Chakwera plots ‘Day of Rage’: Malawi opposition leader says will lead protests against govt corruption

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has warned that he will be forced to lead a mass protests against worsening corruption in government, accusing President Peter Mutharika of giving corrupt big wigs amnesty from corruption crackdown.

Chakwera: Enough is enough

Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, threatened to call supporters onto the streets if President Mutharika will not meet the eight demands he has set as plan of action and that he immediately comes to Parliament in person to give a full report of the progress.

He said Mutharika should not only show that he is prepared to make his “scandalous government” accountable to the Malawian people, but also to “demonstrate his willingness to restore our people’s trust in the governance institutions that have thus far failed us.”

Said Chakwera: “.The corruption levels among his top officials have reached a critical stage and should he decide his laissez faire approach to issues, I will have to lead Malawians myself into the streets to protest against his administration.”

He accused Mutharika of treating with kid gloves those he purported as ‘big fish’ in his administration, declaring the issue was now beyond debate.

He alleged that Mutharika has defied the will and wishes of Malawians long enough, and it is time for Malawians to defy him.

Chakwera also threatened to lead Parliament into a boycott should Mutharika fail to execute orders to have the fired Agriculture minister George Chaponda’s wealth properly accounted for in the aftermath of his implication in the Maizegate, and also the huge stacks of money found in his Area 10 residence last week.

During the briefing held at his Parliament office, Chakwera demanded that Mutharika should immediately direct the police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to make the necessary consultations with the Speaker of Parliament on the lawful procedures for taking Chaponda into custody for questioning about the sources of the contraband confiscated from his house and the names of any agencies that facilitated the internal movement of such large sums of cash.

“Actually, there is no way a credible police would raid a home and confiscate things considered illegal to possess without taking the person found in possession of them into custody; unless he wants to tell us his officials are above the law.

“As such, we demand the President to immediately direct the Financial Intelligence Authority to examine the personal bank accounts of every member of Mutharika’s Cabinet; and also the National Intelligence Bureau to place every member of his Cabinet under surveillance until the Malawian people are given assurances that no other minister of government is using their position to conduct undocumented transactions for personal enrichment,” he said.

Chakwera demanded that President Mutharika takes disciplinary measures to publicly censure officials of the Malawi Government who are paid by Malawian tax-payers, including Charles Chuka, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Henry Mathanga, the Director of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Ms. Madalo Nyambose of the Ministry of Finance, and Mrs. Erica Maganga in the Ministry of Agriculture, for committing perjury by lying to the Parliamentary Committee about their knowledge of the Kaloswe Ltd-Admarc contract, despite giving their testimony under oath.

“Until Mutharika does this, he has done nothing,” said Chakwera.

The MCP president further asked  President Mutharika to take disciplinary measures to remove every official of the Malawi Government at ADMARC, who had a hand in any fraudulent, unauthorized, or unlawful activities of ADMARC in the course of facilitating the Zambia maize deal, including members of ADMARC’s Internal Procurement Committee.

Chakwera has since demanded that the President immediately come to Parliament to give a full report of the progress of all that he has demanded.

“I, in my capacity as President of the Malawi Congress Party and Leader of Opposition, assure him that we, the people’s representatives, will not allow or participate in any discussions of any other business in Parliament.

“Until these demands are met, there will be no Parliament discussions on any other matters, because the corruption in his government is now in a state of national crisis,” he said.

He warned sternly that if these demands are not met “within reasonable time”, the opposition shall ask the people of Malawi to “peacefully and legally pour out onto the streets of Malawi till government becomes accountable again.”

“We demand to see justice in all the identified ‘gates’, abuses of government offices and see that the Constitution is adhered to with no one being above the law.

“Malawians lets demand not to be and remain the poorest of all nations, fellow Malawians we need to draw a line and say ‘Enough is Enough’,” said Chakwera.

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35 thoughts on “Chakwera plots ‘Day of Rage’: Malawi opposition leader says will lead protests against govt corruption”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    Chakwera,remove a piece of sand from your eye first and then,try to remove it from the other person.Since you became the President of the dreaded Malawi Confusionist Party (MCP),you have never even once,tried to investigate the barbaric and inhuman atrocities committed by Banda and his satellite John Tembo against the innocent people of Malawi.These two rogues believed that God had sent them from heaven to rule Malawians as they wish.These two simpletons were the most corrupt rogues with their evil woman Cecilia Kadzamila.Banda alone is known to have stashed US$500million in thirty two years in power and Tembo and his niece,also stole millions of dollars stashed in foreign Banks.If Muluzi could act swiftly and deligently as soon as he was voted into power,he could have discovered the naughty loot.For your information Malawians,Kabila the father as soon as he took power from wicked Mobutu,he launched an investigation through Foreign Banks and successfully,discovered US$9 billion stashed in various international institutions.Fortunately,Kabila was allowed to retain some of the loot to help revivify the ananimated economy.The Kabila regime was given US$179 million to start with,but the rest was not released in view of the fact that Kabila started to misuse the funds for his own interests.One wonders where did the High Priest (Chakwera) get that MK600 million he used in building his bungalow within a short time in Priesthood? Afterall,his choice to abandon the services of GOD for joining politics the dirty game,was to ensure that his pockets would get ballooned with cash.He did not cross the floor to help the suffering people of Malawi,but rather to enrich himself and members of his family therefore,there is no difference between Chakwera an d Muthalika.Both are thieves and corrupt elements.

  2. mtete says:

    About time Malawians showed their anger. To hell with Corrupt, Money Addicted, Thieving, Clueless DPP. Let all Malawians of good will join you.

  3. mtete says:

    Please don’t quaver regardless of what DPP supporters say. You leading a noble cause here. I will join you.

  4. rasta says:

    We people are so poor in our minds too. We are the ones suffering and are here still clapping hands for the wrongs the government is doing. This is funny altogether. Water, electricity, corruption etc mmmmm

  5. Bonafide says:

    Che Chakwera apatu zingoonetseratu kuti inu multi after mpando wa u president. The case is being handle by independent body ACB,why are you taking powers from ACB and give them to the President? Stop misleading us Che Chakwera. Go to ACB and push them to go further with the cases, its an independent body, they will listen to you. Not implicating the DPP party to do the ACB job. Mukafuna mpando bambo Chakwera dikirani 2019 anthu azakuvoterani. Pano siyani anzanu alamule, chizaziwe nchipande powomola. Go and demonstrate against ACB not the President.

    1. bondo says:

      Your writings are too absurd, nonsensical, useless, lack of substance, sub-standard. worthless, ungrammatical, incompetent, monotonous….above all attacking a person by shielding and habouring rotten, immoral actions by your so called president

  6. Calling spade spade, Dpp government is waste government ever in history of Malawi. Boma latsamunda lidaliso bwino kuposa Dpp. Magesi ndi mutu wachitukuko koma mwina kumeneko sakuzimazima ngati kuno. Madzi ndi moyo koma pano tili ndi three weeks opanda madzi mma tapu kuno. Mzipatala kuno makhwala mulibe adokotala akakupeza ndi malungu akumati kaguleni mankhwala. zovetsa chisoni kuno aziphunzitsi ndi madokotala malipilo a january alandila mma 20 chakututi february pemene mu disemba adalandila pa 18 chaka chatha. Anthu akuzuzuka mu ulamuliro uwu kwabasi. Ndipo ndikukhulupilura kuti Mulungu amene amakonda wina aliyese achitapo kanthu msanga. A chakwera sangalakwitse ku mema anthu kuchita zionetsero ndipo alimbe mtima asaope anthu omwe akunena kuti tikakumana mmisewu yomweyo. munthu akalusa saopa futi kapena imfa. Ndibwino mmodzi afere ufulu wa ambiri. Yesu adafera tonse kuti tipulumuke. wina akgale kadziotche kuti a malawi apulumuke.

  7. Nagama says:

    Boma ilo !!! Mr Chakwera do not be shaken keep on focusing about the Big job ! it shall be yours! Very soon God will have his way.
    We Love You. Our Hope .

  8. Kapala says:

    A Malawi kuiwala nsanga. Some talk of Chakwera revealing about people who were killed during MCP. Why don’t you pin Dausi now in DPP to reveal that. He was in MCP then and will mention his company. He is the right person not Chakwera. He is still doing that even now in DPP.

  9. DOBO says:

    Not on what Dr Chakwera said but what some people said about MCP. The MCP of one party system belong everyone and its leadership.branched to form backbones of leading political parties in Malawi. Whether one likes or not, MCP of one party sysyem is totally different from the in Multparty system interms of policy,leaders etc. The Name of the party never does anything but the people.So the

    MCP history is attached to the people whom some of them are in DPP,UDF etc Am only seeing foolishness in People like Mr Dausi talking about MCP atrocities witbout mentioning wbo committed atrocities

  10. Bandulo says:

    Thereafter we will match for Mcp to explain how Gadama Matenje Ssngala and and Chiwanga were murdered.
    Don’t forget the mansion you are building and money you stole from CHURCH
    You are fooling yourself and your party you idiot and nyau man

    1. Gj says:

      How sad..
      The fact that MCP tortured us doesn’t give other parties the right to torture us as well. We can’t stand in apathy and watch non performance from governments all because we where once ill treated by the MCP. I really thought that the treatment we got from the MCP will be a reason enough to not allow any coming politicians, irrespective of their party, to never govern our nation with evil and greed.

      Dont be too eager to use foul language and cursing words, You really need to wake up and sense the urgency of the situation in Malawi.

  11. Peter phiri says:

    empty threats 🙁

  12. Achi says:

    This is good for mother Malawi.
    We need to set a precedence so that even other future governments/presidents shall be measured using same yardstick.
    Lero zioneka ngati zachilendo komanso zosatheka ndizosafunika kuchitika, koma zikatheka tipanga mbiri yomwe ma pulezidenti a zaka zobwerazi komanso a Malawi akhala ochangamuka potsata fundo za demokilase.

    A DPP musade nkhawa ndi dongosololi, zonse wanena Chakwera ndizoona ndipo aliyense akudziwa kuti apa yalakwa.
    Ma key a nkhani yonseyi ali m’manja mwa president, ngati sakufuna kuti ma demo achitike abwera poyera nkulongosola zoti a Malawi akhutile. Ngati afuna kubisa mbava akhala chete ngati gonthi ndipo tsiku la kiyama limpeza monga linapezela Bingu

  13. Phillip says:

    MCP under Chakwera is another bullshit in this country. U mean in Malawi we can not have a very civilised opposition that will book an appointment to meet the President and discuss issues of general general interest like this one?

    Mark my words all MCP gurus, this kind of leadership cannot and I repeat, will not usher you into office the MW presidency.

    however, its ur right to play ur cards in any style u want.


    1. gogo says:

      its because u stupid, ur stupid president is supposed to go to parliament answer questions and discuss the so called important issue. why does he dodge parliament?

  14. Mipando goba says:

    MALAWI CONGRESS PARTY must tell Malawians the total number of people that it killed during 31 years rule. How many crocodiles were you keeping. Anthu opanda chison inu mwaphaimpha athu mdziko lino and now you want to pose as if you are angels.

  15. Mipando goba says:

    Chakwera tell us how many people did your party kill during the MCP era? Please when you are demonstrating remember the innocent souls they also need to be considered as well. Ikatha demo imeneyo amalawi tiyende pofuna kuwumiriza chipani cha MCP kuti chitiwuze bwino lomwe za anthu omwe chinapha,mwachitsano , Atati Mpakati ndi wena otero. MCP itiwuzenso njira zonse zomwe imagwiritsa ntchito akupha kapena kukanyanga anthu adziko lino la Malawi. Ngati chimagwiritsa ntchito ng’ona chipanichi chifotokozere mtundu wa a Malawi komwe chimawetera ng’onazo. Human soul gate must be investigated now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JK Black says:

    Is this a good list of demands?
    Your personal input is highly appreciated, everyone in welcome to contribute.
    1. Education: the draconian fee hikes in higher education need to be reversed, for the national good the government needs to adequately fund universities so they are not being forced to hike their fees like this. The executive lowered the allocation to education with 40% this budget year, and that is the cause of the fee hikes. This must be reversed.
    2. Drugs shortages: all government hospitals are suffering drugs shortages at the moment. This is caused by systemic theft of drugs at many levels. ACB needs to investigate Central Medical Stores, and the whole chain of supply. In the mean time an internationally supervised system of procurement and distribution needs to be put in place, like the donors did in the past.
    3. The declaration of assets by President and all government officials needs to be implemented strictly. This means that any official missing the deadline must be barred from entering a place of work or acting in any official capacity, and not receive any remuneration.
    4. The ATI bill needs to be implemented immediately. It has been signed into law, but it is not being implemented because the Ministry is dragging its feet. This is unconstitutional and unacceptable.
    5. Frequent power outages: the inefficiency, corruption and or incompetence at Escom have stopped the funding for the MDC programme, so we will not see any improvement in the short or even medium term. The contracts for Private Powers Suppliers have been awarded in an unprocedural way. This must be investigated by ACB and culprits must be prosecuted. We do not want pollution from coal fired power, we want clean energy from solar, wind and hydro.
    6. The civil service reforms programme has been transferred from the Vice President to the OPC. This lowers profile and engenders political and civil service interference in the programme. The VP must be reinstated, and he must get full mandate to push through the programme so the civil service will serve the public, and corruption must be dealt with.
    7. Use of MBC: MBC must be made a real public broadcaster instead of a propaganda tation funded by the tax payer (= the whole population). Immediately MBC must stop its biased reporting, and give equal space to other views than only DPP. The presidential powers must be curbed according to the DPP manifesto that we voted Mutharika in on: he must receded the power to appoint the boss of MBC. Instead this must be done by Parliament on instigations from a commission of senior media practitioners and academics.
    8. Inadequate human resources and back payment for medical staff: all back payments for medical staff must be done immediately, and available human resource like doctors, medical officers and nurses must be hired to fight shortages in government hospitals. From now on payment to capital hill staff in the Ministry of Health must only be effected AFTER all staff in hospitals, who do the actual work, has been paid in full.
    9. Descent jobs and living wage. It is common knowledge that most Malawians do not own descent jobs. Neither is the pay they get indexed to living cost. This is largely due to general lack of descent jobs themselves; laxities or slippages in implementation and enforcement of existing policies and laws and gaps in the existing policy frameworks. Civil Society in this regard demands that:
    a. Adopt and implement fully the Decent work country programme and National Employment and Labour Policy Review and Implement an increased Living wage (from Minimum wage)
    b. Adopt the living wage policy
    c. Enact and implement the tenacy and labour bill
    10. Social protection
    Malawians are susceptible to various shocks from the international trade regime;changes in prices of fuel at world markets; adverse weather as agriculture is rainfed; unpredictable foreign aid as conditionalities are always there among many fronts. This makes living standards highly
    11. conditional and unpredictable. To safeguard the majority Malawians from slipping into poverty traps a Social Support Policy was drafted awaiting Cabinet approval for more than two years
    12. now. In this regard Civil Society demand that:
    a. Adopt and domesticate all Social Protection conventions i.e. 102 of the ILO
    b. Introduce and implement a Comprehensive Sociao Protection system to cover old age benefits, retirement, health benefits etc.

    1. Location. says:

      Incredible! I totally agree with your list. You sir, are in the light. I can express how encouraged I feel from reading your post.. Thank you!

      I really wish Malawians could stop politics of affiliation which only benefits the politicians themselves, their families and a few puppet followers. We really need to raise up and demand what should be our rights from the government benefiting the whole nation.

      We are all aware of the despicable atrocities committed by the then MCP and indeed we can push for legal proceedings to take course but that’s a different issue. MCP’s evil conduct doesn’t warrant any political party the licence to ill perform. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

      I totally agree with the issues raised on this post.. this is exactly what our nation need a.

  17. JK Black says:

    Can Nyasatimes publish the eight demands? We need to know what we are protesting for! Something like the 20 July demands:
    And why does MCP or Chakwera not make this available on their website and in the newspapers/radio/tv?

  18. mbanali says:

    A Malawi ena ndi wopusa kwambiri. A Chakwera akuyesetsa kuti anthu amene ali m’boma aspitirize kusakaza chuma cha dziko pofuna kuti tonse titenge mbali, mwayamba kumunyozanso. Inu nomwe pa mmawa muzizati palibe chimene amapanga monga mtsogoleri wa mbali yotsutsa boma. Chikhalidwe chosafuna kusiyanitsa komwe munthu akuchokera kapena chipani chomwe munthu ali ndi chomwe chikuwononga kwambiri dziko lino. A Malawi sinthani

  19. Friends of Nankhumwa says:

    Tikakumana ku msewu konko!

  20. Cameo says:

    Chakwera plot is useless because ACB is acting on the same as the appropriate agent.
    This Man wants blood shed and this is unfair for the country.

  21. chizo says:

    Ochakwela osathamangira ku nseu chonsecho zimupitakoso. mumangofuna kuonongesa katundu wa anthu osalakwa, kenako muziti basi takambirana. too much msanje malawi

  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    You mean all the people you mentioned eg RBM governor Chuka,Nyambose lied about the Chaponda maize issue? Zabwana

    Anyway, do not call for demonstrations, Mr leader of opposition and do not be emotional about our corrupt government. Find other options to force the president do something about our situation, Its really desperate. I am sure the president can do something about it .

  23. Wilfred says:

    that is what is needed we were waiting.We thought you are doing the same thing.

  24. Kingsley Jika says:

    Servant of the Most High GOD, with due respect, I shudder to hear your blessed tongue speak of rage. Man of GOD (and this comes from the depth of my heart for I’m entreated to respect men like you), since when did rage replace talk? Please, lead us to a table to debate & dialogue our woes over a cup of sense & unity with a heart honest, & agree on the best for this great nation. We must distinguish nation building from struggle for power. First, let us be for the former. People believe so much what men like you speak, & can release the brakes, GOD forbid. Let us reason above politics until we have a model of a nation. Love you man of GOD.

  25. Bosho says:

    Timatche zimenez basi

  26. The prophet says:

    Don’t criticize the leader of opposition he is very right and true. What are they going to discuss in a separate meeting this is for public importance. Don’t take Malawians for granted. U should be able to reason even just by looking at how things are moving in our country.Enough is enough. Go on Mr President to lead these protests. Atikwana. Who told them that thy be keeping even our money as if we can’t keep it ourselves. At the end I will demand that each one of us should be keeping his or her money alone than central government because it doesn’t come down to people yet they just sing a song of eradicating poverty while they mean grabbing our resources even more. That’s rubbish.

  27. Chasekelera Chakwiya says:

    Bola osadzatenga ma allowance kenako nkumanyanyala zokambilana za ku parliament.. kumenekonso ndikuba….

  28. Chasekelera Chakwiya says:

    Kkkkkk. Leader of opposition…. mwaona kuti 2019 iri kutali nde tingosokoneza basi? Vuto lanu abwana munangotsutsa zili zonse nde olo munene zanzeru anthu samakutengani serious.. amangoti mkuluyu mkwiyo wolephera pachisankho sunamutherebe. Monga mbusa simungapeze mpata nkukambilana ndi mkulu mzanuyo mkanyumba komata nkupeza solution? Ifetu zatikwana zomamva mukuyalutsana pagulu chonchi… Mulungu sakondwera ndizotere.

    1. We will Meet says:

      Since the MCP want to declare war…. We are ready to fight you. We will meet in the streets and see who laughs last

      1. Citizen says:

        Paja iwenso umaba nawo eti? Zoona ukusekerera umbava umene ukuchitikawu m’bomamu? Ndiwe munthu wopusa zedi womvetsa chisoni kwambiri, pumbwa weniweni. Apa sinkhani yokhalira kumbali chipani chirichonse ayi koma kumvera chisoni dziko lathu makamaka anthu akumudzi amene akuvutika kwambiri chifukwa cha umphwawi wochita kuwupanga dala ndi anthu akuba, akatangale monga a Chaponda ndi gulu lawo. Stupid, useless man, dunderhead!!

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