Chakwera and Kaliwo agree to ‘bury the hatchet’ after cease fire talks

After months of damaging infighting in the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), secretary general Gustav Kaliwo and his deputy Chatonda Kaunda have agreed to ”bury the hatchet” with party president Lazarus Chakwera over their differences, Nyasa Times understands.

Kaliwo stop infighting

Kaliwo and Kaunda who announced the party would be holding a national convention from July 7 to 9 this year following growing concerns from some of the party ’s regional and district leaders with the leadership, in a bid to stop infighting have agreed to stop the feuding.

MCP sources told Nyasa Times that Chakwera and Kaliwo held talks and agreed that if they have any political differences, they should air them internally.

The feuding pair left having agreed that it was time to “bury the hatchet and move forward”, said the MCP official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka, who has now turned into the party ’s spokesperson, could not divulge any information on the matter but hinted on cease fire.

Kaliwo has been claiming that on several occasions he had tried to have an appointment with Chakwera, but failed to secure an opportunity to meet him with his last face-to-face meeting on party issues being in August last year.

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27 thoughts on “Chakwera and Kaliwo agree to ‘bury the hatchet’ after cease fire talks”

  1. charles Mwantani says:

    Kaliwo wadya nawo za DPP……………..In one way or the other udzabweza!! Msokonezi ngati iwe sindinamuonepo. MCP – time to get rid of dead wood!! Gustave Kaliwo is one of them.

  2. Chati kapakapa chaoloka, koma chati chubwi chili mom’mo!-

  3. ZUZE says:

    Chakwera sapupuluma. Chakwera ndi ndhilu. DPP mmimba nthawi yomweyo.

  4. Keen Observer says:

    Good news.

  5. digo says:

    Kkkkk people cannot see that Kaliwo wanted to penetrate the MBC to boost Chakwera!!!! Ndinu ana nonse amene mumapanga comment. Kumaganiza. Next time think critically!!!!!!!

    Simple evidence: anomaly to invite people like Daza who is not MCP member; fake signatures of deceased district chairs etc

    Kaliwo, thank you for the sacrifice

  6. Tiyanjane says:

    Thank you very much Mr. Kaliwo. Thank you Dr. Laz. Now eyes are on Dr. Njombole Levi Nyondo and Dr. Timothy Nyasulu. Please do likewise. Reject DPP tactics of divide and rule.

  7. Ntumbuka Weni Weni says:

    zinyau ndi zinyau basi ngakhale zingasinthe dambwe.

  8. stanford njobvu says:

    Abale akondeni okutsatilani osangoti ukumwalowa ukumwatengeka chifukwa chandalama ayi .

  9. Andree says:

    Bravo MCP, that is the way to go. You are a formidable party for the 2019. This time make no mistakes, we are tired of these other bullying parties

  10. Thanthwe says:

    That’s The way to go. Timadankhawa. You guys are indeed Matured to govern this rotten nation

  11. Mlomwe from Goliati says:

    Chabouncer cheque cha DPP to Kaliwo. hence the you turn. Kaliwo was being sent by DPP after failing to use Chatinkha Nkhoma in the first place. Bola wadyakobe za corruption but please repent chifukwa ndizamagazi.

  12. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Really? They have buried the hatchet? Is it not possible for Mr. Chakwera or Mr. Gustav Kaliwo to put a sign on the spot where the hatchet is buried? Nevertheless, it is good news because Mr. Kaliwo was calling the shots and Mr. Chakwera was not responding until the issuance of an injunction and later the burying of the hatchet. The news makes one giddy!

  13. Chisoka says:

    Kaliwo, mutu wako. Failed together with your DPP mbewa and ziteie party kumela Midori pa Bakery.

  14. mtongoma says:

    Nice move for the two. Keep it up. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  15. john says:

    Kaliwo well done wazidyera zimakutuma zija at intelligence ya Dausi mbuzimbuzi wagwa nayo

  16. mtongoma says:

    wow! it sounds great now. unity is the deal if the party is to move forward. bravo kaliwo, bravo chakwera. thats maturity.

  17. kaitano says:

    Amutsuka mmaso anthu. because as it was, he Would join the DPP and burning the fire out side, now Chala pakamwa wanva Gusitavuuuuu? sabwe zakozo zithere komweko.

  18. watipa says:

    Mature politics in MCP

  19. Maunits says:

    Dpp cant win Chikopa please forget a bout a murderer party, thieves and inept dpp people to govern Malawi any more. Lets go to poll now u think you succeed by denying people from central region register to obtain the National ID card. Useless nkhanga zaona.

  20. Odala Nambuma says:

    Disappointed. The earlier we have convention the better as we have only one year to face Peter in the ring. This unity is artificial and is solving no single problem in the might MCP. Convention is needed before this year closes.

    We need Kabwira back as spokeswoman not za Mkaka

    1. kaitano says:

      Sorry you can do it komweko ku Nambuma, ife tikufuna Convention yomwe idzabwere posachokera pa nkwiyo wamunthu, koma panthawi yake komaso mwabata ndi mtendere mwava?

  21. mtete says:

    Mmmm!!!!Patsala paja pagona Chinziri. Only time will tell..

    Congratulations, anyway

  22. Njolinjo says:

    Finally some sense have come into the GS’s head. He and the DPP believed that MCP is full of the faint hearted. They have been proved wrong. Like I commented in one of the nyasatimes articles Kaliwo had one choice to make, join the winning team and propel the party to greater heights. There was no need to antagonize. Malawians are tired of DPP and its corrupt leadership and their hopes are on MCP. So it does not get better than this that Kaliwo has failed to disturbilise MCP and has decided to join. We expect Jumbe and others to do like wise. MCP is founded on rock solid foundation and that is why it has survived the test of times in opposition. Just look at UDF, the makatani party, built on dambo sand. DPP would be history if it goes into opposition for 5 years. Bravo MCP Bravo Kaliwo Bravo Dr Laz.

  23. Murupale pa Thyolo says:

    A Kaliwo mumati mukafika nazo kuti izi? Munthu ukulephera kuyendetsa Bar ya Midoli pa Thondwe ndiye uziti The Mighty MCP. Just know where you are coming from full stop. Chakwera wakukwera mphwanga.

  24. mmalamula says:

    That’s the way to go

  25. namandwa pa chikopa says:

    chakwela ndi nzakeyo akuxiwana. akutukunve inu musamanamizile a dpp kuti akusokoneza mwawanva anena okha zamisala zanuzo siyan dpp mpaka kale ikhala mboma. mumvakonso akokana makutu ena sizimathela2

    1. Takondwa says:

      Thus the way to go big up now lets strategise on how to get Zomba Changalume and the rest of the consitituencies lets have a gallant fight ana achepa awa

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