Chaponda denies kidnapping allegations: Kamlepo sticks to his story

Former minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda has denied  “politically-motivated claims” that he ordered a kidnap Rumphi East member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua.

Kamlepo: Implicated Chaponda

Earlier this month Kalua, an outspoken critic of the government  who is also People’s Party (PP) third vice-president, alleged that Chaponda was the master-mind of his abduction.

Kalua told Parliament on June 8 2017 that he believes he was the target of abduction because of his open criticism of the government in relation to issues of corruption, Cashgate and claims that he will reveal names of seven Cabinet ministers alleged to be involved in corruption.

He  alleged that Chaponda, who both the presidential and parliamentary inquiry cleared of suspected corruption but recommended a probe over his dealings with Transglobe, said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration  used “DPP cadets at Malawi Revenue Authority [MRA]” to frame his family in a tax evasion case.

At the time Kalua made the claims of the former minister’s role in abduction, Chaponda was not in the chamber.

However, Chaoponda, who is also governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president (Southern Region), commented on the claims during a political rally at Chonde in his Mulanje South West constituency.

“The story of Kamlepo did not make sense at all,” said Chaponda.

“I can assure you that I never laid a finger on Kamlepo let alone order any kidnapping,” Chaponda said.

Chaponda said the story of Kamlepo was “made up” when the police declared he staged his abduction which made him to claim he had lost memory to shield himself.

In parliament Kalua claimed Chaponda used his son-in-law Dick Shumba to spy at the Kalua son’s house where they went under the pretext of inquiring about motor vehicles.

Chaponda said the allegations were baseless.

“Nobody should put up with the kind of venom that my entire family is being subjected to over the recent  times,” said Chaponda.

But in an interview, Kalua said he sticks to his story.

He said he believes he was the target of abduction because of his open criticism of the government in relation to issues of corruption, Cashgate and claims that he will reveal names of seven Cabinet ministers alleged to be involved in corruption.

Said Kalua: “I have been a victim of the fight against corruption, Cashgate and the Maizegate. The President keeps on pestering me on seven names [of Cabinet ministers] when he is failing to deal with one name that the whole country knows has cases to answer…”

Kalua said it was only God who saved him from his abductors he suspected wanted to take away his life.

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15 thoughts on “Chaponda denies kidnapping allegations: Kamlepo sticks to his story”

  1. Kaya says:

    Wina asiya kunyela posachedwapa ngati dalapa. Lapa msanga.

  2. Keen Observer says:

    Kamlepo is sticking to his story. So does sticking to the story make it true?????z if a lie is told a hundred times can it change to become the truth??????? The question is, was Kamlepo kidnapped or its a man made story????? Are there facts that can back up the kidnapping story? I don’t think that Chaponda is a saint either. He has a lot to answer BUT this Kamlepo story is a blatant lie. He must not fool some of us.

  3. Tenzi Mzungu says:

    Which came first between names of seven ministers and Chaponda case? If at all you have evidence speak it outside parliament. And where were you during the cash gate time of Joyce Banda? Can someone answer on his behalf please.

  4. Maunits says:

    President is failing to deal with one name only what about the rest 6 names he will collapse and die like Bingu. These people of Muthalika are not leaders.

  5. Mutumbuka Mwenecho says:

    Sono uyu muhinya mwana wakukaya wakasambira nkhu.kkkkkkkkkk

  6. Chaponda m'gaga says:

    Wamisala Adaona nkhondo

  7. Nkhani ya Kamlepoyi ikutinyansa. Palibe nkhani zina zabwino?

  8. martin says:

    Iam not a fan of Chaponda neither do I of crooked Kamlepo.Kamlepo is out of steam hence,his strategy to confuse Malawians.Recently,he went to his constituency recruited untaught and poor village headmen on his side at Mlowe where he killed two goats bought beer and cold drinks for his vunerable victims.At the meeting,the poor village headmen alleged to support their demi-god and hopelessly heaped unwarranted support for the opportunistic and confused Kamlepo.These uneducated village Headmen like their MP,praised him for developing his constituence.What a naked lie?Kamlepo, has not done a single thing since he was elected to represent the Rumphi East Constituency.Right now,the people of his Constituency have collectively declared that he is not representing their interests,but his own misguided and opportunistic interests.So the people of Malawi must not waste their precious time to listen to this uneducated and corrupt thug.The overwhelming people of the Rumphi East,have declared that they will not vote for him comes 2019.And Malawians,must know that this kamlepo thing is menace to our society.Our government must see to it that the candidates have the required education standard to avoid the Kamlepos in next elections.My words to the exploited people of Rumphi East is to standup for their rights and they must know that this Kamlepo thing is enriching himself over their poverty.

  9. CHIM says:

    ufiti chaponda
    uyaluka nawo ndiAnzako


  10. Bilimankhwe says:

    Chaponda leave this mad man alone . He is about go to Zomba mental hospital. It is also believed that he has started drinking herbal medicine for his madness.
    Chaponda now you are in a better position to finish his political carrier through the court.
    Kaluwa has shamed us people from the north.
    Don’t think that we northerners think like this mad man.

  11. santana says:

    Why do people waste time commenting on Kamlepo’s issues? Every Malawian knows he is a mad man and the madness has gone extra mile after his self abduction as he himself testified that he lost his memory. He could not even remember his own name. Ndiye muziti pali munthu apa?

  12. sibweni says:

    Kalua how can you say that it was God who saved you yet you have been saying that no body can intimidate.What is the difference between Kidnapping and intimidating? Haven’t you been intimidated? Audit your mouth. Chaponda must drag you to court for careless utterances. You are an eloquent, or a parrot or simply an empty tin of aluminum.

  13. gwamb says:

    CHAPONDA and your entire family ndinu onyansa nkhope ndi mitima yomwe. STUPID people withoutgood certificates. As Manganya, fellow Lomwe rightly said ” Lomwes have little or no education at all yet akupatsidwa maudindo akuluakulu” Ingrits, idiots, imbeciles is what your whole family is Joloji Chaponda. Stupid nincompoops!!

    1. Ntonga says:

      Chaponda is more educated that you Gwambi and Chaponda is a lhomwe!

  14. Alfred Minjo says:

    Ngodwala akuluwa a Kamlepo…

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