Lucius Banda accuses UDF leadership of flirting with DPP govt of ‘thieves’

United Democratic Front (UDF) Balaka North legislature  Lucius Banda has repeatedly accused the party president Atupele Muluzi of betraying his people by associating and seeking a collaboration with the rulling
Democratic Progressive Part (DPP) a party he claims comprises of ‘thieves’and ‘looters’ of tax funds.

Lucius Banda: Assiciating with DPP government of crooks and thieves is a grave mistake

Banda was speaking at a rally held on Saturday at Kaphirikwete in his Balaka North Constituency.

“We as a party we dont hate DPP but on our side, time is running out. We only have two years to to go before next elections and we need to put our house in order.

“What DPP is doing everyone is able to see; It
is a party full of crooks and thieves so for us to associate ourselves with them people won’t differentiate,”said Banda.

“I knew way back that joining or accepting to work with this government was a grave mistake that is why I refused to associate
myself with DPP. Look at what is happening now, Malawians are suffering and someone is keeping millions of Kwacha’s and Dollars in
his house. Do we need to trust such kind of leadership?” wondered Banda while attracting ululation from the gathering.

The Balaka North Parliamenterian went ahead to assure all UDF members  that he will stay put in the party and ensure the party remain intact from the grassroot.

“UDF can not and will never die whatever the case. You have seen for yourself the leadership we are having and it is up to you to make

“We have MCP its power house is Central Region, DPP dominates Thyolo, our base is Eastern Region and we cannot tolerate anyone for to sell the base of our party,” Banda said.

Also speaking at the same rally was UDF District Governor for Balaka Saidi Mdoko who accused the incumbent party president of abandoning his people.

“What is happening is not good and as a party, we always work with those who stick to the party and keep it not someone who just get
easily carried away like what Atupele did. All the bad things DPP is happening, people might think we are in support of such things” said Mdoko in an interview with Nyasa Times.

“What made matters worse was to coax all UDF MP’s to move to government side in Parliament and it is only Honourble Banda who refused to do that. What I see is that our leaders have personal interests not keeping and strengthening the party,” he  explained.

But at a rally Atupele Muluzi held at Nandumbo accompaned by Eastern
Region Governor Abbubakar M’baya recently, the two insisted that the party has not been sold.

They claim they are at the mean time aiming at assisting the government is developing the country since the election days are gone.

Banda became the first UDF Senior Official to openly ask Muluzi to resign as Party President due to lack of commitment towards his people.

He is being deemed as the one to challenge Muluzi at the party convention on the position of party president to elect party representative in 2019.

Banda is however not yet openly revealed whether he will stand or not despite calls from some UDF followers asking him to stand.

During Saturday rally, Banda promise to give out loans to women to start small scale businesses.

He revealed he has budgeted over K25 Million for the loan project of which K2 Million was already dished out last week to women of
Mangelengele and Mponda in Balaka.

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mbooga kamfumu
5 years ago

koma nana analowa mkalasi he is commenting posayenera ,ngwakuti ameneyu ma-che-nde am-ako upitenso mkalasi mbuli chidzete nkhope ngati bala mphuno ngati nyama ya one kilo nthawu zonse kunyoza mmmm tadziyamikako umamva bwanji galu iwe nana mbuli ya DPP phwisi lako kodi sukubeledwa misonkho iwe kuchikhandu kwa mako.

wandu kogoya
wandu kogoya
5 years ago

Hon L Banda pls keep it up in fact we are behind you.

5 years ago

Nana undisamale.

Leave Lucious alone
Shupit zako

Madziakatayika sawoleka

Banda, go aheard. UDF has declined. It is not UDF we used to know. The party was sold to DDP, the time President wanted the third term. As he was not supported by executive of the party, he decided to take a candidate out of the party. The man who was getting 10 people (votes) during voting time. The man was not popular but UDF President made him popular, whom at the end made him no talk but end up in chains. People liked UDF and it was popular. But it’s Leadership rooted down the party. Ngati osaganiza bwino chidzatha… Read more »

5 years ago

Hey a Kanyimbi. dont make stupid comments on this forum. Lucius is the man trying to revive our party which now is in the verge of demise because of these greedy and gluttonous hu!hu!huu!!!!!!! huuuu!!!! keeee!!!!!! keee!!!!! leaders who do have peoples walfare at heart . Instead of encouraging him you talk balderdash. Let us support him. UDF is drowning in deep waters. Shaaaaaaaa amangwetu. mwatotani. Bold people like him are not there in our party. Others wash from far like gulo (green head lizard) mantha basi, they cant say anything. Its only him and him alone can help to… Read more »

5 years ago

This is the only future president I dream about in Malawi, please Mr banda go a head people will vote for u and I promise u, there is no way u can’t make it, Malawian and UDF need the leader like u, I really personally love you Mr banda, Atupele he’s just stupid leader I never thought of. …

5 years ago

Iwe nana. It seems ulibe nzeru.

5 years ago

Atupele’s association with DPP is strategic. It goes beyond party politics. Firstly, he’s trying to save his father from being sent to jail by the DPP administration. As long as he’s a minister, Bakili has no case to answer in court. Who wouldn’t do the same for their parent?

Katombawima Ntchungazanyeka

keep it uo Soldier ; U r a true Soldier who courageously fight for the freedom of his people.A captain does not abandon the sheep carrying passengers.

chodziwa phiri
5 years ago

Atupele is a betrayer. Who leaves his party if one is a leader of the party.? Only a greedy person like Atupele and his father. Bakili got money to choose Bingu as his successor. That’s why Bingu u had no respect when he became president. Atupele can not be trusted as a leader. He joined PP then joined DDP how can a leader join enemies? Have u seen capital abandon the ship? Or capital in the military abandon soldiers and join enemies? Is it not DDP/Bingu who humiliated him and put him to Maula prison now he is in his… Read more »

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