Chakwera urges Cabinet to embody his ‘Hi-5’ agenda: Ministers undergo orientation chaired by Chilima

President Lazarus Chakwera has urged his Cabinet ministers to  embody the five pillars of  his  ‘Hi-5’ agenda which is premised on; servant  leadership, prospering together, ending corruption, rule of law and national unity.

e. President Lazarus Chakwera opened the workshop earlier in the day and Vice President Saulos Chilima is chairing the training.
Minister Mtambo (r) at the training
Ministers Patricia Klaiati and Richard Chimwendo Banda talk at the training
Cabinet Ministers and their deputies have today started undergoing orientation training in Lilongwe

He said toward that end, the minister will have his full support and confidence, as well as that of all Malawians.

Speaking when he officially opened an orientation workshop for ministers and deputy ministers at in Lilongwe on Monday, Chakwera, whose Cabinet has now been in office for 45 days, said he expects  he expects high and disciplined performance from his Cabinet.

He said the Cabinet has dad sufficient time for them to familiarize themselves with the scope and content of their portfolios.

Said the President: “To set them up for success, this workshop has been organized at my directive in readiness for  my convening of the first full cabinet meeting in a few days. This is why I believe that much as workshops of this nature have been organized before, this one carries a particular significance.”

The President said the two-day workshop has been organised to prepare members of the Cabinet to ably meet the challenges besetting the nation by equipping them with knowledge on government systems, processes and procedures.

“We are still in the early days of my administration, and these Cabinet members have already discovered that there is more rubble to clear out of the system than they anticipated before we can fully set in place a new system that delivers our promise of transformation to Malawians.,” said Chakwera.

President  Chakwera felt it was important that his ministers should be oriented so that they are efficient and effective when providing leadership in their respective ministries

He said Malawians across the country are right and have a right to have great expectations of Tonse Alliance led administration.

“For together we represent a fresh chance to build a new Malawi. For us to deliver on this transformative governance agenda, we must begin to match the promises we made with action and ensure that everyone is involved,” he said.

Chakwera said Cabinet minister will be  received tools from the orientation  to  have “the wherewithal to live up to the particular expertise, political experience, and public expectations that first inspired my decision to appoint you as I did.”

The President said he is delighted that the workshop has been organized to prepare ministers for  “the mammoth task that lies ahead.”

He said under the chairmanship of Vice President Saulos Chilima, ministers  will be equipped with knowledge on government systems, processes and procedures.

“The topics and facilitators have been carefully chosen to ensure that you get the required knowledge and information for you to discharge your respective responsibilities in accordance with the law,” he said.

In the past some of the ministers have encroached into areas that are ordinarily for controlling officers and technocrats in their ministries, thereby creating conditions for corruption and abuse of office.

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Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Nduna osamazinyengerera. Anyone who is using tax payers money must be held accountable. You have mentioned the rule of law and section 65 is part of the law. It is still there. Street vending is illegal. Kukodzera paliponse is illegal.

Jason Mlowoka
Jason Mlowoka
1 year ago

The ministers didn’t necessarily need an orientation exercise. If anything, all they required was to read through their responsibilities found within their ministries found in their Standard Operating Procedure manuals. But instead of doing that they spent time on familiarisation tours covering the lengths and breadths of Malaei. What Chakwera has done is another extension of financial plundering but done differently. If his choice of ministers was spot-on there was no need for this gathering. In any case why couldn’t his ministers ask for directions/technical support from their PS’s who are professionals and experts in those fields other than this… Read more »

1 year ago

Boma ilo 🇲🇼

1 year ago

Now these honourable ministers must wean themselves away from the myopic party lines which are parochial in addressing national issues. Malawi government belongs to every Jim and Jack it is only visionary leadership that will cure the ills such as corruption under the guise of being a minister. Yes this workshop will not give you the space for nepotism and engage in “wakwathu” syndrome. The Tonse philosophy must be a torch beaming to every corner of our great republic through equitable distribution of resources well planned by ministers. The Tonse Agenda won’t suffer unnecessary distraction but service to all

Bentby from Chigunda Dwangwa

well done Baba Chakwera. the seminar will equip ministers with vast knowledge and with knowledge comes confidence and discipline

Minister without Portifolio

I love the masks. […can camouflage the corrupt…]

President Chisokonezo
President Chisokonezo
1 year ago

Mr. President, you may have good intentions for efficient and effective operations, problem is the Treasury. July funding is released in August and so on and so forth. It means operations halts. E.g it means in July nobody can cheat that he is working.

1 year ago

That is the way to go, Malawians are expect more from this admistration.

1 year ago

You must have wrote the story in a hurry. It has a lot of errors hence making reading difficult. You need editors to check before you post.

maganizo kaloza
1 year ago
Reply to  ernest

ERNEST,you have also made a mistake.”You do not say you have wrote”Which school did you go to? oooooh,paja kuli ma CDSS

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