Chanco student died of ‘cardiac arrest’ – report

A death report on the death of the 23 year old second year Bachelor of Arts Humanities student, Janet Chapita, indicate that she may have died due to heart attack, or at the least, internal injuries inflicted due to a beating by her ex-boyfriend.

The report seen by Nyasa Times was released to the relatives after Chapita, who was a student at Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, was laid to rest at her home village, Namphungo, in Mulanje District,

According to the death report released by Blantyre Adventist Hospital, Chapita died due to cardiac arrest after nurses and doctors failed to resuscitate her.

The report indicates that Chapita had a history of heart problems and was on medication, which is the major cause of the death of the deceased.

Chapita: Heart attack

Nyasa Times has learnt that Chapita, who rumours are awash on the social networks that she committed suicide over boyfriend issues, had broken up with the said boyfriend, Abel Maruwo, in April this year.

Since they broke up, the two have been fighting everytime they would meet, as Abel insisted that he was not yet done with her, and he would make sure she suffers for the rest of her life.

A close family friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Nyasa Times that on the day Janet died, they had lunch together, in the presence of her brother and another family friend, where Janet had a story to tell about the events as they unfolded.

“I had lunch with Janet, her brother and another family friend, at Njamba Club House, on Wednesday, 1st August, 2012, where we were discussing issues, which had happened two days prior. She told me that on the 30th of July, she had gone to visit her friend (name withheld) from Polytechnic, and while in the friend’s room, the ex-boyfriend was told by his friends that they had seen her there, and he followed her and started shouting at her,” said the friend..

“She didn’t respond to anything, and in her exact words, she told me that he told her that he was going to do something to her that the family would live to remember and suffer. He then started beating her up while choking her. She showed me her medical report, and by that time, she had a swollen face, and the report showed that there was a possibility of internal injuries on her part.”

“She further told me that out of anger, she went to Polytechnic the following day to fight back, and when she found that Abel was not there, she went into his room, and destroyed clothes and other accessories belonging to the ex-boyfriend, some of which she bought them herself. The matter was reported to Blantyre Police, and was being handled by Detectives Zimba, and Mataka, who upon hearing Janet’s side of the story, opened a case of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Abel, which case is still on file, awaiting the decision by family members on the way forward.”

The friend narrated that on the other hand, it was resolved that Janet would pay an amount equivalent to the value of the property destroyed, which amount was paid on the same day.

“She was jovial at the end of everything, and I remember we joked about it and teased each other at random issues. She did not show any strange behavior that would lead us to conclude it was suicide. She has never been suicidal. She never left a suicide note,” said the source.

The story was corroborated by another family friend, and reknown lawyer, who told Nyasa Times that he was there at Blantyre Police with Janet on the day in question, and is aware that deceased student was assaulted, and also has in his possession a copy of the medical report outlining the injuries that she sustained due to the beatings.

“She came to my house, with her brother and the other two people at around lunch hour, on the fateful day. We talked, we laughed, and we cracked jokes. She even told me she was looking forward to see how Abel would look like standing in the dock answering the assault charges. She had no reason to panic, she couldn’t have committed suicide. The truth is that she had a heart problem and from what I gather, it’s the cause of her death. May her soul Rest In Eternal Peace.”

Meanwhile, the Police are awaiting the final autopsy report, on the basis of which they will decide whether to charge Abel with murder or not.

A medical report indicated swollen face, torn tissue on upper and lower lips, body pains, and lacerations and traces of clots of blood over the face and chest pains.

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