Chaponda hints at presidential run: Malawi foreign minister touts works of his hands

Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda sounded power hungry on Sunday when he hinted on the possibility of being favoured to lead the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2019 elections.

Chaponda: I have never been dropped as minister, am productive

Chaponda: I have never been dropped as minister, am productive

The development comes amid reports that President Peter Mutharika is grooming Chaponda, who comes from the Lomwe belt the DPP’s strong hold, to be his successor .

Speaking on  Zodiak radio’s  Tiuzeni Zoona programme on Sunday, Chaponda fell short of accepting that he wants the top job, only saying that if he was still at the UN he would be eying the position of Secretary General.

“I worked for the UN, there my dream was to be the Secretary General but I came back to help my country and now you want to throw me stones,” he said adding, “No. No. I will not accept it. I am here in my country and will never leave again.”

Further pressed to come clean if he really wants to be President, Chaponda was elusive only outlining his potential to the interviewer.

“Don’t put words in my mouth. But I have been in politics for too long. I have never been fired as Minister. I am a performer. The work of my hands must speak for me….so let people say whatever they want,” said Chaponda.

Put to him that by frequently sending him abroad to represent the President means that  Mutharika is grooming him, Chaponda said it was his job to travel as Foreign Affairs Minister.

“All the meetings require me as Foreign Affairs not Vice President. After all, I do a good job. The trip to India I brought 400 million dollars. They gave it to me after negotiations and then the newspapers rate me 20 percent. That’s an attack on me and they don’t know what they are doing. But after serving the United Nations, it is now time to serve my country and I will not run away. I will die here,” said a charged Chaponda.

In the interview he also dismissed that he personally and the DPP government are linked to the 577 billion kwacha scandal before cashgate which the interviewer said could be the reason that donors are not opening aid taps.

“That’s a lie. I am not involved and the DPP is not involved. You all know who stole your money. People have mentioned Joyce Banda,” he alleged.

The interview concentrated more on Chaponda’s ambition to be the next president of Malawi which he betrayed himself by showing signs that indeed there is a plot to seek Plot number1 tenancy.

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The Partriot

A lhomwe, bwanji dyela chonchi? Mukufuna inu nokha ndiye mudzilamulira? You mean you cannot survive without government coffers and positions?
One day Mulhako udzadziwa how to make a living outside government, JB showed you just the tip of the iceberg, Chakwera will trim you to size.
Chakwera akadzangowina, ma Embassy wonse will be purged of Mulhako, ma Parastatals, Quota systemmjdzatha, koma eh mudzalimba?


za ziiiiiii……maloto eti…


Abalae do not waste to time thinking Chaponda DPP will rule this country gain other than Chakwera and the MCP. PCP boma 2019 woye. The country will go back into the hands of the pary that fought for the freedom of the people from the Zungus.

Absalom Mthinda

The problem with the Lhomwe tea and tobacco tenants is that they can vote for any fool as president as long as the person is a mulakho idiot because most of them have not been to school to think rationally. Even if they were to vote for a frog as president they would do it if that frog came from the Mulakho dambos.

Mphongozidana Ndau

Chaponda to lead this country, my foot. That will throwing this good poor country to the dogs.

Rough & Bumpy ChiBWANO pulezidenti

Kodi what do you say “Chaponda mwala” in lomwe language? Chaponda funda ndi ndani in lomwe?

Mbili ya bakha

Mutu ngati hot dog. So as being old in the politics wat good have u done than sending all yo clan to western countries under our taxes u dunderhead. U think we don’t know u
U even deleted my nieces name on sponsorship in america and put yo niece name. Hhha seen and being told by DC staff and Ntafu then in the top sit. And u in NY. Kkkkk
Ikuululeni ????????
Osamalankhula ngati nkhanga zisikuona. Nthawi xose
Macende anu


Asa mpaka chapola? Bolani saulos chilima. That’s my man


now I know that Malawi will never go forward, I mean Chaponda for president ??
kubetsatu, bola Saulosi or JB yemweuja


Enough with these old dinasours…! The next president should be a young and ambitious person! Not THESE OLD TIRED THINGS that thinks Malawi is a place to retire!

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