Chakwera vows clear-out of ‘Nkholokolo’ in MCP: Campaigns in Mchinji

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has vowed to coninue firing and suspending party officals in a move he said would bring sanity in the main opposition.

Chakwera campaigns in Mchinji

Chakwera campaigns in Mchinji

Chakwera said this Sunday afternoon when he addressed a campaign rally in Mchinji West.

“The aim is to bring sanity as I am rebuilding the party to make it more effectve and efficiency than ever before,” said Chakwera.

He has so far fired notable senior party officials that include Felix Jumbe and Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma.

Chakwera has also suspended party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and senior party member Joseph Njobvuyalema.

He has hiwever received condemnaion from some quarters, includuing the party secretay general Gustave Kaliwo for dismissing and suspending party officials without hearing their side of the story.

But the uncompromising former church cleric said he will continue with his plans to rebuild the party therefore anyone sabotaging the plans will face the chop.

Turning to the government, Chakwera told people to speak out against government officials who plunder public money

. “You should not leave this to the opposition, all of you should speak with one voice and condemn it,” he said.

The Mutharika administration has been accused of covering up suspects in the infamous K236 billion cashgate spanning in two administrations of Bingu wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda.

During the rally Mchinji District chair Chipitiro Chibisa said people in his district are asking him when is Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) going to start work.

“Mr President I am receiving questions may be you will assist me to answer, people are asking when will the DPP Government going to start work since up to now people have no access to drugs in our hospitals, no water, no electricity no food in their homes , I thought Government means ending people’s problems what are they doing at capital Hill, where is the budget that you passed in Parliament? Mr President you will help me with answers since ambulances are also grounded here in Mchinji,” said Chibisa.

Chakwera said it is unfortunate that Malawi as a country remains a poorest state due to dishonest civil servants and politicians occupying the seats.

“These are the people who only think of where and how to steal government money. They have no agenda to develop this nation  hence Malawi is a failed,” said Professor Chakwera.

Chakwera said he is hopeful MCP candidate Jephter Mwale will win the byelection.

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Chikadza Mbewe

Chakwera does not have the power or mandate to fire or suspend any member with out the Convention. Hon. Chatinkha has been vindicated. This guy is a serious DICTATOR this likes of North Korea leader. Mia has just declared his MCP presidency ambitions on Saturday. What’s going on… ? We all should be worrying. . Maybe even afraid


So, should MCP tolerate people who are on DPP payroll to destroy MCP? Should Chakwera smile at corrupt officials who use MCP emblem for personal enrichment from DPP cash gate money? Guys stop joking with peoples’ life!!!!


If one is a Chewa by tribe, he/she is MCP by birth because MCP=Chewa. Dismissing a Chewa person from MCP is tantamount to dismissing him/her from his/her birthright. This is why Chewas think they can misbehave and never be fired from the party. Ridiculous.

Njira ya mtanda

it seems all of you who are commenting here against Chakwera are blind, these people who have been fired were on DDP pay roll to distabilise the party so chakwera has the inner sight and indeed he is doing the best to strengthen the party, if I may ask is it sound to keep people in the party that are sell outs, talingalirani bwino pamenepa amangwetu! kuzolowera kupusa eti?


Chakwera is being misled by those closest to him….wrong advice at play here! the more this happens the more people will want him out. Sakusangalatsanso! Achina Mkaka and team, YOU ARE WRONG! Do some soul searching!

Bwana Chakwera, you are just presenting an early christmas gift to the DPP. You cant strengthen the party by firing those who differ with you. You are infact killing the party and posterity will judge you harshly. While am not sympathetic with the firing of the good for nothing Jumbe, the other victims like Njovuyalema are an asset you cant afford to lose now. As a preacher you tought us about forgiveness and humility and its my hope that you will show us the same in dealing with your opponents. PLEASE lets forget our personal egos and remember millions of… Read more »

Mkholokolo zonse out. Ife akunyanja timadzichotsa zikalowa mneti kapena mmono. Mkholokolo dyera. Atsale okhaoka okonda chipani.

Disappointed MCP Supporter
Disappointed MCP Supporter

President Chakwera, why destroying our beloved MCP strong hold through firing. Let mizati ya chipani be in the party and stop the firing and suspending members with golden views to strength the party. Its time MCP focus on party building in the south, east and north rather than fighting with our own chairmans, MPs and NEC members. Shame on you Chakwera


Chakwera uyu satithandiza anzanga a MCP . We need convention akasandzike . Munthu suchoka ku mpingo and join politics .There was a very big question mark . For us to win 2019 to defeat DPP we dont need Chakwera . #Chakwera must Go !

Nkhongo Banda

Kodi ndizoona zoti ndi Rev Chakwera yo akuchotsa anthu mu chipani. Abusa zimene mwayambazo sizingakuthandizeni . Mumayenera kukhala mmodzi okazikisa bata mu chipani osati upasupasu wanu . Ngati mwatopa bwanji osangotula pansi udindo kusiyana ndi kusokoneka chipani chathu . Mukuonekera poyera kuti mulibe Contact and Dialogue . Zomwe ananena a Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma zayamba kutulkila poyera , poyamba ine ndinali mmodzi wowanganizira kuti mayiwo ndiosokeneza koma osokoneza ndi inuyo Rev Chakwera . Tisiyeleni chipani chathu bwelerani ku mpingo ngati angakakulandileni

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