Chakwera plots ‘Day of Rage’: Malawi opposition leader says will lead protests against govt corruption

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has warned that he will be forced to lead a mass protests against worsening corruption in government, accusing President Peter Mutharika of giving corrupt big wigs amnesty from corruption crackdown.

Chakwera: Enough is enough

Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, threatened to call supporters onto the streets if President Mutharika will not meet the eight demands he has set as plan of action and that he immediately comes to Parliament in person to give a full report of the progress.

He said Mutharika should not only show that he is prepared to make his “scandalous government” accountable to the Malawian people, but also to “demonstrate his willingness to restore our people’s trust in the governance institutions that have thus far failed us.”

Said Chakwera: “.The corruption levels among his top officials have reached a critical stage and should he decide his laissez faire approach to issues, I will have to lead Malawians myself into the streets to protest against his administration.”

He accused Mutharika of treating with kid gloves those he purported as ‘big fish’ in his administration, declaring the issue was now beyond debate.

He alleged that Mutharika has defied the will and wishes of Malawians long enough, and it is time for Malawians to defy him.

Chakwera also threatened to lead Parliament into a boycott should Mutharika fail to execute orders to have the fired Agriculture minister George Chaponda’s wealth properly accounted for in the aftermath of his implication in the Maizegate, and also the huge stacks of money found in his Area 10 residence last week.

During the briefing held at his Parliament office, Chakwera demanded that Mutharika should immediately direct the police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to make the necessary consultations with the Speaker of Parliament on the lawful procedures for taking Chaponda into custody for questioning about the sources of the contraband confiscated from his house and the names of any agencies that facilitated the internal movement of such large sums of cash.

“Actually, there is no way a credible police would raid a home and confiscate things considered illegal to possess without taking the person found in possession of them into custody; unless he wants to tell us his officials are above the law.

“As such, we demand the President to immediately direct the Financial Intelligence Authority to examine the personal bank accounts of every member of Mutharika’s Cabinet; and also the National Intelligence Bureau to place every member of his Cabinet under surveillance until the Malawian people are given assurances that no other minister of government is using their position to conduct undocumented transactions for personal enrichment,” he said.

Chakwera demanded that President Mutharika takes disciplinary measures to publicly censure officials of the Malawi Government who are paid by Malawian tax-payers, including Charles Chuka, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Henry Mathanga, the Director of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Ms. Madalo Nyambose of the Ministry of Finance, and Mrs. Erica Maganga in the Ministry of Agriculture, for committing perjury by lying to the Parliamentary Committee about their knowledge of the Kaloswe Ltd-Admarc contract, despite giving their testimony under oath.

“Until Mutharika does this, he has done nothing,” said Chakwera.

The MCP president further asked  President Mutharika to take disciplinary measures to remove every official of the Malawi Government at ADMARC, who had a hand in any fraudulent, unauthorized, or unlawful activities of ADMARC in the course of facilitating the Zambia maize deal, including members of ADMARC’s Internal Procurement Committee.

Chakwera has since demanded that the President immediately come to Parliament to give a full report of the progress of all that he has demanded.

“I, in my capacity as President of the Malawi Congress Party and Leader of Opposition, assure him that we, the people’s representatives, will not allow or participate in any discussions of any other business in Parliament.

“Until these demands are met, there will be no Parliament discussions on any other matters, because the corruption in his government is now in a state of national crisis,” he said.

He warned sternly that if these demands are not met “within reasonable time”, the opposition shall ask the people of Malawi to “peacefully and legally pour out onto the streets of Malawi till government becomes accountable again.”

“We demand to see justice in all the identified ‘gates’, abuses of government offices and see that the Constitution is adhered to with no one being above the law.

“Malawians lets demand not to be and remain the poorest of all nations, fellow Malawians we need to draw a line and say ‘Enough is Enough’,” said Chakwera.

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winston msowoya
Chakwera,remove a piece of sand from your eye first and then,try to remove it from the other person.Since you became the President of the dreaded Malawi Confusionist Party (MCP),you have never even once,tried to investigate the barbaric and inhuman atrocities committed by Banda and his satellite John Tembo against the innocent people of Malawi.These two rogues believed that God had sent them from heaven to rule Malawians as they wish.These two simpletons were the most corrupt rogues with their evil woman Cecilia Kadzamila.Banda alone is known to have stashed US$500million in thirty two years in power and Tembo and his… Read more »

About time Malawians showed their anger. To hell with Corrupt, Money Addicted, Thieving, Clueless DPP. Let all Malawians of good will join you.


Please don’t quaver regardless of what DPP supporters say. You leading a noble cause here. I will join you.


We people are so poor in our minds too. We are the ones suffering and are here still clapping hands for the wrongs the government is doing. This is funny altogether. Water, electricity, corruption etc mmmmm


Che Chakwera apatu zingoonetseratu kuti inu multi after mpando wa u president. The case is being handle by independent body ACB,why are you taking powers from ACB and give them to the President? Stop misleading us Che Chakwera. Go to ACB and push them to go further with the cases, its an independent body, they will listen to you. Not implicating the DPP party to do the ACB job. Mukafuna mpando bambo Chakwera dikirani 2019 anthu azakuvoterani. Pano siyani anzanu alamule, chizaziwe nchipande powomola. Go and demonstrate against ACB not the President.


Your writings are too absurd, nonsensical, useless, lack of substance, sub-standard. worthless, ungrammatical, incompetent, monotonous….above all attacking a person by shielding and habouring rotten, immoral actions by your so called president

Calling spade spade, Dpp government is waste government ever in history of Malawi. Boma latsamunda lidaliso bwino kuposa Dpp. Magesi ndi mutu wachitukuko koma mwina kumeneko sakuzimazima ngati kuno. Madzi ndi moyo koma pano tili ndi three weeks opanda madzi mma tapu kuno. Mzipatala kuno makhwala mulibe adokotala akakupeza ndi malungu akumati kaguleni mankhwala. zovetsa chisoni kuno aziphunzitsi ndi madokotala malipilo a january alandila mma 20 chakututi february pemene mu disemba adalandila pa 18 chaka chatha. Anthu akuzuzuka mu ulamuliro uwu kwabasi. Ndipo ndikukhulupilura kuti Mulungu amene amakonda wina aliyese achitapo kanthu msanga. A chakwera sangalakwitse ku mema anthu kuchita… Read more »

Boma ilo !!! Mr Chakwera do not be shaken keep on focusing about the Big job ! it shall be yours! Very soon God will have his way.
We Love You. Our Hope .


A Malawi kuiwala nsanga. Some talk of Chakwera revealing about people who were killed during MCP. Why don’t you pin Dausi now in DPP to reveal that. He was in MCP then and will mention his company. He is the right person not Chakwera. He is still doing that even now in DPP.


Not on what Dr Chakwera said but what some people said about MCP. The MCP of one party system belong everyone and its leadership.branched to form backbones of leading political parties in Malawi. Whether one likes or not, MCP of one party sysyem is totally different from the in Multparty system interms of policy,leaders etc. The Name of the party never does anything but the people.So the

MCP history is attached to the people whom some of them are in DPP,UDF etc Am only seeing foolishness in People like Mr Dausi talking about MCP atrocities witbout mentioning wbo committed atrocities


Thereafter we will match for Mcp to explain how Gadama Matenje Ssngala and and Chiwanga were murdered.
Don’t forget the mansion you are building and money you stole from CHURCH
You are fooling yourself and your party you idiot and nyau man


How sad..
The fact that MCP tortured us doesn’t give other parties the right to torture us as well. We can’t stand in apathy and watch non performance from governments all because we where once ill treated by the MCP. I really thought that the treatment we got from the MCP will be a reason enough to not allow any coming politicians, irrespective of their party, to never govern our nation with evil and greed.

Dont be too eager to use foul language and cursing words, You really need to wake up and sense the urgency of the situation in Malawi.

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