Chanco students plan protests – Ayuba

Students at Chancellor College  in Zomba are planning city protests following the decision by the University of Malawi council to postpone the opening of the elite public college.

Chanco students want college to be opened

Chancellor College Students Union leader Silvester Ayuba James said the students would be meeting soon to set the dates for the protests.

“After setting the date for the demonstrations, we shall write the University of Malawi Council and give them time within which these problems should be resolved,” he said.

The decision by the students to hold the demonstrations follows the University of Malawi council order not to open the oldest constituent college of the University of Malawi after academic staff plan for a strike on the opening day, March 20.

Ayuba said failure by council to resolve the labour dispute by March 20 will lead to demonstrations in the country’s major cities.

“They had all the time to resolve these issues,” said Ayuba.

University of Malawi officials are yet to comment on the matter.


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mahope a jessie
Chanco lectiures are too pompous but have no money regardless of all the hours they spend on consultancies and attending workshops. Its high time they started focusing on serious projects. lectures at COM get even up to K6m a month from the projects they run which also bring revenue to the college, pamene Chanco lectures dont declare their consultancies yet the use the institution time. what happened to the college that God loved the most? My girfriend Jessie took a sabatical and pursude her political interests. You can also do the sameby picking a private sector job. Dr Khwima Nthara… Read more »
For those commenting ignorantly, please be informed that Chanco Lecturers have been negotiating with UNIMA over the salary disparity issue since 2015. If they had wanted to victimise students, they could have withheld end of year results and next weeks graduation would not have taken place. If it was you and you are working for the same organisation and at the same rank, can you accept a 40% salary disparity? Chanco lectures are not asking for a salary raise, that is another fight all together! The conciliator, Modecai Mshisha (SC), actually recommended that the disparity should be be removed in… Read more »
Abiti Nsete

Makiyolo basi,

If you are lecturers worth your salt, kafuneni kwina ntchito, there is a shortage of teachers everywhere.

Bwanji kukakamila where you are not being paid enough.

Chimphamba never used to mince words, he used to tell lecturers “You are here because you cant find jobs elsewhere” and he used to say if you want to go, go.

You are still there complaining about the same thing year in year out.

Why cant you self sustain?


We’re busy arguing and yet the article does not tell us why they are striking. Maybe we should gear that first before we condemn.


I don’t really understand why the Lecturers/Professors who have the “brightest minds” should be using students to achieve their goals of salary increments, all this while why were they not doing the strike and only plan to do it when the college is about to open??????? Inu nthawi zina mitu yanu izikoka, being wise cannot be measured by one’s IQ,


Its three years since these guys had their salaries hiked. They have endured enough of negotiations.. Please note that there is no time in unima history, where council had increased salaries of their members of staff without a fight. Therefore, Check facts why these people are planning to strike or JUST WATCH……


Uni Office raised school fees, so they thought that will not trickle down to Salaries?? Awkward thinking of the so called professors….. I agree with Ayuba, they had prenty of time to resolve that issue.


Who told u that Chanco is the oldest constituent college of Unima?


If not Chanco, then could you simply tell us the oldest institution of Unima?

Maggie Phiri

The oldest is Polytechnic

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