Chakwera blasts Mutharika: Go ye and repaint cells

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera , who is also leader of opposition, on Thursday turned on President Peter Mutharika, asking him to repaint the holding police cells at Lumbadzi in the capital Lilongwe where he was kept for three days in 2012 for treason charges.

Chakwera speaking to reporters

Chakwera speaking to reporters

Mutharika, whose charges were dropped immediately he ascended to the presidency in the May 2014 elections, last week led a horde of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) followers to paint the blue to celebrate second anniversary of his arrest.

But during a news briefing at MCP headquarters in Lilongwe Thursday, Chakwera asked Mutharika to repaint the cells with neutral colours and clear the graffiti.

Apparently, Mutharika’s team had painted the cells blue – a colour which represent his party, DPP.

“It is unfortunate that despite a myriad of political, social and economic problems haunting the country, the President had the audacity of leaving plot number one to write on walls,” said Chakwera.

Mutharika had scribbled a “Prof. Peter Mutharika was here” graffiti at one of the walls in the cells.

And, Chakwera described the act as vandalism of public buildings.

“A police station or police cell is a state institution. Police stations are not party property. It is an abuse of the office of President for the President in full DPP regalia to visit and write on a wall of a police cell,” said Chakwera.

“We teach our children that writing on walls is bad manners, how can we continue to tell them that, if the President goes about committing acts of vandalism. If the DPP has issues with the arrest and incarceration of President Mutharika then they should bring an action against whosoever they think was wrongfully responsible for the arrest,” added the opposition leader.

“If an example were needed late Nelson Mandela President of South Africa spent a good part of 27years in a cell at Robben Island, he never abused his office by writing on the wall of his cell when he became President,” he pointed out.

He demanded that the President and the DPP must repaint the Police cell at Lumbadzi and restoring it to its former neutral colours.

“Whilst they are at it, they might as well just repaint the whole Lumbadzi police station and the Police officers’ houses as a gesture of goodwill.”

According to government, the commemoration symbolically renewed Mutharika’s commitment on making no political arrests during his tenure in office.

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gladwell phiri

DDP is just a bunch of incompetent fools


ndangova chison kuti anthu ena mmalo movomereza kuti kuganiza mwanzeru kunavuta,mukufuna kumawachemerera a president ngati pachika za nzeru.People, please try to reason… ayenera kukhala chisazo osati kumapanga zimene amapanga anthu akabalalika ndi chamba.How could a normal person,with 5 senses,a president for that matter,reduce himself to a mare fool by writting a graffitti on a wall, a thing that we all know that can be done by a mentally ill person?Ife nkumakhala ndi hope kuti tili ndi president amene atatithandize? Za manyazi!

Happy Eduardo

The best the man of God can do is to go back to the pulpit.

This is trivia from Dr. Cahakwera. Not from the mouth of the leader of opposition leading 12 parties in opposition. Please leave your comfort zone and concentrate instead 0n MK265 million in arrears of city rates. The press conference should have concentrated on this and asking MCP followers to deal with this monster or else risk losing this biulding which is turnishing the image of a faltering party. Kamuzu will turn in his grave once this building is lost. Mind you you are receiving tax payers money and instead of giving alternative constructive views you have sunk deep into political… Read more »
Victim Chamkhuni

I agree with Dr Chakwela. We must make sense and difference between our personal, party and public property.


Monga mwanthawi zoxe ma Comment amathera pa ine


Peter ndi khalidwe lake ali ku Dedza Secondary School amati akalowa mu toilet khoma limadziwanso.Paliponse pamalembedwa “Peter Thom was here” ndiye timadabwa kuti munthu ameneyu ndani? Ok!! Now I know the man behind the graffits.

Muhiye Mulhopwana

Mr Chakwera, what type of color should Peter use to repaint the whole police station? The writing is on the wall saying: Peter, Peter in 2019. Mr Chakwera one thing you should always remember and will haunt you for the rest of your life is that you made the greatest mistake to abandon the pulpit to do politics! Apapo ndiye kuti garu anadya masanzo ake omwe. Koma ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


a Chakwera muzasutsa nazo muthu akuyera mu toilet. don’t comparing the former president of RSA to Malawi’s President Prof. MW and RSA are on different country. Mukuchedwatu ku kalipira city rate uko.

Allan Mulizakamba

This reminds me of one story of Katatkwe, see the archives.

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