Chaponda sues Malawi News for ‘defamatory headline’

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda  is suing Times Group for what he said was the malicious manner of how one of its titles, Malawi News a weekly paper  reported  his failure to appear before the Parliamentary inquiries into the controversial maize procurement from Zambia.

Chaponda: Sues newspaper

Chaponda through his lawyers M and M Global, is suing for defamation allegations over the story which appeared in the Malawi News of January 28 to 3 Februay, 2017  because its headline ‘The Defiant Chaponda’.

According to the writ of summons which Nyasa Times has seen, the headline in question was aimed at harming the image of Chaponda.

Lawyer Madalitso Mmeta  representing Chaponda said the headline  is “defamatory”  which he argues in simple terms means “to offer resistance so something or challenge something.”

Mmeta said Malawi News“ intended to portray an appalling image” of Chaponda at face value to the general public without the person or the reader getting into further details of the article official and individual of right thinking people.”

In the story,  it is reported that the Chaponda failed to attend the maize inquiry because he received inviation late, but the copy editor fumed to what his reporter was reporting.

Chaponda claimed he said he could not attend the inquiry because he saw the communication late.

The Minister who is also Leader of Government in Parliament  maintains that he was not directly involved in the purchase of maize from Zambia.

He said his involvement was minimal as the main buyer of the maize was the Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) and not his ministry.

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24 thoughts on “Chaponda sues Malawi News for ‘defamatory headline’”

  1. santana says:

    In the history of Malawi politics, its only DPP which bounced back to power after being out of government for 2 years and managed to throw the ruling (sic.)PP to a third position. The opposition instead of banging its heads on how to stratigise on the 2019 elections are busy attacking and insulting ruling party individuals. This weak opposition is now dry of winning formula. They are doing nothing which can give their supporters hope that they will carry the day in 2019. Together they look vocal as if they can shake something to the bottom. But come 2019 the battle will be fought aliyense payekha. The DPP is just silent and cannot answer back these silly noises because it knows kuti zake zilibwino kale akungodikira nthawi basi kuti adzamenye mateche ngati a 2009 ndi 2014. Attacking Chaponda will not change the popularity of the DPP because it is common knowledge that it is only the DPP candidate who can win in the big man’s constituency. The opposition parties regard MCP as the strong party which can by chance replace DPP in 2019. But these are just hopeless wishes because without a considerable support from the south MCP cannot win any election even if the DPP features Winiko as its candidate. There is no way a southerner can look at Chakwera as a helping father. But DPP has its works in the centre starting from Bingu’s time that’s why DPP has considerable support from the area and the support is growing bigger every few days. In conclusion there is no doubt that DPP will carry the day in 2019 with or without Chaponda so stop wasting your energy on Chaponda because it will change nothing on the DPP’s popularity. Find another strategy.

  2. Richard Soko says:

    Defiant means intransigence was your trip to Germany in the face of a court injunction not defiance?

  3. mtete says:

    Dr. Chaponda, is the money you have amassed through Cashgate not enough? Yes, you were defiant. You went to Germany after being suspended; you did not report to Parliamentary Committee after being summoned, giving a lame excuse you received the summon late. You lying crook. Go ahead suing Times Group. Your Case will be heard in Mzuzu before Justice Chìrwa. It will be fun watching the proceedings.

  4. CHIMVQ says:

    Mnkuluyu makani ndi liuma ngati mnzake

  5. Dzenzo says:

    O bwana vavuta apo!! I thought he jumps court orders? Now he wants the same courts to help him? What HYPOCRISY? So him thinks that he is bigger than Malawi? Yalakwa basi!! Chitani timanyazi o bwana!!!

  6. i thought this ugly thief was above the courts???? just recently he defied a court order and traveled to germany in a ministerial capacity and now he says he needs the same courts??????? amakhothi mufinyeni pumbwa ameneyi adzawona ngati dziko ndilophweka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cha cha says:

    Why not use the prerogative of the President. Now u want the court

  8. peter nowa says:

    The battle has just begun we shall see as ZCF atiyanika kuti time
    Gwa atikazinge bwino

  9. achalume a mulhako says:

    In my understanding chaponda is not to blame. He has done nothing wrong. Remember he is a good boy to the bwana and he performs his duties exactly according to the instructions from above . here , the instructor is to blame and need to be taken head on…..,…..,.

  10. Mwamwene says:

    Thats the way to go Bwana Chaponda. You have massive support from us bonafide Malawians but times does not know this. Ka times nkachani kodi?

    We can as well consider times newspaper (of idiots) as the 53rd political party in Malawi. Deal with them. Achepaaaaaa!

  11. dee Walker says:

    Sue? Was he not defiant? shame on Chaponda. Power has gone to his head

    1. Imbwa says:

      Chaponda chindere chakufikapo. Khoti ulifune lero? Dunderhead

  12. thinktank says:

    He is stupid…….basi,,,always intimidating journalists with “lawsuits”.JUST CHANGE YOUR WAYS SIR……

  13. chikopa says:

    Akasume ku nkhope kwa amake. How many days notice did he want? 30 days? My foot. He was in German when he was not supposed to be there. Spare us this dung. Court should throw out his file and make sure inyowe ndi madzi a mvula and on Monday next week, PP should petition the speaker to throw out this dog from the Parliament Chambers.

  14. Mphwache says:

    And I thought he was above the court system……………why now?

  15. DPP says:

    what type of a bathing soap tablet does chaponda use? kkkkkkk what a face skin, like a bee hive.

  16. Kholingo says:

    Failure to delete the editor’s remarks in the Malawi News story has given Chaponda ammunition to sue. Times will pay. Ndi umve uja adachita a Malawi News. Koma Chikadya alipo? Kuli ziiii.

  17. Mwakipiki says:

    I thought the press has freedom to publish freely? Shall we start giving them which titles to use for their articles? Kikkkkkk

    1. JBC Atate says:

      Yes, there is such freedom. However, the exercise of one’s rights does not entail you should violate another person’s rights. Remember the exercise of rights and freedoms is accompanied by responsibility.

  18. Mphwi says:

    Usatinyamse Chaponda,,,who do you think you are??mphamvu zimathazimatha,,dzulo limatembenuka..u think uron top of the world???uzaziona

  19. chalo nimazgola says:

    Pano wayamba Kulifuna Khoti kkkkkkklk chalo ichi hahahaha

  20. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Times Group and its affiliates (tax evaders) have to be reigned in. If anyone can do this, its this government. And Bwana Chaponda is the man.
    Tiri pambuyo panu, Bwana (Good works, Mr Chaponda: the people are behind you!)

  21. Chalo Nimazgola says:

    Walifuna court pano koma dzikoli abale kkkkkkkkkk Mulungu ngwamphamvu

  22. FUN says:


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