Chakwera campaigns in Lower Shire, insists on National Youth Service

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  presidential torchbearer Lazarus Chakwera  has advised people of  Lower Shire to beware of empty promises being made by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government,  saying the Tonse Alliance is their only hope to address issues affecting them such as lack economic empowerment of the youth through the establishment of National Youth Services and transforming agriculture.

Chakwera with Chilima : Reiterated their alliance’s promises to the electorate, including fighting corruption, revamping the public sector, job creation, economic empowerment of the youth and women and transforming agriculture, among others

He also promised to find o markets for cotton and  ensure food security to deal with end hunger that has already started biting.

Speaking at Nsangwe in Chikwawa on Monday, Chakwera said he was pleased that Lower Shire is still behind MCP although DPP tried to steal votes in Nsanje and Chikwawa in 2019.

Chakwera also said some people have been trying to bring divisions betwen himself and MCP  deputy president Sidik Mia but will fail.

He assured the area that Mia remains MCP second-in-command and an influencial figure in the Tonse Alliance.

“Mia played a major role in ensuring that the alliance materialises. He is in the alliance and not outside. He also still remains MCP deputy president. Those trying to bring divisions between us will fail,” said Chakwera.

He cautioned people of Lower Shire to beware of empty promises by DPP during campaign period.

Chakwera said maize which government will be distributing to hunger stricken people in lowerhsire is from World Food Programme and not from any party.

He joined his running mate Saulos Chilima  in condemning people who are trying to divide the country on tribal and religious lines.

Chakwera assured people that the Tonse Alliance government will create steady markets and good prices for cotton and also establish factories to process the cotton and other crops grown in the district.

He said his government will make sure projects initiated in Lower Shire are completed on time.

“This ountry is on fire. Let us all unite to redeem it,” he said adding the Tonse Alliance will not swallow parties but unite Malawians towards common goals.

Speaking earlier, Chief Nyambiro bemoaned that there is acute hunger in the area, just a month after harvesting.

The chief expressed concern that there is no ready market for cotton, which is the only cash crop  for the area.

He said they were promised that Admarc will start buying cotton, but up to now nothing is happening.

Chief Nyambiro also bemoaned that DPP government was dethroning chiefs in Lower Shire for merely speaking at opposition rallies.

He said the chiefs are not afraid with the government action, since they believe that DPP time is over.

Chief Nyambiro also said chiefs have stayed nine months without receiving their honoraria.

Member of Parliament for Chikwawa South Elias Kalimu concurred with the chief that there is acute hunger in lower shire.

He said many peole are already sleeping on empty stomachs and requested the Tonse alliance to quickly assist people of lowershire with food immeditely it gets into power.

The MP also said cotton is parked in warehouses are school blocks due to lack of market.

Karim urged the Tonse Alliance to set cotton prices in advance, saying the current situation has potential to discouarge people from growing cotton.

He refuted claims DPP is making in the two districts that they have been abandoned since Sidik Mia is not runningmate to Chakwera.

Karim said Mia is still Vice President of MCP and an influential figure in the Tonse Alliance.

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2 years ago

amalawi changamukani chonde mmene munayambira kugona muja mpaka lero mmalo moti muzilimbana ndikupanga zanu busy kwafunira ena ntchito kumalawi olo mutamvotera ndani ndani zonsezi ndimbava inu ndiye busy mikangano basi uchitsiru ana ambuzi anyani muli tuzuu ngati ng’ombe itagundidwa ndigalimoto inu mumadya ndale olo munayamba mwadyapo ndale anthu amene mukuwasaotawa mayesa muzayamba kwatukwananso amenewa uchitsiru basi kodi muchangamuka liti anthu amene mukwafunira ntchitowa pali agogo anu mbuzi zaanthu palibe chipani chabwino apa onsewa ali ndimbiri zoipa kupha kuba enawa macashgate enawa kuba ndalama zampingo enawa kunamiza zacorona zambirimbiri akuchita anthu amenewa chilima anabela mavoti mu 2014 mwaiwala anthu inu mukukhala… Read more »

2 years ago

U spend money printing t-shirts and nsalu zipewa osakawagulira anthu chimangaa bwanj?

2 years ago

At they will provide food when they get into power yet they have their own money but they don’t want to share……… Someone is sleeping with an empty stomach today should wait till July to get food? Are u creous?

2 years ago

Mr President if possible spend more time campaigning that side don’t worry about the North, from Jenda to Karonga its Tonse Woyeeeee.

2 years ago

Atambwali mwawaonatu. They go out and say there is no corona virus and yet they greet each other through elbow. Mbava zenizeni zowoneka dzuwa likuswa mtengo nkuwavotera amenewa kaya ndithu singachite ataaa! Fooling smiles koma mkatimo nkhondo zili tho angoti tiwonana tikawoloka kkkkkkk

Mtopwa 1
Mtopwa 1
2 years ago
Reply to  chataika

Iwe ndi chitsiru koopsa, kodi mutu wako umayenda bwanji? Uzitsatila zimene anthu akunena osangoti zimamina chuuuuu! The Chakwera has been in forefront before your stupid President said anything about Coronavirus. Uzichita manyazi! Ng’oooooo chidiso nanga galu wogundidwa pa [email protected] Chataika

DPP Handed Back To UDF

DPP under Bingu gave Malawi a new hope in 2004. We saw developments that were only seen during Kamuzu Banda days with MCP. Bakili Muluzi came and destroyed almost everything from schools to hospitals. We are surprised that APM has decided to take us back to the Muluzi family. This is a set back for dpp and surely considering his age (80 plus) udf has already taken over. This is a shame and all Malawians are disappointed. Tonse Alliance is the only hope for Malawi.

nafundo zalo
nafundo zalo
2 years ago

sakunama. ka strategy kausilu to shut our mouths.
what about the rest of the crew and why its takin ages to bring in the new team ???? yet in some cases you just get up and say caponda is leader of this and that!!!! come on dude.
we r tired of your tricks.

Mwini muzi.
2 years ago

If I compare the promises to what is already happening: community colleges for the youth, Medef for the loans, current fertilizer fisp sold at K6000 compared to K5000, I see nothing new to get me moved. Perhaps the huge difference to see for me is the militant behaviour of Tonse alliance that led to destroying of property, killing of a policeman and injuring another who later died in hospital. I have been around since the country’s independence and I see the old habits of the MCP resurfacing. I would opt for the cool and collected, the peaceful alternative because I… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Mwini muzi.

Some people will not get off the road even after APM truck has lost breaks

2 years ago

How many people attended the rally? Seems small crowd. Musova.

2 years ago

Ayufi Ife ayi!! A pioneer Ife ayi.never again in Malawi. This will backfire!! You think Malawians are fools

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