Chakwera brands DPP corrupt, nepotistic: Hails Kamuzu ‘father and founder of Malawi nation’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera took advantage of the Kamuzu Day commemoration in Kasungu to blame on the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government for the socio-economic woes facing the country, saying they have failed to emulate the style of leadership of the father and founder of Malawi nation, who died on November 25 1997.

Chakwera , Mia, Harry Mkandawire and Mkaka at the Kamuzu Day memorial in Kasungu: The leaders we have in DPP are thieves and corrupt

He said as MCP, they are glad that  years after Kamuzu’s death, the nation still has fond memories of the ‘Ngwazi’ because of strong foundations he laid in agriculture, health, education and other sectors of life.

Chakwera said there was no corruption during  Kamuzu reign and  yet today leaders are busy enriching themselves through corrupt means and are failing to fight corruption because “they themselves are thieves and corrupt”.

He said: “People are sharing money like no other business. There is rampant corruption in this [DPP] government as well as nepotism. Kamuzu never condoned corruption and even nepotism.”

Chakwera said he does not condone nepotism and that he has a vision to end theft and corruption.

“Am married to Nyagondwe from the north and we met at the college. She was at Polytechnic and I was at Chancellor College but all is going on well despite regional and tribal differences,” said Chakwera.

He said the nation need to get lid of leaders that are  promoting nepotism, thieves and corrupt.

Addressing a mini political rally soon after the function, MCP vice President Sidic Mia collaborated with Chakwera, saying MCP will bail out Malawians from the jaws of corruption.

“We need to reboot the system in 2019.  We can’t afford to have our hard earned taxes be squandered by a few elites like it is happening now,” Mia said.

He persuaded Malawians that it is “a moral and civic duty” to get rid of DPP in 2019.

Kamuzu the person, the leader

The Ngwazi, as he was fondly called, was a man of great character, a keen follower of histories of otherworld great leaders. He was a man of great commitment, courage, enormous confidence in himself, tough and no nonsense leader.

Kamuzu had strong leadership capabilities that benefited from cognitive knowledge he gained from his vast studies and work experience gained abroad. This placed him in an envious position, enabling him to provide sound leadership in matters of the State.

He was an all-round leader who took to the presidency the theory from his studies and experience from his overseas association. He had exceptional political leadership skills that enabled him to identify opportunities existing in a situation of political need.

For example, he got the South African Government to build the capital city in Lilongwe because he supported the apartheid system at the expense of rallying support to the liberation movement, the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC).

Of course, some quarters castigated him of his stand on apartheid, but he vowed to pursue that path which would benefit his people. If facts must be told, the story of Kamuzu is incomplete if it does not highlight his achievements in areas of agriculture, education and  health.



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42 Comments on "Chakwera brands DPP corrupt, nepotistic: Hails Kamuzu ‘father and founder of Malawi nation’"

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MCPpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2019

Shithole DPP

Pitala ndi kaya adabadwamwa munthu kaya. The guy spent 50 years abroadbut he seems to have come from a village in DRC or Mali. Mavuto amunthu mpaka kumagwawa ma K20,000 kwa ana a sukulu.

James Banda

Whoever party comes to power in next election will continue the tradition of cashgate, looting, corruption, stealing from Malawians. This goes without saying. If it is MCP, then it will become ‘their turn to eat’, and they will steal. If it is DPP, then they will continue to steal. So who cares?


Liar!!! Ndiye uMBAVAwo and u always think aliyense amaba/ azaba. It’s not true!!!
Take for example there are some government officers who are thieves and others are not! Some DCs, PSs, CEOs are thieves others are not. That’s DPP mentality& TRADEMARK!!!


Kamuzu-led MCP looted, UDF looted, Bingu-led DPP looted, PP looted and now Peter-led DPP is looting. It therefore follows that if any of the old, tried and tested parties get elected into power…..they will loot mopanda manyazi.


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Does Hon Chakwera and MCP have a clear road map on how they intend to rule this country apart from talking about nepotism and corruption. I have never heard him talk about any agenda that MCP if given the mandate to rule this country. Maybe as a leader of opposition he was given a wrong premise on what it means to be in opposition.Time is running out what is MCP agenda, what is MCP bringing on the table if given the mandate to rule this country.

Chakwera Chakwera Chakwera!!!
Chakwera Chakwera Chakwera!!!

Yes he has a clear plan. He will tackle electricity shortages by introducing state subsidy on solar energy equipment among other things. Watch his recent speech in response to president mutharika Sona speech.

You may watch his speech on YouTube. Just search “Chakwera speech”.

A very practicable aproach to turning Malawi around.

Ntengo wa Kesia

Za zii.

Family and Corrupt Party
Family and Corrupt Party

Time that is running out is for DPP to decide who is going to be presidential candidate n running mate.


Chakwera more fireeee!!! This useless must goooo!!! Very nepotistic as if Malawi is Thyolo. Idyani zomaliza makape inu. 2019 we will fire you all with no hope of rehiring you. Why ca u use merit. Maina basi akhale achina Muhura, Muhonyeni, Saidi, Malata etc all lomwezi. Ife aku NkhataBay tinalakwanji nanga aku chitipa, Mchinji, Rumphi, Salima? I pray that God administers a relevant punishment on your masters, you and your generations to come. In Jesus name. Amen

winston msowoya
SHOKING NARRATION BY THE HIGH PRIEST!!!!!!!!! iam in the opinion that some Malawians are now beginning to comprehend my political beliefs,but there are some gullible idiots who have been misled by the high priest and his serviles.It is shameful and misleading for Chakwera to praise the late egomaniac tyrant Hastings Banda and despise the DPP for corruption and nepotism.The high priest praises Banda as father and founder of Malawi nation.What a traitor and a misguided man of God? The truth of the matter is that,it is not Banda who found the Malawi Nation,but the founder is Orton Edgar Ching’oli Chirwa,… Read more »
Let us be real by reflecting on the challenges of our historical past to guide the vision we have for our future. It’s a known fact that all governments we have had post independence have had their successes as well as demerits in their own respect. Let us consolidate the memorable accomplishments and build upon them for progressions sake. Let us positively reflect on the failures and work collectively at righting our wrongs for the sake of progress too. Mudslinging has been the order of the day for ages and for too long and it is taking us nowhere.

We have a Corrupt and Nepotistic Government. Tiyeni titovomereza.Tikuziwa enanu mutodya nao.Chilungamo chitokuphwetekani.Kaziko Kakang’ono koma timabungwe Tamitundu phwii.Onani Tanzania Kulibe Zimenezi.Lero Mfumu kumayima Pagulu ati ife Antundu wa Kuti tigwirizane .Nanga amitundu Ineyo Nawonso akatelo ziko liyenda? Tinanziva zimenezi Ku Milonde ,Thyolo live pa MBC


i have never seen a foolish pastor like chakwera in my life. If you are buzy fooling & cheating people now what if you become a President? One thing you should know m’busa iwe dont take malawians as your congregation who you can preach to without asking you auestions on your homily. R u telling us that nepotism, corruption were not there during kamudzu time? We remember him because he was the first president after getting to independence that’s all. Osati ukubwebwetazo apa iyaaaa!!!!!!

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