Chakwera says Malawi Parliament a ‘mixed bag’: Echoes Bishops statement

Leader of opposition and Malawi  Congress Party (MCP)  president Lazarous Chakwera  has said the second meeting of the 46th Session of the Parliament of Malawi which adjourned sine die on Friday has been a mixed bag.

Chakwera:  Mixed bag
Chakwera: Mixed bag

“We have conducted business within the context of severe food shortages countrywide despite assurances that all is well.

“Our women and children have experienced the indignity of making ADMARC depots and premises their residences,” said Chakwera in a statement.

He said MPs conducted business within the context of depressing micro-economic indicators despite assurances that government policies are working.

Chakwera also said the MPs conducted business within the context of a seeming ‘police state’  saying  the opposition, particularly MCP members were treated dishonourably through irregular charges of treason.

He also said the party is  still “traumatized” by the sudden demise of its MP Kanjira Banda.

“We have reviewed and subsequently passed a revised budget amidst unconvincing assurances of fiscal discipline, worsened by reluctance to critically review fundamental monetary policy redirection,” said Chakwera.

He said despite the negatives, they conducted business in the House  with “commendable level headedness” in serving Malawians.

Said Chakwera: “We brought substantive legislative amendments through a Private Members Bill to demonstrate to Malawians that we mean business and we want to begin by strengthening the lead institution in fighting corruption, in keeping with promises we made to Malawians, only to have the Bill shot down despite a constitutional window that allows for such bills.”

Chakwera commended  all MPs who uphold and continue to fight for a Malawi that is “progressive, non-corruptive and morally secure; those who believe in the rule of law and abide in the tenets of our Constitution and a Better Malawi for all and not a corrupt non-equal privileged country that favours a fraction of the populace.”

He said what members deliberated in the various sittings of the mid-year budget meeting has clearly revealed “the depth of a virus that needs a strong remedy.”

Said Chakwera: “It is evident that we need to overhaul all systems: go back to the drawing board to chart a way towards a better and prosperous Malawi, the Malawi we want for our youth, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

“We must go back to the drawing board because the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening each day due to man-made policies that are increasing inequality and an addiction to belly-politics.

“We have honourables who have shown that they put the welfare of their wallets above the fundamental need for an efficient, transparent, accountable and corrupt-free government.”

Chakwera said Malawi Parliament will continue to face challenges in its duties if one arm of the government fails in its mandate to reconcile all the developmental policies for the common good of Malawi.

He said the opposition shall continue to push for a comprehensive enactment of legislation that the government has sat on; from the 2007-2008 Law Commission recommendations to the more recent electoral reforms recommendations and the all-important Access to Information Bill, without which Malawians continue to be denied the future they desire and the governance they deserve.

“We shall not give in to despair or discouragement.  We shall fight on until genuine transformational development, transparency and accountability, the rule of law, genuine democracy and dignity are entrenched towards a better and prosperous Malawi.”

Chakwera  echoed  what the Bishops of the influential Catholic church have said:   “We cannot afford to give in to hopelessness and fatalism.  Through God’s mercy we can experience a better if we put our heads, hearts and hands to work toward that end.  The sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, including His death assure us that seeming tragedy and defeat can be transformed into triumph and dancing.  God is able to squeeze a blessing out of a curse for the common good of Malawi.”

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8 years ago

let the poor deserve to have what they are lucking. its a big surprise to a head of saying everything is fine while people are having sleepless nights at admarc depos what is fine while people are suffering hence you dine n wine everything is on the table for you .A professor anthuni achina muthalika ndinu otembeledwa things will not be ok till you resign believe not we shall see.

8 years ago

DPP jack up your friends are already in campaign period. Tembo’s MCP used to know when it should what. So opposition osadandaula when DPP follows suit to start campaigning now.

Winston Msowoya
Winston Msowoya
8 years ago

If the DPP Parliament is,according to the High Priest a” Mixed Bag”, what was the MCP Parliament known? Besides being a one-man Parliament,it was an epicentre of the misguided political ideology which has embodied in the irresponsible spirits of today’s political so-called leaders,hence,the continuation of our nation’s political and economic tragedy ever unfolding in the history of Malawi.May GOD LEADS US TO NO TEMPTATION.

8 years ago

Inu oti muli momo mu parliamentmo mukamadabwa Ife ndiye tiziti chiani? Ndi zija amati chule wadabwa mmadzi muli mwake!

pitala muheya
pitala muheya
8 years ago

A president athu okondedwa bambo professor Razarus Chakwera Ambuye Mulungu akusungeni ndi moyo ife tikudikila Malawi otsogozedwa ndi inu bwana mwa chilungamo sichipwilikiti tikuwona cha anthu obera zisankho. Anthu a DPP awa awononga dzikooo

8 years ago

well said and done. Malawi need transformational leaders like these. But look what we’ve got eish! RIP BWAMPINI IN ADVANCE

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