Chakwera decries Malawi govt’s ‘dark deeds’

Leader of the Opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr Lazarous Chakwera has accused President Peter Mutharika and his government of lacking of transparency and acting in dark corners on the sale of what used to be state-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB).

Chakwera: Blasts Mutharika government's dark corner meetings
Chakwera: Blasts Mutharika government’s dark corner meetings

The sale came after government wrote off the loans obtained at MSB, most of which were borrowed by private businesses and individuals who are financiers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“It seems to me, that the virus that we are dealing with is not a contagious disease that would have brought banks to their needs in this country. It is a practice, by those in authority that have made the institutions of this land non-functional, when they should be functional at certain times,” noted Chakwera.

The opposition leader pointed out that MSB was “deliberately brought to its knees” by those in authority.

“It seems evident in times of desperation, that is the only recourse that one justifies but it is because there has been a series of decisions that have not been right for the Malawian people,” said Chakwera.

Before the sale, Treasury asked the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) to issue K6 billion promissory notes to take the toxic loans off the MSB books.

“Ten years ago they said that this bank would have been all right, but what has happened between that time and today corruption and fraud and the fact that we have used public institutions to finance our personal agendas, is what has killed this bank.

“Today, we are all saying that there is sense in having it sold because it has become a liability and heavy burden on government. It is the same people that have led government that have truly ripped us off and ripped every Malawian off,” said Chakwera.

He continued: “We must understand that the decisions that we make today, will make us tomorrow. Every decision that administrations have made in this country, on behalf of Malawians and saying that they are good for Malawians, have brought more misery to Malawians. Look at all the companies that have been sold.”

Chakwera bemoaned that such crucial decisions affect the poor Malawian citizen that pays the price in the end.

He also accused government of Mutharika of disregarding what Parliament can recommend when it went ahead to sell the bank despite the House had recommended halting the process.

“What we are saying in here is that we are telling Malawians that, in fact, Parliament should not even have wasted time talking about this because it is none of their business. What we are saying to Malawians is that we respect other arms of government much more than we respect Parliament,” said Chakwera.

The MCP president state that government was engaged in “dark meetings” on the matter of MSB sale because “dark deeds were intended to take place.”

He reminded the government that it is still governing by the consent of the people.

“We are still responsible to those who put us in office. We cannot just say that we are not arrogant by word of mouth when the actions demonstrate that we are actually arrogant,” said Chakwera.

Another MCP lawmaker Vitus Dzoole Mwale said of the controversial MSB sale: “ This DPP-led government has embarrassed us.”

The Malawian government has disposed of 75 percent of its shareholding in the MSB to Financial Discount House Holdings.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

Before the seat of God there stood a true Malawian Leader who was chosen by pipo but we do see another man running the affairs of Malawi Govt. No wonder!!!.Do not worry,they are philistines.

mmalawi w
mmalawi w
6 years ago

Any sane Malawian knows that Pitala has failed Malawians.Even the illiterate brainwashed people from his goliyati village in Thyolo are crying like chicken.Pitala alibe nawo ntchito apart from dancing their daughters bare chested showing their breasts during Mulhako’s functions.Palibe chimene chikuyenda masiku ano ndi mzake wa Ben Phiri akumameta punky masiku ano.Kaya zimenezo akumamumeta ndi Dausi ma skills anaphunzira Ku upayoniya kaya?

melvin mwandira
melvin mwandira
6 years ago

Chakwela do something.don’t b a spectator.As a next president you need not cry like we ordinary people.Muli abweze ngongole.World bank has ranked our nation already to b the last at GNI.Kayelekela was also sold by his brother p-tala.Tikukuonanitu paja mlandu suoola.tizakumangani nonse tikatenga boma ngakhale nonse ndinu nkhalamba zokhazokha.mkulu wake anapulumuka chifukwa anathawira kudziko la mpumulo wabata.mukadzamusatira msanga muzapulumukanso.

6 years ago

Muli wapulumukatu apa. Nanga 4 billion ikutchulidwanso apa. Why is the govt shielding mbava imeneyi. Muli alipire basi. Whether he belongs to mlakho but that money belongs to Malawians and must be given back to Malawians. If Pitala is a true leader, tionera pa Muli

Rift valley
Rift valley
6 years ago

Malawians were told by one British diplomat, soon after the cashgate issue surfaced, and prior to the 2014 elections, that the future of the country was up to Malawians to sort out. All the signs were there that we wolud not progress with PP or DPP in power as these are one and the same; descendants of UDF. We still went ahead voting the thives into power. UDF’s joining Government proves beyond any reasonable doubt that these are the same people And is it any one that DPP gurus are pesturing oDPP into giving their Indian, cum British business people… Read more »

6 years ago

Dr Chakwera and your fellow opposition MPs..what has your complaining achieved thus far? You and your crew are just crying like small girls instead of taking meaningful action. you mean the whole parliament is toothless and cant do anything on this that you are unable to mobilise masses for a good course..why should i vote for you again in 2014 when all you are doing is tell us what we already know.. in Greece the leader of opposition has resigned for failing to achieve what he promised his people..we demand better

6 years ago

Just observing chakwera’s seriousness as next president bcoz dpp is becoming too poisonous fo malawi.

6 years ago

Ma mafia amenewa azaberanso


A chakwera ndi anzanu chenjerani !!!

6 years ago

hahahahaha Lobodo ndiwe omvesa chisoni kwambiri. You talk of Chakwera’s accent really??? You want him to talk like peter muthalika’s accent??? Shame on you. Chakwera is learned and has stayed with the whites for a long time… Umbuli bwanji?? Talk of these robbers who are robbing us, not the rubbish u talking about . . .

6 years ago
Reply to  Nabanda

nabanda staying with whites does not mean ndiwe wanzelu, pako wanva nkhani ndi yogulitsa bank alomwe agulitsana mwa mathematics,kumupasa thom kuti muli abisike,thom mpinganjila wakwela game yolakwikwa uononga reputation yako enawa ndi zigawenga asiye chonde akufuna uvulale iwe leka

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