Chihana in verbal tirade with Aford SG Ritchie: Demands back K17m

An audio clip of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) president Enoch Chihana phone conversation with party secretary general Christopher Ritchie has gone viral on WhatsApp as Chihana is heard asking angrily   from the party to give him back K17 million he contributed within three days for disrespecting him in taking the convention matter to court.

Chihana: I will use ‘bouncers’ to get back my money

Ritchie: Aford secretary general

AFORD is expected to hold the convention this week between Saturday and Sunday.

But Chihana told the party’s secretary general Richie and the tam who sued the party over the dates to hold a convention that he will use his “bouncers” to take back the cash if the committee failed to peacefully refund by this Friday.

Chihana also told Ritchie that he will not retain his seat during the convention for being rude to him and showing support to Karonga Central legislature Frank Mwenefumbo who vowed to challenge him.

“You are disrespectful to me, why did you take the party’s issues to court. I therefore need back K17 million, I contributed for the convention. I have already told your lawyer Titus Mvalo about the development. If you fail to give me back by this Friday, I will use my bouncers to get it for me,” said Chihana.

Adding “you take the party’s matter to court do you think the court can manage to deal with political issues? Let me tell you, political matters are bigger than the court. We shall meet at the convention.”

Ritchie, however, thanked Malawians for appointing him to the position of the party Secretary General based on the previous experience and Chihana responded by challenging that Ritchie will have a tough time at the April 28 convention.

“That is what I am saying. Just confirm that convention is on. Whether I lose, me as Ritchie, I will not even be offended if Malawi doesn’t choose me again,” Ritchie said

Despite Ritchie continued asking Chihana about the venue of the convention the question that annoyed Chihana, the AFORD president failed to respond.

“Whether I will fail to retain my seat but what I want from you is to tell us the exact venue for the convention. Why are you hiding the venue? This has never happened before; people need to know the venue in time. Should I say you have changed the date of the convention? You need to be open in doing party’s issues,” said Ritchie.

Ritchie also claims that amount assessed by his lawyer amounts to K4 million and not as Chihana claims.

But Chihana threatened:“My lawyer is going kwa Mvalo now. If you don’t give me that money…..don’t play with me. Right now, Mvalo walandira kale. I am giving Mvalo 48 hours. If he doesn’t respond, we are going with it to court. Akangodinda I am taking my bouncers to get my money. I want my money before Friday.”

Chihana said:“This is the last time we are talking to each other. We will meet at the convention.”

Ritchie claimed that he leaked the conversation for his safety and that of others.

“He was threatening to use bouncers to get the money from me. I thought it was important for people to know in case anything happens to me and my colleagues,” he said.

It is said that Chihana fears to face Mwenefumbo during the convention after seeing his huge support. Chihana who has been AFORD President for the past years since his father died has not done any type of campaign for the convention a development bring worries to the party followers if the party will hold convention this week.

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winston msowoya
AFORD supporters kickout that corrupt E.Chihana as he is the one who is misdirecting and confusing the Party for his own personal interests.He is not representing the Party members,but what he wants is to lead the Party as his late father did.Enock and his late father,are known to be money-mongers,forgeting the under-dogs.How would one man confuse and dominating the overwhelming majority of Party rigid supporters? AFORD does not belong to Chihana dynasty and Enock must realise that the Party does not belong to him personally even if his late-father was alive.He demands K17m,why and how? The funds belong to the… Read more »




He he de! Is this really the presidential candidate or the Vimbuza candidate?

Eeeh.. kodi paja kunali AFORD hahaha. Why is this Chihana guy the president of this party? He is there under the landlord ownership siege. He really doesn’t deserve to be there, and we wonder why the party is all belly up. He is the most incompetent leader there is in Malawi followed by APM. I just don’t understand how he is still there. He does zero for the party, no vision, no solid plans to revitalise the party, his absence is not felt, he is just there coz of the name. I guess the joke is on those who vote… Read more »
Chipani cha a Bambo ake he is at the end of his wits. He can’t see his future in duel with Mwafulirwa though Mwafulirwa is one of the high profile political prostitutes I don’t see him offering a vision with a solid he just wants to be in a bandwagon of leaders of briefcase parties the aford party died with Chakufwa. Enock is presiding over a broken gourd none of us will ever use it to scoop water from the political clay of Malawi. Fighting for leadership in the aford is a result of having been crowded out of other… Read more »

Chihana is a useless boy! He can never make AFORD win in the north. As long as he is president, AFORD will die a natural death


vuto lamati CHIPANI ichi ndi chakwathu… cha adada… ! NDI IZI…. Lets not waste time with this nonsense …a Malawian Joke !

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