in Government to bedfellow a suspicious looking male Rwandan before making a background check.


Nyika Voice

Just cross-check the fingerprints if it is the same person then whether he is Malawian or Rwandan he should face justice. The fact will remain that he was actively involved in the genocide!

Charlie Hebdo

I am quiet confused…so it is said he was born in KigalI in one passport while he was born in Mbeya in the other. How can a person be born in 2 different places? …and here in Malawi we feel it’s ok….my leg forsake!

Douglas Ndindi

Is the issue about being a businessman or about having questionable credentials in respect of nationality and citizenship? Let’s not confuse matters here. What we are interested in is the question of how morally clean the man is. And, can somebody explain to the less intelligent like me how being a successful businessman led to a change of name? John 8: 32 reads “And you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”. We just want to be set free by being told the truth. Basi ndaimila pompa.


Amagula albino uja Ndi ameneyo paja gameyo ndiyaboma


Mayi Chiumia pse ask the Rwandan Govt about this man instead of just backing him. Its better to enquire from the Rwandese instead of using the Malawi Ploice Service report because we all know how corrupt our police is. Am Zimbabwean married to a Malawian woman i get confused by the lack of water tight systems of security in this peaceful country. In Malawi you can get anything without problems unlike in my country where despite Mugabe’s dictatorship, Zimbabwe has one of the best security.


Grace Obama or whatever you call yourself you’re useless and good for nothing!!! Unabwera pa Chintheche kutisisitsa anthu mma mini bus kukhala ngati kuti nawenso ndiwe trafick police kutilepheretsa kupanga ndalama ayeni dziko lero ukuyikira kumbuyo chigawenga. Atonga anzako akuzunzika kumurogoro komwe akugwira ntchito ngati ng’ ombe zapangolo wachitapo munthu opusa iwe shupiti!!!!

His Rwandan passport shows that he was born in Kigali and the details on the Malawian passport shows that he was born in Mbeya, Tanzania. Now the minister wants to investigate while the evidence is there in black and white that this man obtained a Malawian passport fraudulently. Anita was arrested few hours after the order from the high authority and more over Anita was not a flight risk because he is a real Malawian who can easily be traced. This man called Murekezi should be arrested immediately and charged with fraud and at the same time authorities should start… Read more »

Anita ndiye utinso abale inu?

Zoona zake

A Grace Chiumia anganene chani munthu opanda nzerungati uyu olanda mwamuna wa Niece wake. Idiot! WHy can’t u investigate instead of praising him as a successful business man. Idiot.


Chilungamo chidzaoneka ngakhale mumubise. Munadya kale zake zambiri ndiye mukuopa. Mwayamba kunena kuti ‘he is a successful businessman’. Does it mean that successful businessmen are not supposed to face the law? The guy is a criminal, period and he must be deported back to his country. The whole security Minister defending a criminal. What a strange country Malawi is. Do you think if it were a Malawian in another country, such stupidity would happen? Kodi a Malawi tidatani kupepera chonchi. VERY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.

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