Chakwera backs Malawi govt over mega water project

Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera has thrown his full weight behind the controversial US$400 million Lake Malawi water project which government is initiating to end water woes in the Capital City.

Chakwera:Defends Lake Malawi water project

In a media interview, Chakwera said the water project is the only lasting solution to the persistent water problems in Lilongwe and surrounding areas.

“We needed the project yesterday. The issues of Area 18 where water was contaminated with human waste is a clear indication that we need the water project,” said Chakwera.

His sentiments are however in contrast to the country’s donors and some section of civil society who have asked the government to follow all procedures before embarking on the project.

South Africa-based Khato Holdings Limited, through a joint venture of Khato Civils (Pty) Limited and Zambezi (Pty), was contracted by Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) and Malawi Government to install the water pipeline project following a closed tender process involving over six companies and a successful business pitch at the Malawi Investment Forum (MIF).

However, critics, including Kenneth Wiyo, an associate professor at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) who is also a certified registered engineer with over 22 years of experience, have cast doubts on the project implementation.

Lilongwe Water Board chief executive officer Alfonso Chikuni however said if the project is not rolled out soon, all taps in the Capital City would go dry as the water system is obsolete.

Chakwera said the new water project would replace all old water pipes which would ensure that there is no repeat of what happened in Area 18, Lilongwe.

This is a rare moment when Chakwera has agreed with some government policies.

A recent survey shows that he and his Malawi Congress Party are leading in polls ahead of the 2019 general election.

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Makamaka anzathu inu aku Phalombe, Mulanje ndi Chiradzulu inu please mukutivets chisoni chifukwa ndimaboma omwe umphawi8 ulitho koma kaya chipanga inu ndichani ine sindidziwa ayi. Bwerani ku MCP umphawi wanu uthe.


Mphekesera zabodzatu. Afro barometer predicted if we vote now Chakwera becomes head of state. Musataye pachabe vote yanu nthawi yatha kale a Malawi mtsogoleri ndi uyu Chakwera tiyeni tipange apanga Afro barometer zo.


In case you didn’t know, Simbi funds Chakwela, and in fact the first ever car this Reverend used for campaign was bought by Simbi. You can imagine if MCP wins, Simbi will continue to get over inflated projects in Malawi. Can Malawians trust Chakwera? Corruption is pandemic in Malawi and this is being fueled and benefiting politicians.

No condom

Chakwera sangatsutse za simbi; amadyera konko ka – Simbi nde ma trustee a Congolese-wo paja

Thanks mr chabwera we need water but not from salima. We have too many blackouts where are you going to get the electricity to pump water from? Please can u follow what the prof in Lilongwe said. We are fifty years old but we don t have 24 hours of electricity!!!! Guys it’s another project which we will benefit the few. Catch the water before it reaches salima. Blanytre water board pumps water from shire . Do we have water 24hours in Bt ? No a big NO . That is the problem when businessmen corrupt politicians. Chabwera less my… Read more »

When this project is complete, Mr. Simbi will have earned a lot of money, most of which he will re-invest in Malawi. We have seen some of his local investments, and social responsibility projects like Mchinji Police Station. If however, an Indian, Portuguese or any contractor does this project, the profits earned will be deposited in Bombay, Lisbon or Geneva banks. Its up to us Malawians who to award this project to.


chakwela is a man who knows what is good and what is bad, so this indicates that he does not oppose anything that comes but opposes what he sees as not good . In this case supporting government is the only way forward to end this miserable water problems we are all facing in malawi. Chakwela iam with you.


Chakwera is a gentleman who says what must be said whether it pleases one or not. He has moral principles.


Munadya nawo za Khatho….


Paja Simbi wa Khatho ananena kale kuti he has supported MCP And Chakwera in person with campaign money. So what else can.Chakwera say ? but to support so that he continues to eat from Simbi.

Citizen 100

Now you see my fellow Malawians, remember there were pictures of Rev. Chakwera attending a wedding ceremony at the house of the Khato gentleman . Let me hear someone saying”Chakwera is different, Chakwera this & that…”

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