Catholic priest gives sacrament of holy baptism to children of unmarried couples

There were smiles, hugging and dancing as parents from different wards of  Catholic’s  St. Pius Church in Blantyre baptized their children , who their marriages are not legally blessed.BAPTISMBAP

During the baptism mass, the father superior of St. Pius Church in Blantyre, George Kaliati urged the parents who baptized their children to legally bless their weddings before this year or early next year.

Fr. Kaliati said this on Wednesday 16 November, 2016 when he conducted a baptism of the year of mercy to  over 100 children.

The Pope  has  been  encouraging  priests to baptise the children of unmarried women in order to pass on the Christian faith, calling those who refuse ‘hypocrites’.

In his  sermon, Reverend Fr Kaliati said: “Your children today have joined the union of God as they are cleared from their sins, what remains now is for you to legally wed your partner so that you compliment what God wants.”.

Taking pictures and posing were the order of the day as part of baptism celebration.

The priest  further requested the Christians not to be satisfied because their children have been baptized, saying they should get the sacrament of marriage.

The Catholic church worldwide is in celebration of year of mercy which was declared by Pope Francis last year and the closing day is this coming Sunday in all churches.

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Zinalitu bwino apa…BRAVO!!!


Sometimes pali zina zongofuna kungoona and kumvera chifukwa judgement is under God, zina anthufe timazichita mchimbulimbuli osadziwa kuti Kumwamba kuli chiani, Mchifukwa chake Christ said, asiyeni akufa aikane akufa okhaokha. Tikaona nkhani zitingopenya osati kunyoza kapena kugamula, iwowo ndi chaka chao cha chifundo it does not mean that God doent have mercy on us.


You are right. Faith is an individual choice. Howbeit, scrutinizing doctrine is not judging anyone but simply enquiring about the probity and rationality of some of the things we believe. Enquiry is a natural disposition in any human being.

The fallacies of Catholicism. God is merciful all the time. The Bible declares that His mercies are “new every morning”(Lamentations 3:22-23); not just during some days characterized by man as falling within a “year of mercy”. And where do you get it in the Bible that baptism cleanses one of sin? Baptism is merely an exterior testament of one’s interior conversion. That’s why children ought not be baptised but “blessed” as they are not yet conscientized about sinfulness and repentance. Only upon one consciously accepting Christ (out of their own volition) are they to be baptised to bear witness of… Read more »

This infighting among GOD’s children grieves the Holy Spirit. The LORD Jesus established no denomination. Infact all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. Each of us should just look inside ourselves and see what we should improve in us to allow agape love to grow within us so that we should share that Love with others. We all need His mercies.


The post you are responding to does not draw any denominational lines. Whilst everyone is free to believe what they deem appropriate; are you suggesting that church doctrinaire is beyond scrutiny? Christianity, unlike other religions has always thrived on and encourages questioning. That’s why the Enlightenment and the age of moral reasoning sprout out of the Judeo-Christian World View. In fact, the Bible exhorts believers to always be ready to give a logically coherent defense about why they believe what they believe (1 Peter 3:15).


Mumangitse maukwatiwo osati zithere pompa.


That’s fantastic, Year of mercy must benefit many not few, good for parishes to do that, bravo for the parents and the children let God Almighty guide you.

Aisha kalemba

Koma ndiyetu mpaka 100 children, zinalikotu, sanatope wansembeyo. Anaigwiratu ameneyu koma Bravo Parents!!!!


Asaa, waphonya ali mwaitu apa. Chaka chachifundo nchabwino, pajatu Chifundo cha Mulungu chilibe malire. Zabwino zonse.


Zili bwino koma mumangitsedi maukwatiwo, mpaka ana oposa 100, ayi, zabwino zonse. Fr. Kaliati continue guiding and convincing them to wed.


Mercy from God is upon us all but that man can change His word is blasphemous

Alfred Minjo

Nkhani iri apa ndi unwedded couples not unmarried couples. Journalist should know the difference. Atolankhani apa Malawi amenewa…

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