Chief Makwangwala politicises Umhlangano: Inkosi Gomani encourages authorities to monitor projects

Chair for the organizing committee of the 2017 Umhlangano wa Maseko Ngoni, senior chief Makwangwala on Saturday turned the Ngoni culture event in Ntcheu district into a political rally of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Inkosi Gomani speaking at the event

Chief Makwangwala shocked the gathering when he defied his duty and wore the face  of the DPP campaign director.

He started praising the ruling DPP and President Peter Mutharika for favouring Ntcheu while saying that the party has much support in the district.

”DPP is the only party that has favoured us people of Ntcheu. Imagine, within three years there are number of developments such as roads and promised to construct a modern DC office which has been there since colonial era,” said Makwangwala.

Adding “Mutharika appointed different people from this districts in government senior positions. For instance, the vice President of this country, deputy minister of defense. Therefore, we the chiefs and people from this district want to promise you that we shall not let you down.”

The chief further quoted a verse from the Holly Book of Bible, Agalantia 6 v 7 which says ‘you will reap on what you saw.’

Vice President Saulosi Chilima also added salt on Makwangwala’s remarks saying the people of Ntcheu will all vote for DPP in 2019.

“As Chief Makwangwala has already said, people of Ntcheu have agreed to vote for DPP in 2019 and we are people of our words,” he added.

However, Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani v encouraged authorities to have a spirit of monitoring the country’s development projects or programs.

“We are indeed good at issues of afforestation. This country have planted number of trees but we are failing to monitor it in order to know how many have grown. Even when it comes to encourage girls to go to school, we are all good at that but we are also failing to monitor them especially to know their experience and what they are lacking,” said the Chief.

He said without monitoring spirit, the country shall not see and enjoy the fruits of such projects or programs.

Apart from the ruling DPP members, diplomats and government officials, the event was also attended by senior members opposition parties.

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chipatso mbewe

Kodi a Makwangwalawo adzavota ndi iwowo? Mmayesa azavota ndi anthu ena a mu Ntcheu? Adzakhumudwatu, akuyesa anthuwo adakali mwa 2014 be aaaaa, Angoni kugona basi. Tisayankhule zambiri apa, chitukuko chak chiti chapangidwa ku Ntcheu? mind u am also from Ntcheu

Umbuli anthu akumwera, Your busy praising politicians while you know for sure that there is nothing they are doing interms of development. Ever since I started hearing those chiefs speaking at political rallies I have never heard them criticising andalewo. However we as Malawians in collective, we need to ask ourselves, ,”what has this democracy brought to us? If Ntchewu is developing why then Malawi remains the poorest so far. Why too many deaths still happening pamalo abwino ngati Linthipe ? Chifukwa chani pa linthipe sipakukozedwa? Amakwangwalo bwanji iwowo ndi amphawi?. Akumwera sumuzatheka, ndichifukwa chake ife akumupoto panopa tikuchoka ku… Read more »
@ so-called 699942, if I may ask you who killed Lt. Njoloma? Lest you forget Njoloma died during the reign of Makolija in controversial cirmustances! What has it got to do with the so-called party of ” death & darkness”? You party (DPP) is a force for theft, pillage, extortion, corruption, fraud, racketeering, debauchery, nepotism & regionalism.Have you already forgotten that you cut short 20 lives on 20 July, 2011? Have you already forgotten you bludgeoned Robert Chasowa in 2011 and you’ve employed every trick to have his death not effectively investigated and have culprits face the law? Tears are… Read more »
@ so-called Jamax, akamati state-of-the-art umayidziwa iwe? Mwachitsanzo, masitediyamu omwe akumangidwa mmabomamu mzaka zino ali kutali kwambiri pa nkhani ya standards ndi Silver Stadium yomwe idamangidwe mzaka za 1985/86. Ngati ukuyembekezera stadium ya state-of-the-art, ukhumudwa kwambiri ndipo ndi bwino uchepetse chiyembekezo chako. Kapena state-of-the-art ali ndi tanthauzo lina lake lakolako! Mfumu yakoyo inachimbwita kwambiri. Akuti unali mwambo wa Umhlangano osati msonkhano wachipani cha DPP! Izi ndi zomwe Angoni a Zwangendaba adakana. Ndiye poti kwinako anthu amangowuzidwa zochita chisawawa nchifukwa chake mukuvolemeza mbola zimenezi. Pena ndikumvetsa chifukwa Angoniwa ali ndi mbiri zawo zosiyanasiyana! Koma ndale zanuzo zokanika zisiyeni. Nthawi yakampeni ikubwera.… Read more »

Iwe Buyelekhaya usakwiye ndi mfundo zangazo ayi talemba zakho chifukwa ufune olo usafune ine ndalemba maganizo anga basi. nanga ukakwiya nane moyo wakho upindula chiani? Ili ndi dziko ndipo lili ndi anthu osiyanasiyana maka muzisankho zawo ndi zomwe amazikonda pamoyo wawo. Ndiye zofuna zako sizingafanane ndi zofuna zaena ayi……..Ife ndi Angoni ndipo timakonda chikhalidwe chathu basi …… and let me tell you we Ngoni’s we respect our Chiefs inu ngati munazolowera kunyoza mafumu anu kwanu konko ok…….yenderani yanu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Proud of figurehead vice presidency? What does Saulos do apart from sports and church matters?


Whether you like it or NOT Ntcheu is for DPP check the 2014 results ……. and Chief Makwangwala is not wrong he is just making clear and sensible facts of what is happening in Ntcheu. A new Bus Depot have been constructed & soon we will have a separate Coachline Depot with modern facilities, plus the New state of the Art Stadium, not forgetting the Tsangano Neno Road which goes via the rich Irish gold land.
Come 2019 we are doing the same it’s Ntcheu for DPP kkkkkkkk!!!!!!! Just see our dressing bwanji pamenepo guyz!!!!


Hmmmm,ok,not all pipo from Ntcheu will vote for DPP afew and a few will,note we have different interests,the chief has received something mayb,He wld hav told the gathering that pipo from Ntcheu will vote fir MO (my paty) if i vote Dpp zako but i will vote for………Chilima president not vice,Next time dont make political comments mainly on UMLHAGANO Celebration we will fault u,just praise our fallen heroes basi osati dzitsilu,mbamba ndukuuzana


That is the Ngoni . He speaks what he is . Nothing wrong with Makwangala. The Ngoni of Ntchewu have suffered a lot under the party of death and darkness. Brilliant sons of ntchewu. I am talking of Muwalo who beacause of jealousy went through a fake trial and sentenced to death. Then we have one of the finest soldiers Lt Njoloma buried at bawi. The list is endless. I commend all who have spoken. We are warriors.

Iwe 699942, Lt. Nkopola was killed or died during UDF reign kuli achina Bakili & Mpinganjira. Please don’t distort facts of history. As for 2019 mmmh sitinganeneretu because DPP is a party heavily known for nepotism, abductions, killings stealing, bribery & deep rooted corruption. Don’t forget cashgate, tractorgate & maizegate all happened during the DPP reign. Achina Chasowa, Njauju, Judge Bakuwa and others including 20 July 2011 of 20 innocent people were all killed during the DPP reign. Overall Malawi has experienced more nepotism, abductions, killing & stealing during the DPP reign with very little development on ground during the… Read more »

That’s madness and ignorance of the chief and it’s best, he doesn’t know his roles

Umbuli! I am also from Ntcheu and a Ngoni for that matter, but I cannot say we should brainwash people to believe that DPP is the best political party. No. We need to help our people make sober judgment. We need to make them chose leaders based on good character, vision etc. We need to leave history aside and think way forward. One party system victimized everybody in the country and we were all MCP. in the multi-party democracy we have freedom of rebuilding our country and forge ahead. By the way, one party system was an ideology which unfortunately… Read more »

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