Chaponda refuses to resign, says ‘Why is Finance Minister Gondwe not mentioned’: Calls Malawi maizegate a ‘North-South antagonism’, activist are northerners

Embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development, George Chaponda on Monday came out fighting by scoffing at calls for his resignation after being faulted for his involvement with TransGlobe Limited in the maize purchase from Zambia, which the inquiry found it smacked corruption.

Chaponda: I will not resign, why only me and not Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry headed by former Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa presented its report to President Peter Mutharika on Saturday at Kamuzu Palace. The report, among others, faults Chaponda’s involvement in the deal, saying it was suspicious; hence he must be probed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

Since the release of the report, there have been calls that Chaponda should resign and that President Mutharika should take prompt action against the minister and management of State produce trader Admarc who are alleged to be corrupt.

But Chaponda has struck a defiance tone, saying he is not resigning.

“I was not involved in the nitty gritty of procurement,” Chaponda said, insisting there was no wrong doing on his part.

“My job was not to follow procedures that was Admarc’s job. They have Internal Procurement Committee. Mine was at policy level,” he added.

Chaponda was speaking on Capital Radio’s DayBreak Malawi program monitored by Nyasa Times Monday morning.

Asked if he is going to respond to calls by civil society organisations (CSOs) to resign, Chaponda flatly rejected.

“It is irregular, irregular because it is the first time in the whole world that you can have CSOs coming up to say you stay aside,” said Chaponda.

He said Ministerial posts are presidential prerogatives and that only President Mutharika has the powers to hire and fire.

“CSOs don’t have that power. I found that irregular,” said Chaponda.

Chaponda maintained that he will not step aside, saying the matter is beyond maizegate scandal.

“It’s personal vendetta. It has now seized to be a maize saga it is now personal,” claimed Chaponda.

He claims the matter is now a fight between southern region and northern region.

“It has now become a north-south antagonism,” he said.

Chaponda said though he is being faulted, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe was equally at fault but that he is being shielded because he comes from the north.

“Why that Minister of Finance is is not being mentioned. The CSOs are from north,” ranted Chaponda.

But speaking on the same Daybreak Malawi program, political analyst Humphrey Mvula queried Chaponda’s remarks.

“It is strange that the minister has said that. Chaponda should have kept quiet,” said Mvula.

“It shows impudence and arrogance. He is an appointed person,” he added.

Mvula said Chaponda is “creating collateral damage” by dragging Finance Minister Gondwe in the saga.

On Sunday,  South Africa-based legal expert Danwood  Chirwa called for Chaponda and Admarc officials to be fired if they fail to resign.

“ These findings are a serious indictment of the minister, affected Admarc officials, and arguably the government as a whole. The report also confirms the public’s suspicion of possible  corruption on the part of the minister as regards how he carried out his duties.

“The most responsible thing to do is for the minister and all Admarc officials impugned in the report to resign. If they do not, they must be fired immediately,” said Chirwa in quotes reported by Nation on Sunday.

He said the President  should not maintain someone whose moral turpitude has been called into question.

Chirwa asked the President to uphold the Constitution and “demonstrate that he cares about the rule of law by dismissing the minister without delay and allowing the crime fighting agencies to do their work freely.”

The Commission found that “the conduct of the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development in dealing with Trans Globe Limited to sell maize to ADMARC was suspicious”.

The Commission in its recommendations called for further investigation on Chaponda by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on his involvement with Trans Globe Limited and that disciplinary action be taken on ADMARC management for contracts “fraudulently entered into”.

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70 thoughts on “Chaponda refuses to resign, says ‘Why is Finance Minister Gondwe not mentioned’: Calls Malawi maizegate a ‘North-South antagonism’, activist are northerners”

  1. huhiphethere says:

    Some northerners want to hide the war tactic and yet it is now a fact that there is a war which north started long time ago against southerners. To my disappointment some southerners are still blind and deep in slumber and they dont see the devilish acts of northerners. Manganya is one blind baboon who betrays fellow southerners not knowing that he or his children shall need the support and protection of us southerners in many ways sooner than later. The war is real tisanamizane apa.

  2. Zuze says:

    Viva Chaponda!! Honestly I love Chaponda about his honesty about his view about the North. This is the true position of DPP about the North and the Central. Do you recall what APM said about Chimunthu Banada when he was a Minister? This is DPP stand. Chaponda is just an honest man. In Malawi we hate honest people. Did you want him to say he loves the North when he doesnt?

  3. mwanapwa wa mwanapwa says:

    Chaponda Chimanga reveals Goodall Gondwe. Goodall Gondwe reveals ……game over.

    Why are these old machonas clinging to power. In other civilized countries people just resign on their own and such people gain respect.

    Chaponda Chimanga church Elder you are degrading yourself. Infact by clinging to the position it implies you indeed are involved. If your hands were clean you would have resigned to pave way for investigations and people would have respected you.

    Eeee mwatotaninje alopwana. Hamuchita resign nga chifukwa nga chani eeeh asaaaaa. Mutotichitisadje manyazi asaaaa.

  4. Christopher says:

    It not abt ku mpoto and Qouth its a national issue 2geza we can devlop our country nt what the hon chaponda z sayng.

  5. The Partriot says:

    Chaponda and his regionalism card! At 74 years of age and several degrees this guy never sees facts but tribes and regions! Ngati munthu wophunzira akuganiza chonchi nanga Santana aganiza bwanji?
    Smell the coffee old man Chaponda:
    1. Transglobe yakupakani matope……kuli aTumbuka kumeneko?
    2. One George Chaponda is not the “South” and while the CSOs who got the injuction were from the North….they are not “the North”. Answer for yourself old man..did you steal or not? Dont smear the North with your crap!
    3. Chaponda cannot be a good national leader…he is too fixated with tribal politics!!
    In 1994, Chakufwa Chihana fought fearlessly against Kamuzu(while George Chaponda was enjoying life in the West), was it North against Central?
    Malawians lets not be fooled, there are some old mitchonas in their Seventies with their families in the West who want us to fight each other and burn the house that we call our country. Lets beware of these opportunists who did not fight for democracy but now are enjoying the fruits thereof!!
    Ya Chimanga yokhayi ndiye mwagwa nayo baba…inu ndi akwanu onse….nkhalamba yopanda manyazi!!!

  6. shame says:

    Didn’t realize how retarded Chaponda is . He is behaving like a 2 year old who has been found with his hand in a cookie jar, Mommy sindinadye ndekha koma nana wadyanawo

  7. Beast of Beast says:

    Daily Times is from the centre. The Kamuzu family comes from Kasungu. Zodiak of Gospel Kazako comes form lower Shire., the most southern tip of Malawi.

    Why does Chaponda want to divert Malawians to believe believe this is a North South tag of war? Where is Zodiak? Where is Times Group? Are Malawians this foolish that we we wont see the divide and rule? I for one come from central region, grew up in central region, educated both in North and Southern region then married in Southern region with kids from the South. Dont fool me Chaponda!
    The case is of national importance. Not regional! If the centre were not concerned, Chaponda wouldnt be this agitated in the centre and neither would be Zodiak from the South.

    Do not play cross cultural conflict you ol man! Dont think you will win this war. You may v won the batt;e but soon or later we with southern connection will walk away and you will lose the war eventualyl You are too old to sustain the fight…….. Better make amends with the country. That us my greatest wish that all parties regardless where they come from will fight for Malawi as a wholel

  8. Mwayi wa zama says:

    Silly minister, your comments are not worthy a minister. Our souls are searching for reasons why Mutharika is not firing you. Reliable sources say that you funded his DPP compaign and now you want to get your money back through stealing from the government. That’s very dangerous because you will be arrested soon. As you can see, there is a strong indication that you have been involved in corrupt practice in the maize deal and that’s very clear you did. The problem is you want to too much enough for you, your children and your grant children. This is a very dangerous move and surely it will land you into big mess.

    What is more disappointing is that you are now dividing the country based on tribal lines. Both you (Chaponda) and your brother Peter Mutharika were in America and people lived peacefully regardless of where they are coming from. Why are you dragging people into your hatred for northerners. Let people live in peace as one people one nation. You are very rich, I understand. Who do you share your food with? your children and your grant children.

    I personally, come from the North and married from the South. Should i kill my wife because Chaponda has said I should kill her. Mr. Maize chaponda that is stupid.

  9. vavlov says:

    It is cheap to go tribal when things go wrong. Chaponda should simply convince the general public about his innocence on the maize-gate issue. If Gondwe was involved, let him simply tell everyone how Gondwe was involved. After all they belong to the same party. In Malawi tribalism is one of the causes of under-development. Should we say the northern region is not being developed because the president is from the south?

  10. Mweene says:

    Now, we are going to start firing people on the basis of suspicions? Not facts or proof?
    This is like taking away someone’s drivers’ licence on suspicion that she/he is drunk; without evidence from a breathalyzer.
    Think about that, people!

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Policy ndiye Bwana Chaponda m’maitha zedi. The NGOs have NO clue.
    And, Chaponda is scoring points in his arguments.
    Fight Bwana, fight.
    We knew there was a personal angle and a tribal one here too. More than tribal rivalry now; it’s enmity.
    These NGOs should be censured for going beyond the rule of law; now they want to make the own laws in this country? That is why they are known as the unofficial opposition.
    It’s true, this is a fight between the North and South. A fight the North cannot win.
    And quoting, selectively, people like Chirwa of Cape Town, and Mvula (both Northerners) in a way bolsters the Bwana’s point.
    Chirwa is becoming damaged goods because of lack of research and teaching skills demanded in South Africa; and Mvula is a convicted criminal thief, who should not be given even a shot of oxygen on this space. Akagwere!

    1. Thé Ear says:

      Mvula is not a northerner. He comes from Kasungu. Check your facts b4 goofing.

  12. Chizowa says:

    Inde Zoonatu atumbuka kukakamula zinthu iwo aba too much mu cash gate Koma sakunenena kanthu Koma Iowa mzawo alipopo Gondwe olipirayo msakumutchulanso nkomwe

  13. Chaponda BB says:

    Kasambala (from North) was on center stage on the cashgate during PP Government and now is behind bars. Now bwana Chaponda (from South) is in the center stage on Maizegate soon or later will be behind bars even if he goes earlier to the grave. Society is always greater than an individual no matter what tricks he plays he is wrong side of the law. Such stupid talking of tribalism can easily ignite tribal war so he has to be very careful with his talking

  14. Chimanga says:

    Nayeni wayambapo kuulura

  15. Hussein says:

    Not a very lawyerly argument from Chaponda. Just shows he has run out of defenses. Now he wants to implicate others. Please quit while you still have some dignity left. It’s not the end of the world. Malawi is tired of political charlatans.

  16. Andy says:

    When has activities from the north ever took to task a fellow northerner even when there is clear evidence of some northerners stealing under the cash gate. They will keep dead quiet and may attack the judiciary system when the law is taking its course. Even claiming that the subject or the thieving northerner is being victimized. Moses Mkandawire representing the Church and Society has said that as part of their action “……..we will continue to name and shame, effect citizen arrests and litigation …” In my 10 years plus of following Moses Mkandawire I cannot recall any moment he rose up to condemn a fellow northerner among the many that have been at fault. Did Moses Mkandawire said anything when Goodall Gondwe stole K45 million in a procurement deal during Bingu’s time which Gondwe actually accepted responsibility. No Bwana Mkandawire was silent dead silent and remains to be dead silent on the matter. There are many numerous cases that he knows about concerning fellow northerners but remain silent

    So let him come out and list cases he has pursued with vigour that concerns northerners

  17. iwe chaponda kodi justice msosa ndiwa ku mpoto?inu u president mukuufunawu muzapha onse aku mpoto. Chimunthu chosankha iwe. Kota came with u fwiti iwe kunyasa nkhope ndi mtima omwe. Steal the money amphawi kwambiri ndi abale ako galu iwe

  18. Byron says:

    Remember,he is the same person who once said that the DPP didn’t need the northern region to win elections in 2014. To him elections victory was based on population density in his region.He did not care about a nationwide support which reflects unity between tribes. He believes in divide and rule.

    Chaponda is a dangerous politician who is an advocate for tribalism.Such a leader can easily spark a civil confrontation between tribes if given a chance to rule the country.

    The northerners happen to be the ones in majority agitating for a probe into maize purchase,but aren’t they doing it for the good of all citizens in Malawi? No one would expect anyone connected to the ruling party to get vocal on this issue. After all, as citizens, northerners or southerners,and citizens in the central region are all tired of the miseries people are facing due to corruption by our leaders.

    It is not a north-south fight,but it a national fight to cleanse the nation of all thieves that deprive less privileged people of national resources.It is a God- given responsibility to fight against forces of evil.Anyone who steals and especially stealing from the poor, lacks the love for others and deserves to be exposed.So if it happens that northerners are at the forefront exposing Chaponda,then they must be commended for doing the good cause because in the end ,the nation will have good leaders who care for the people.

    Chaponda should ask himself that if he dies today (God forbid), what would he answer to God if he knew he stole from the poor? It’s not too late for Chaponda: he must rethink about his destiny,his role in the political arena,and his attitude towards people especially those not from his tribe.People can’t just talk bad things about you if you are not bad.

  19. Munyunkali says:

    … no it’s a fight between a suspected thief and those who would like to clean up the government, not between the south and the north as Chaponda would like to think.

  20. ungwelu says:

    One of the biggest question which possibly the Presidential Commission did not tackle or decided not to touch was why was the maize price by Kaloswe/ZCF at US$345 while that of Trans Globe at US$410?

    Why the difference in price?

    This is where there is a problem particularly that Trans Globe met Chaponda in Zambia!!!!!

  21. cathbert says:

    Usange akuzunula mnyake ‘Gooda;’ mbwe ndikuti wazomerra a achapondatu. so a purezident wakukhumbaso ukaboni mbu???? wausyepo waka munkhungu uyu…………….

  22. John says:

    Champweteka n’chimanga uyu. It has caused verbal diarrhea

  23. ungwelu says:




  24. ungwelu says:

    Hmmmmmmmm. Zulus or Ngonis are not from Central Africa or Zaire. They are from South of Limpopo. Seconfdly, Zulus are not the only Ngonis in Malawi. Thirdly, while Ngonis are indeed found in the North, they are also found in Central Region (Mchinji – Mpezeni) and IN MY OPINION Southern Region Ntcheu District (or is there anybody who disputes that Ntcheu is in Southern Region?)

    Pathfinder you can rewrite your article or withdraw it!!!!!

  25. Ngalamayi says:

    If we just wait a little longer, the maggots in the rotten fish head will all turn on one another and the truth about corruption in high places will see the light of day!

  26. Mopiya Mulupare says:

    Malawi urgently requires a revolution, a second republic because the quality of leadership we have now can not take us from the peril of poverty. We need a transparent and efficient government that will be for all and not for few. The solution is a revolution NOW. For 53 years we have endured mediocre leadership surrounded by very low level of political architects. Why cant they retire? They were not born leaders neither were they made leaders. Most the people causing pain and suffering are those that should have retired two decades ago. They have become a dust bin from where we savage leadership.

  27. Bwabwalala says:

    This is the calibre of viLomwe. Kukakamira pa zinthu atalakwisa. Mulakho wa afisi wayamba kuwonekera.

  28. undule says:

    Stupid………Malawians. Lets go to work. We cant be wasting time digging what was about to happen!! Its pointless and expensive. When it happens like it did in K236Billion……we shall have enough reason to dig. Our friends are busy making cars, planes etc…. here we are making noise of what was to happen.

  29. Che nsomba says:

    I do not want to be dragged into this Chaponda-Gondwe fight. I come from the North but I am against any corruption whether done by those from the North or South. By the way was cashgate do by people from one region only? Chaponda, I a very disappointed just like the Chairman of the Maizegate said. After all this eloquence whatever that means in so far as your answers were concerned, you cannot prefer to swim in such mud. How dare you say this for a senior DDP colleague. Chaponda, do agree that you dealt with Transglobe and that can hardly be at policy level. You could not even convincingly answer answers from the young lawmakers from Dowa and yet you call yourself a Yale PhD. The issue is about you and not Gondwe. If Gondwe is involved he too will answer for himself. Have a life Chaponda.

  30. mtete says:

    Very sad comments from the so-called successor to APM. He has clearly shown he is regionalistic and one wonders how he would govern the country with such mentality. Imagine a senior cabinet minister speaking Ill of a colleague. It gives you an idea of the charged atmosphere in the cabinet. This more justification for APM to fire him for, in the interest of building Malawi, I do not see northern and southern cabinet ministers seeing eye to eye when discussing national building.
    By the way, save for positive comments by a few civilised Lhomwes, the majority are blindly loyal and would never whistle blow on Chaponda even if they saw him plundering national coffers.

    1. Totolito says:

      Because you Tumbuka CSOs were quiet during JBs cashgate!! why the selective justice if it is justice at all. You think we are stupid!! Tinakutulukirani

      1. John says:

        What stopped you then inuyo lomwe CSOs to make noise then if you smelt something wrong? Kupusa kumeneko nkani azungu anakulandani minda…ending up calling them atsamunda minda ili yanu yomwe…idiot! time has come to stop corruption! even if it mean if kugawani dzikoli is solution…then so be it!!!!

  31. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Wow! What a comment by the embattled minister! Was it said as a way of defending himself or to show that he was not alone in the unholy act? Should we wait for more names, sir?

  32. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Bwana Chaponda, you have just worsened matters here. Your statement confirms what many people have been saying, namely that many more DPP/Government top brass were involved in the unholy act than we were being told. You mean the custodian of the national purse is also in this ring? Who else, Bwana Chaponda? Apatu mwatsegula flood gate which you may not be able to close until the names of all the culprits are out. Malawians, do I need to spell it out that the DPP is falling apart? Sitima iyi ya DPP ikafika ku 2019 isanamile? Let’s brace ourselves for a second incomplete DPP term.

  33. santana says:

    About Goodall , Chaponda once said that the new price of maize was reached by the finance Minister who is Goodall Gondwe. So Chaponda is just wondering that him and Goodall played their respective parts on the maize issue but him alone is being talked about. Mind you he is not accepting wrong doing here. Nor is he saying Goodall did anything wrong. So stop making noise asking him what Goodall did.

    1. igama lami says:

      Santana , you are badly challenged with the Queens language. When Chaponda chaponda says “…. Goodall Gondwe was equally at fault…” what he means is that Chaponda was at fault and so was Goodall Gondwe. This is admitting wrong doing.

  34. wakukaya says:

    Cry my beloved country , I am from the north married in the south my son is obviously both north and south, so what’s wrong with being from the north? Chaponda eine a cabinet minister should be the last person to fuel hatred

  35. kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Now that President Muthalika has heard for himself that George will go only if Goodall too goes with him. Because both are mbava. What further proof does the President need? If President does not act, I will question his integrity. Chaponda himself has said it ” I should go with Goodall.” Chaponda admits but can’t go alone!

  36. Wanzeru wa kumpoto says:

    The Minister, by implication is admitting that he was involved in corruption only that he was not alone. To me let’s encourage him to mention others in the whole plot. I am sure even the president knows something about this deal that’s why his hands are tied. Chaponda is too big to be sacrificed. Chaponda VS Goodall Gondwe on maize saga started sometime back. I think if I remember properly nyasatimes reported twice citing our Hon. Minister complaining that the Minister of Finance sidestepping him by doing a job/maize deals that belonged to his Ministry. When you are very greedy thats how things end? Let us not involve the regions/tribes to fight individual wars. I think Malawians have been unnecessarily used for a long time.

  37. chaponda chiphazi chazikang’a beware of those stupid comments of your mr minister coz the northerners had got nothing to do with your maizegate…dont play games with the northerners

  38. santana says:

    Comments from amateurs. What role does the report say Chaponda played with Trans Globe? The two reports are just saying ” something suspicious”. What is it that is suspicious? Should we say Msosa failed to find this suspicious thing and she thinks only the ACB can find it? She would atleast disclose what Chaponda actually did tantamounting to corruption. Is it not the media which portrayed Chaponda to have pocketed money yet we hear no money ever changed hands between supplier and customer? Can anyone prove Chaponda took a role in any financial dealing on this issue? At what stage did he put his signature to make things move? Look at how you praised your James Chirwa of Mzuzu. The wise legal experts told you that this judge is wrong right from the start. But legal blindness made you not to believe. And these experts were vindicated by the Supreme court. What else now? If Chaponda accepted your senseless calls of resigning would he be a Minister now? But do you know that all this noise you are dealing with people who went through a classroom doing Law? You are just too vocal for nothing!!! This is not a battle to be won by dunderheads. You cannot judge a person just by mere recommendations which are not giving the real part played by the suspect. You think the president is so stupid that he can act on any nonsense you tell him?

    1. tortilla says:

      Koma nde mwakwiyatu .. kapena ndinu a chaponda?

    2. gologoza says:

      @ Santana, Yes the president is stupid. He has demonstrated not once, not twice but times without number that he is like one.

    3. Bwampini says:

      hahaha i knew it that you will start crying after Msosa failed to side with you. Bunch of unpartriotic ugly thieves

  39. Yes this is war between North and South. What if Gondwe was involved then both should go.
    North North North you are very dangerous people. You will see

  40. kantonga says:

    tiyeni , naye wayamba kutchula anzake….nzakeyonso azatchula kuntunda kwakeko

  41. Murupale pa Thyolo says:

    Mwavomera mlandutu apa a Chaponda. Ngati Goodall ndi mboni yanu we have no problem with that bring him to court man. Yolilitsa imasweka fast. KIKIKIKIKIKi. Alomwe!!!! Alomwe!!!!!

  42. Tortilla says:

    A Chaponda tawululani zomwe anachita Goodall pa deal imeneyi muzikachezetsana bwino ku resignation nkhalamba zakuba inu. Zinanso zomwe zikuchitika tisakudziwa ululanso. Uzingotumiza ku times konkuja mwamva madala

  43. chemuyaya says:

    I we had a leader Chaponda tikunena pano bwenzi atachosedwa kale and atamangidwa kutengela ndi kusamvela chigamulo cha khoti chomuimisa kaye pa udindo.

    Ineyo ngati nzika yeniyeni ya dziko lino ndapeza kuti Peter Mutharika simunthu oti nkumudalira ikafika nthawi yopanga decision. Iyeyu akuoneka kuti amapangilidwa decision ndi Chaponda yemweyu nde nkovuta kumuimisa olo kumuchosa.

    zonvesa chisoni zina umpeza munthu ngati uyu ndi nkulu wampingo ku church.

  44. pathfinder says:

    I agree with you fancy. And zinde and all the tumbukas and you too who claim to come from the the SOUTH, go fuck yourselves. Open your eyes there’s always a war between the north and south. The northerners are fight pickers. These people are zulu’s and in malawi we call them ngoni’s and they are originally from the DRC formally known as ZAIRE. The enjoy to fight. you can’t have peace as long have these people in your country. They don’t sleep if someone who is not from their side is successful.

  45. Hoitty says:

    Chaponda has lost it. he is cornered and just start blabbing like a rabid dog. Tell us what you know Chaponda then we will take it from there. Tell us how Goodall Gondwe is involved so he can be taken to task as well. it seems you know you are not the only one involved but like Mphwiyo you fail to spill the beans because you may end up implicating yourself and your bumpy chin. Tsopano mwaganiza zoyambitsa chidani pa north and south? Commision of inquiry yakupezani ndi zochita ndi ya ku north? All in all Chaponda will never resign. He has so much debt in the banks that is why he is hungry for money. All contracts he gives out are in return for something. If he was to lose his ministerial powers that will be the end of him and the banks will pounce. all FISP contracts ali ndi chibwano cha Chaponda all over them in return for kick backs

  46. Dusty says:

    Always racist poor George.Know the issue here is that you are a thief,you stole from poor Malawians.Live Northerners as bone fide Malawians as yourself to live in peace.Don’t bring hatred against Northerners on this issue.You Lhomwes are thieves,you have strategically placed your Lhomwe boys and girls in highest positions in both parastalls and governments departments in order to steal for you and your cohorts. The truth is known to every Malawian,don’t hate any tribe on this issue even your fellow Lhomwes know about this.If it means death or any persecution against Northerners on this Maizegate issue,Iam ready to offer my head on their behalf as a concerned citizen from Central Region.

  47. Adzafunika says:

    Ichi ndicho tikuti Chindere chakufikapo or Chitsiru chamunthu

  48. ade says:


  49. gulufe says:

    Wawa Mr. Maize Chaponda. We meet again!!!!! Judge Chirwa has been vindicated. Dunstain Mwaungulu achoke ku supreme court ndiwamantha in exercising chilungamo. Chaponda has been found guilty hahaha. Stupid bastard chaponda don’t drag northerners into this. Waba wekha, mbava ndiyomwe yagwidwa yo.

  50. Zinde says:

    Stupid minister and now you want to create enmity between north and south. Mr Chaponda you are rotten to the core.

  51. Nyika Voice says:

    More revelations now!. Chaponda knows more about the deal than previously thought.

    1. naphiri says:

      ayambadi kutchulana!!! tidikila timva zambiri…

  52. Fancy says:

    This is true that the war is personal not maize gate allegations. This could be construed in the following facts:
    1 After the supreme court reinstated Chaponda only 10% of media houses reported
    2 The report was that Chaponda and Admarc has swindled Malawi 9 billion Kwacha but in all the inquiries nothing was proved to be true
    3 Funds were not transferred to Zambia
    4 In Malawi we have many people including some ministers being probed by ACB but they have not resign what so special with Chaponda to resign. The probing of ACB could not be taken that a person is Guilty until proved by competent court. This demonstrates that its personal war.

  53. gradiator says:

    The embattled minister is now cornered. I thought these guys who are learned and have spent a substantial amount of time in the civilized world would have a clear understanding of the need to leave office when trust by the public is lost. Now the silly man brings in regionalism chants in the whole issue. In his dreams he thinks this will divert peoples’ attention. Be informed that even us from the south we are equally at pains that Chaponda went this far. Although the report says money was not paid for the maize, I know behind the curtains money exchanged hands corruptly. The issue of saying that he was involved at policy level does not arise. Why did he pressure ADMARC to buy from Transglobe? Anthu inu a DPP mudzatopa liti ndi kuba. You do not have the human heart. Are you not worried with villagers who are visibly hungry while you swim in ill-gotten money? Shameless idiots.

  54. Ada Ngozi says:

    I am a southerner and Lhomwe as well but I strongly do not agree with Chaponda his claims that this is south versus north, not at all. This is a war between him (Chaponda) and the suffering and law abiding masses of Malawi.

    Chaponda must swallow his pride by honorably resigning from his post to pave unhindered way for the investigation in this ugly monster called “MAIZE-GATE”.

    By the way and as a reminder, the maize concerned is rotting at ADMARC depots as poor Malawians cannot afford the ludicrous price being offered.

  55. Chaponda you a very stupid and you cannot divide Malawians on this issue. Malawians are united to fight Corruption, whether North or South but those who are corrupt must face the law. If you have evidence against Gondwe kuti mumabela limozi then tell us – pano wagwidwa ndiwe

  56. Chaponda Mbala says:

    Chaponda Chaponda, why do you hate people from the North, kodi tinakulakwira chani aise? pamene umaba chimanga tinaliko ife?

    1. Mtumbuka watsankho says:

      waba chimanga chake chiti mtumbuka iwe?!!!!

  57. mika says:

    Give him chance.
    What have you revealed to the committee and the commission of inquiry that should warrant both you and Gondwe to be faulted?
    I am baffled at how uncivilized Chaponda portrays himself.
    This is no longer maize saga? sure? This is personal vendetta? sure? And this has become North-South antagonism? Sure?
    Looks like there is a lot between Dausi, who asked the times tv host if he had pathological hatred for Hon Chaponda. At the airport the big man also said journalists should stop negative reporting and cited the maize issue as something which less important.

  58. Chimanga says:

    Ochaponda, te ululani onzanu ose bwino bwino mzikacheza ku maula…… muluwatchulawo siwaja wa midnight six kodi? mkalembeso we were here ku malula ka

  59. Bolero says:

    Dangerous comments from a well informed Minister. Such kind of comments trigger unrests. very unfortunate

    1. Mtumbuka watsankho says:

      Its time to have unrest and justifiably so!! why did these CSOs stay quiet when Joyce Banda and Tumbukas were stealing money? WHY??

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