Chakwera holds rallies in North Malawi

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwwra has been holding rallies in northern Malawi over the weekend just days after the ruling party accused him of buying an expensive vehicle despite the ailing economy.

Lazarous Chakwera: MCP president

Lazarous Chakwera: MCP president

Speaking in Nkhata Bay, Chakwera described the allegations as mere smear by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to divert people’s attention from the ailing economy that has crippled the health and education sectors most.

Chakwera has been embroiled in a K300m fuel guzzling top of the range vehicles and he has since denied any wrong doing, saying he was a target because of his vocal criticisms of President Peter Mutharika’s extravagance on public money.

The MCP president, who is also leader of opposition in parliament, said once he gets office in 2019, he would revive the Mtwara Corridor project, saying some projects are just but political that cannot work.

This was a direct reference to the Shire Zambezi waterway project, the dream project of former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

“In 2019, we will prioritise on the Mtwara Corridor. It is not good to abandon viable projects just because the government has changed, ” said Chakwera.

The Mtwara corridor was initiated by Kamuzu Banda.

The Leader of opposition in parliament said Tanzania is ready to bankroll the project on the east African country while Malawi will fund the project in Malawi which he said was economical.

Mozambique is not cooperating in the Shire Zambezi waterway project that would cut Malawi transportation costs by 60 per cent.

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I utterly dislike DPP, they have done nothing for this country and are a bunch of idiots. But you Chakwera I dislike even more , I nearly voted for you, but the longer you have been in politics I have seen your character …. you are not a wise democratic and benevolent leader . You and your supporters are VERY tribalistic …… MCP agenda is to get back CHEWA’s in power, you dont care about the rest of us. I hope to God both MCP and DPP dissapear in 2019. You are both making Malawi a worse place to live.

Chabwera ndi mbuzi yeniyeni. Angotaya nthawi sadzalamula. Onse osapota Mcp muli mmadzi. Dpp woyeeee!

Good samaritan

Main opposition party, hmm!

chitsa boys

Mcp sizawina


ndale zakumalawi zotopetsa sure. mmh ndekuti sitingagwirie ntchito limodzi ngati boma? koma kukhalira kutukwanizana. mulungu atidaltd=sa bwanji nanga. lets change for once good people.


Abusa a Chakwera ndiye ofunikadi utsogoleri wa dziko osati fisi yemwe akulamulirayu. Mbuzi zinangomva kuti Pitala ndi purofesa wa malamulo, basi zili akhale mutsogoleri wa dziko. Abale Pitala ndi manyi a munthu, sangathe kuyendetsa Boma. Ngati Pitala analephera kuyendetsa Ministry ya Maphunziro nthawi yomwe mchimwene wake Woyee ankalamulira, Boma angalamulire? Ngakhale ma Donors awona kuti Pitalayu ndi tuvi ndi chifukwa asiya kuthandiza.

Fathi Shehaab

well Chalwere doing his job well as party predident amd leader of opppsition.Zina za galimoto mmesa nfiya Boma kofi mwatani maganixoulibe?


while you are speaking your voice out, know that another hospital in the eastern region has started rationing its meals by giving patients two meals a day, thus b/fast and dinner. just as their colleagues opposite the road near Central Prison are doing.


We don’t vote for somebody because road, hospital etc has been constructed during his ruling time but whether that person is capable or not. Projects are for the government not a party or a person. All the projects done in the north it’s the obligation of the government to do so for it’s people cause those are tax payers money not party or president money. Wake up Malawians.

Kengere Kengere
Kulakalaka kulamulira dziko,chalaka bakha nkhuku singatole.Akulephera anthu oti ali ndi chilichonse kuthana ndi mavuto ndiye munthu woti analembetsa plot yosamangapo ngakhale kachisakasa mpaka kulembesa katundu waabale ake ndiye kuti adzalemere.Dont forget that PP had only two years but because the leadership had nothing they wanted to enrich themselves first that’s why we are in this mess. Let us not compare the reign of MCP then and that of DPP.The time MCP was in power was enjoying donor support and population was lower around 7million.Mankhwala amene amagula anali ochepa zinthu zili zotchipa.Pano a Malawi tikufuna titchuke ndikupanga ana ngati tawamvera msika… Read more »

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