Chakwera talks ‘rescue plan’ for Malawi: Blasts cashgate leadership

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr Lazarous Chakwera has said his party is ready to transform the country with what he called a ‘rescue plan’.

Chakwera speaking during a Tambala Night fundraising dinner event for MCP held in Blantyre on Friday, said as Malawi move into 2014, citizens should reflect on the situation in the country.

“We must take stock, as we move into a crucial year. It is clear that a few Malawians have gotten rich while the majority further slip into deep poverty,” said Chakwera in apparent reference to the cashgate scandal under the Joyce Banda administration.

“We have leadership that is not honest. We have leaders who defend thieves and gangsters by calling them ‘well-wishers, leaders who resort to family successions in politics to continue with looting and plundering of our resources.

Chakwera speaking at the dinner and dance fundraising event
Chakwera speaking at the dinner and dance fundraising event

“We have leaders at various levels who never respond to the plight of Malawians but throw leftovers to our people while they amass unexplained income from the ‘well-wishers’,” said the former president of Assemblies of God Church in Malawi.

Chakwera said MCP will not ask for votes to get into government and punish rival parties, neither to do family or dynasty politics.

“MCP wants to get into government so that the lives of many Malawians change for the better, so that a better Malawi is realised for the majority,” said Chakwera.

He pledged that corruption, wrongful self-enrichment and money laundering will not be accepted at all in the MCP government.

“I want to assure Malawians, I and my party will not steal public resources meant for service delivery. Chakwera and MCP will not use government resources to construct political capital and prepare for elections,” he said.

He said MCP will run government and manage public resources on principles of justice, equity, democracy and transparency.

“I am not the leader of MCP and its Presidential candidate because I am the son or brother to any former president.  I have joined the political struggle because politics is becoming a tool to oppress the poor and a vehicle of siphoning public resources,” he said.

“Let me assure you and all Malawians that I will be at the service of the nation and ensure that we move forward and never be blocked by greed and insatiable appetite of ill-gotten wealth,” he said.

Chakwera said Malawi “calls for a Rescue Plan”.

He noted that access to water and electricity is a huge challenge for many Malawians and that there is no food security.

“Ironically we have maize available in political rallies and not in established markets like ADMARC,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that we seem to be back to square one as evidenced by acute shortages of food, medical equipment and high levels of unemployment.

“Over 40% of our national budget is financed by donors yet we are plundering or what I may say cashgating our own resources,” he said.

Chakwera appealed to Malawians “never to be cheated into voting for corrupt leaders and parties again”, saying his MCP  offers the most viable option to voters.

“We are the best option because we are a clean party that is anchored on Kamuzu’s principles of food security, fiscal discipline, efficient and quality service delivery.

“MCP has the formula to end the political mediocrity, corruption and abuse of public resources. We are a team of serious minded people who are committed to dealing with the challenges the country is facing.”

Chakwera appealed to Malawians to trust him and MCP, saying his party will facilitate change, unleash potential and distribute development fairly and equitably.

“We are the solution to the problems as we have the experience to deal with problems that have ailed Malawi for the past 20 years and continue to face in the face today,” he said.

He said MCP and Chakwera are the team to trust for transformational leadership.

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