Chakwera faults Malawi Police for blocking MCP supporters’ parade: New MP’s sworn-in

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has accused Malawi Police for showing their “unprofessional conduct” and partisan by blocking his party supporters from entering Parliament Building premises to escort three newly elected Members of Parliament for a swearing in ceremony.

Malawi Police block MCP. -Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

MCP in 5-1 victory parade, aboard new three MP’s.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

MCP take to the streets of the capital city Lilongwe to celebrate their by-elections success.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Police mounted make-shifts road blocks in the Capital blocking MCP supporters clad in their party colours from escorting the newly elected legislatures to Parliament.

The MPs are Lawrence Sitolo (Nsanje Lalanje), Sosten Gwengwe Lilongwe Msozi North) and Ulemu Msungama (Lilongwe City South).

They arrived at Parliament building aboard an opened-topped Axa double-deck shuttle which they rode from Bunda Turn-Off passing through Lilongwe City enroute to Parliament.

“I am not happy with the conduct of Malawi Police, why blocking people who were just escorting their MPs in this Chamber, I have been waiting for almost long time but was briefed that there are roadblocks all over. Why blocking people going to their work, this is shameful to our democracy, they should stop intimidating our members,” said Chakwera at Parliament building.

Chakwera said the 5- 1 by-elections win for MCP against governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) – which only managed to win Mayani ward – is a manifestation that Malawians have hope in his party.

The new MCP legislators, who were sworn in by Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, have since pledged to work hard to better lives of people in their constituencies.

The Chief Justice said their election means the citizens have hope in them and they should strive to protect and defend the Constitution.

MCP supporters in their large numbers gathered outside Parliament building, chanting and dancing as their MPs were taking oaths.

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Failing to run a church, trying to run govt? What a joke? Did MCP find out why it lost in 2014? Have it corrected itself? Why did people refuse it to rule this country? It has tried in 5 elections kneeling to people to forgive it for the past atrocities but 5 times Malawians are still saying no. My question to MCP: What have you done to convince Malawians that you can offer solutions to these problems?


What has DPP done to convince us that bthey deserve anotherbterm? What about PP? Nde ndalezo akulu


Satana is satana indeed who doesn’t know what politics is all about. MCP did its best during there time. We did not have blackouts, No food shortage etcccccccc. Ife MCP of today given chance it will do more than this fools. MCP woyeeeeeeeeeeee Chaikwera woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. MCP is government in waiting.Try this 50 + 1 u will see satana.


Which MCP will be boma yiwalani nthawi yawo yinatha anapha mokwanila DPP nayoso yaba mokwanila pano tikubwera ndife a DEPECO tikhonze magesi maphuzilo tithame ndi uphawi kwa Malawi


Koma Malawi ndi dziko la chibwana kwambiri. Politicking all the time. Rallies all the time. People are just idle. Zitsankho zinatha mwasankhidwa why rallying in town? Is that the development that you pledged? When are we going to work?

Mr. as a Leader please be sensible enough do you think the police can just allow every party follower freely enter the Parliament building? What if something dangerous happens are you not the very same person who will start acussing the police no no no!!! please let our men in uniform do what they were trained for, infact could have been the last person to talk about this shit. Inu a Chakwera ok ine ndimakumvetsa chifukwa muli ndi back ground ya mu Kachisi (Church) komwe khomo lake silikahala ndi a polisi aliyense amatha kulowa kuti akamve uthenga wa Ambuye –… Read more »

Iwe pathfinder ndiwe Mbuzi ya munthu. Democracy imalola anthu kusonkhana mwana mtendele osati zomwe ukuchita a Nyapapi wakowo. Police yolephela ya Ku Malawi.


Osadandaula nawo apolisi wa. Akhala m’manja mwanu 2019 yomweyi. Mudzangothothola amene akuwatumawo basi.

But Chakwera being LOP would have known better that Parliament is always a place which should have 24-hr security and respect especially when it is the opening day. We do have very important people and many foreign dignatories on this particular day. Why should he bring MYP and Youth Leaguers to such an occasion? Reserve such happiness for a presidential win, Mr Chakwera. Why are you in so much a mood with small things like this? Do you remember you organized the same happy demos in 2014 when elections were still counted? Didn’t you goof? Wait for 2019 celebrate real… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa

Then why the same stupid police allow or accept dpp cadets enter parliament building guieded by the foolish dpp mchacha? Iwe Santana your head is a rotten mess that supports dpp because cashgate has ruined everything in you

Longani pyanu

Calling 5_1 small thing? Are you serious?

Chilungamo Chimawawa

you are a total liar. why does DPP take cadets inside the parliament when ever they wish???? dont fool Malawians. We are watching you!!!!!


From a neutral point of view,the head of state was there at Parliament so to have achipani konko Ku Parliament sizikanakhala bwino.the atmosphere would have been intimidating to the state president. Let’s respect the presidency. U can vote it out in Malawian please! A police am not saying u are wrong or right. Pena mumathandiza bwino.


a pathfinder, nsanje basi iwe ndiwe cadet wamkulu wa dpp amakutuma kuti uzinyoza chakwera eti? akupwetekesatu why blocking mcp supporters ndale zachikale zimenezo koma a polisi akazangolowa chakwera we will police you in the year 2019

the eagle

Our police works for the ruling party just like MBC tv/radio, empty headed, savages, very barbaric. They’re still living in 1959…………….

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