Chakwera tells Mutharika to stop scapegoating cashgate for his failure: Malawi deserves good leader not the corrupt, visionless

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has asked President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to stop blaming Cahsgate – the worse corruption scandal  in the country – for the country’s proble, saying  the leadership has failed as it is visionless and most corrupt.

Chakwera: We have thieves in power
Chakwera: We have thieves in power

Addressing a polical rallyat  Madisi in Dowa on Sunday, Chakwera heaped blame on the DPP-led government for the socio-economic woes facing the country, saying its time they should give solutions to Malawi problems as people are suffering.

“I am aware that the President has been giving you a lot of reasons on why economy is falling apart but I am asking him today that people of Dowa do no not needs all those statements, all that you need is to be given solutions, ” said Chakwera.

The MCP president, who is also leader of the opposition in parliament, the present leadership lacks a vision to move Malawians out of problems such as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards.

Chakwera said Mutharika and his government shoul stop scapegoating Cashgate, saying corruption is worsening now, pointing out that  DPP leaders are busy enriching themselves through corrupt means and are failing to fight corruption because “they themselves are thieves and corrupt”.

He said: “This government is full of dishonest people, they are thieves, let the President show political will on dealing with high level corruption.”

Chakwera said Malawi is stunted today because the curreny leaders in government lack a vision.

“Hospitals have no drugs. Admarc markets have no maize. Quality of education is going down. All this is because our leaders have no vision. They have stolen up money meant for such developments.

“We need a leader with a vision to end theft and corruption. But this is not being done because the leaders we have are thieves and corrupt. But we know that the truth will come out some day and it will set us free.”

This was first time Chakwera to address a rally after his news conference which he attackedg Mutharika as a failed leader and for failed leadership, urging Malawians not to give him another presidential term.

Chakwera said Mutharika is out of touch with the suffering of the people as he  lives in “Mutharika Republic” whose capital city is Kamuzu Palace where everything is paid for by tax payers money whilst the tax payer are finding life extremely hard.

Speaking earlier, deputy campaign director, Kusamba Dzonzi told the people of Dowa that the suffering that they are undergoing is due to corruption and looting by their rulers.

“These people are driving nice vehicles, building mansions and flats from ill-gotten wealth  while you don’t have anything, its time you vote MCP in government and we will fix the social economic problems which you people are going through not these thieves,” said Dzonzi.

He also summed up Mutharika’s leadership as failed.

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5 years ago

Praying to God will achieve nothing. What has God ever done for Malawi since Independence? The fate of Malawi rests in the hands of the people themselves. They must elect a good leader in 2019 who will take the country forward; one who will have the best interests of the country at heart and not his own. There is so much religion in Malawi and so much praying and yet it is one of the poorest countries in the world, if not the poorest. The most developed countries in the world have not got where they are through prayer but… Read more »

5 years ago

Yes the country is facing a lot of problems and due to high illiteracy levels people don’t even know that they deserve better. Now you who seem to seem to have solutions for the country you are busy campaigning only in the central region. You think you can win the elections with only the votes from central region? Its time you strategise wisely. Make inroads in traditionally considered DPP or PP regions otherwise you shall be singing this song forever. Kaya

chilungamo chimawawa
chilungamo chimawawa
5 years ago

its true this APM i s is the worst president Malawi has ever seen, a bunch of thieves terrorizing innocent people in Malawi

5 years ago

Dear Lord, tatopa ndi ma Mutharika’wa. Please give us a good leader. Taonani ambuye kuti dziko likungonkirankira kuwawa ndi kununkha under these devils. We ask that you expeditiously give us an alternative Lord. Amen

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