CEDEP, CHRR say Mutharika has failed to lead Malawi

President Peter Mutharika and his the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government have failed to government Malawi, especially when it comes to the economy and governance , the two  vibrant civil society organisations (CSOs) in the country have said.

Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, Trapence and Rev Macdonald Sembereka

Timothy Mtambo of CHRR, Trapence and Rev Macdonald Sembereka: There are serious challenges affecting Malawi because of poor leadership

The CSOs, Centre for Development of People (Cedep) and Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR),  expressed concern over the “serious challenges” Malawians are facing that have resulted in systematic violation of their human rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

In a media statement made available to Nyasa Times, the two CSOs  say it is particularly disturbing to note that most of the challenges facing the country are emanating from poor leadership, lack of patriotism, compromised integrity as well as glorification of political expediency at the cost of nation-good on the part of the DPP government.

Cedep and CHRR have since reminded government that the primary role of every government is to protect its citizens and the President [Peter Mutharika] and the Cabinet took an oath to protect and defend the Republican Constitution where human rights and good governance are enshrined.

“Failure to deliver is tantamount to violating the human rights of Malawians. Finally, we wish to call upon Malawians that it is within their democratic power to demand good governance and development from government,” the rights campaigners said.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said the party “agree with the observations”  made by Cedep and CHRR.

Mkaka said the main opposition block is also “disturbed “  the issue of “selective justice, politicisation of governance institutions, electricity blackouts and water shortages.”

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila dismissed the CSOs statement saying  it was too ridiculously subjective, illogical and flawed.

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Mbuzzi inuuu, mukhaula Trump victory means No Funding to GAY CSOs, No Funding to Human Rights CSOs, No Funding for Demonstrations, thats Donald Trump. Alibe nanu ntchito he is a strict Baptist Christian and multi Billionnaire, Republican. In case we have forgotten, all these stupid CSOs have flourished during the Demacratic regime in US. Whn republicans were in power, thus Bush and Reagans of this world, these CSOs were non existent cause as a Christian values party, Republicans dont fund these nonses, and Trump has made it clear. Mumvetsa

Mario pei

Is Trump a president? Koma zinazi

Alex kaliba

Timagulu ta mathanyula iti

Chipoya LJ

Shame to the one behind the narration of this article. How can he brand these two briefcase CSOs as vibrant civil society organizations. What is that these greedy CSOs have contributed to the nation for the betterment of we Malawians apart from fattening their bellies only. You think we all your readers are fools? Stop kidding brother

Please do your journalism work ethically

All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!

be humane

kodi Nyasatimes, mulibe ma CSOs ena amene mumagwira nawo ntchito? Everytime mukangoti CSOs in Malawi amakhala CEDEP and CHRR and you always generalize to say CSOs in Malawi. These do not represent CSOs. Personally i have requested annual report from CEDEP for three years and you can’t get even one


@ humane if you don’t see and know that malawi is at its lowest ebb ever then you are one fool that has no equal. In simple language you are simply stupid

be humane

CEDEP and CHRR munayamba kale kunena kuti Mutharika has failed before he was sworn in on power. Nothing new you can say to Malawians. You have given him more ultimatums than anybody but to no avail. Kodi CEDEP imachita chani M’Malawi muno? These are organizations that are getting money in the name of poor Malawians and they need now to go

Be Humane

@ Be humane. It’s not a question of anayambana liti but rather kodi akunenazo akunama. Surely I know that be humane you are DPP to your mucus but it remains a fact that even the most stupid person in this country knows that peter is an accident to this country and if you happen not to know this then I wonder what you are because you are beyond stupid.

Mario pei

Quite agree with you he is a first class fool

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