Chakwera on UK tour, to engage Malawi community in Leicester and Manchester

Opposition leader and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera is on an official visit to United Kingdom (UK) and is  is planning to meet Malawians in cities of Leicester and Manchester this weekend.

Chakwera on U.K. official visit

Chakwera arrived in the UK on Tuesday morning.

According to his handlers in UK, Chakwera has come to UK under the invitation of the UK government in his capacity as the leader of opposition.

He had his first meeting at the House of Commons on Tuesday and will continue a number of engagements at the UK parliament until Thursday.

The MCP leader will use some of his private time to embark on a series of events.

It has been noted that Chakwera will attend a Mens Day Church conference at DFMI church on Saturday in the city of Leicester. He is due to speak as a guest speaker at the conference.

On Sunday 10th September, Chakwera will be in Manchester where he is due to be a Guest speaker at Pastor Derrick Chunda’s Grace City Church.

After the service, he will take time to address Malawian community. He will continue meeting Malawians on Monday and is due to leave Manchester on Tuesday before returning to Malawi on Wednesday 14th September.

Confirming the arrangement, Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN) co-cordinator Allan Mandindi told Nyasa Times that indeed Chakwera within his tight schedule will manage to meet a number of Malawians.

“ This is mainly Chakwera official invitation by the UK parliament , but the party president felt the need to greet Malawians, and also to speak on some events  where he was invited,” said Mandindi.

Chakwera want to embark on a journey towards a destiny for a better and prosperous Malawi  which he says will only be possible with MCP.

He argues that Malawi is a nation full of opportunities but the problem is leadership.

Chakwera, who recently said the country had educated fools in political leadership, points out that  Malawi has had the kind of leadership that has believed in self-enrichment first and Malawians second.

The MCP leader, who joined mainstream politics  from the pulpit, blamed huge appetite for borrowing by Malawi’s leaders, warning the burden to repay such huge loans rests on “our children and grandchildren in many years to come”.

Chakwera asserts that if Malawians want a leader who can plant a smile on their faces, they have one in him.

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That is good Chakwera,but for votes go southern region of Malawi and Campaign rather than U.K


boma ilooo amene yamunyasa nkhaniyi azipsa mtima

Jose Phiri

It’s hysterical that Dr Chakwera has been invited by the UK Govt. What a sigh and relief and a very clear sign that he is the only leader to sweep our country clean of crooks, racketeerers and murderers. Would you please shade more light on how to meet on Saturday. I cant wait.


White monopoly.. An African has been captured. To hell with their colonialist parliament. What is so special about Britain you myopic people? Malawians this habit of clapping hands and idolasing white people has to stop.. A lot of people have addressed parliaments. It doesn’t change anything. He won’t even bring money for road construction. This country will never ever develop if white people continue to colonize our minds. This dictator will never rule Malawi


Zako izo

koma uyu

next president to be. God bless you


He has been captured by white . The sad part about malawians is the belief that UK is best. We have reached the extent of washing white people diapers. What is so special about going to UK? What is so special ?? Ask Mugabe. I don’t want a country ruled by Britain. Kamuzu used to say stupid federation and you clap hands because chakwera has been invited..Is he going to bring aid or money for roads? Myopic thinking. Clapping hands. My foot!


You cant deny that Malawi is poor and need donors for 40% budget suplementary. what do you have to feed your malawians? Ask those azungu who made malawi poor to help


Malawian adzataya udzu bomwetamweta. This is the leader which Malawi needs. Osati zinazi!


Koma tsono mukangobwerera osadzaponda Scotland, basi ndiye kuti mwautaya mtaji!

Biti John

Koma zinazi.
Which Malawians is this run away pastor going to address ?
Does he know we do shifts here not attending to political meetings?
As for me can’t waste my time ..will be shifting at my base In central London.
Advise:Malawians in diaspora can’t make someone win an election …
Go and campaign ku Mangochi


heheheheheeheheheheh kumayitanidwa awowo awo adzipsya mtima..
Mr. Presidente’

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