Chilima promises to name and shame corrupt officials: Malawi VP says ‘enough is enough’

Vice-President Saulos Chilima has said he will “name and shame” those who are involved in corruption, ‘tenderprenuers’ and  maintained that  he will push for the amendment of a constitutional provision that shields a sitting President from criminal prosecution, saying removing the immunity will deter the presidency to commit corrupt crimes.

Chilima:the 2019 elections should be a turning poi
A convoy of supporters of Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima arrives for the official launch of UTM
Chilima: I will expose more corrupt activities happening including in the procurement of gensets for Escom
Lucius Banda: There comes a time that one needs to forget about his tribe and all affiliations to fight for true and meaningful change
Msowoya: We are robbing the country of development because of greed..
UTM gathering at Masintha ground

Chilima, who on Saturday launched United Transformation Movement (UTM), the ticket he will use to contest in next year’s presidential race, said the naming and shaming of those who are thieving tax-payers money will be done as he rolls out his program of engaging the electorate. Next stop is Blantyre rally on Saturday.

He said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which he recently dumped, is riddled with corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

Chilima, who remains State vice president until May 21 elections, says if nothing is done to control corruption in Malawi, the country may be left penniless come next year.

“K145 million payout to DPP and the President is just a tip of the iceberg; there is more rot in government. In days to come I will expose more corrupt activities happening including in the procurement of gensets for Escom,” said Chilima, 45, who was handpicked by President Peter Mutharika to run alongside him in 2014 presidential race on DPP ticket.

“It is because of the rot that we are seeing all over that we are launching UTM,” Chilima said.

“We should not allow people to continue treating us like fools. Everyone should have a bright future regardless of where they come from or the political party they support.”

The ruling DPP has been plagued by calls from civil society organisations (CSOs)  for President Mutharika to resign after a leaked report by the Anti-Corruption Bureau accused Mutharika of  benefiting K145 million ( $195,000 ) from Zameer Karim of Pioneer Investment , whose firm is being investigated on a contract to supply food to the police.

“May I call on those who have stolen government money to start paying that back. Next year, we will only give an amnesty of 30 days for all those to pay back our money,” he said.

In his speech, Chilima appealed to Malawians to vote for UTM in next year’s watershed polls to do away with corruption, nepotism and unnecessary killings. He promises merit-based promotions in the civil service.

He warned that he would make sure that bigger thieves looting public coffers will see jail time instead of petty thieves who are languishing in the country’s prisons.

“We have people who are in prison at the moment for minor offences, some of them for stealing chickens. We will release them all and replace them with these real thieves…,” Chilima said.

Chilima claimed that government has bought a spy machine to spy on the citizens.

“We know you also want to use this machine to tamper with next year’s election; try all you can to do that, we will face each other come May 2019,” he challenged.

Chilima said UTM has been established to accomplish two goals; redeem the country from destruction and widespread corruption and rebuild a new Malawi where everyone will have opportunity to thrive without looking at the tribe one comes from.

“We are not afraid. People should not fear. This country is for everyone. Those of you hiding come out and join us. We only fear God and just respect people. We need to act fast to redeem the country because if nothing is done this country will have nothing by next year,” he emphasized.

Chilima said UTM will reform the governance system in the country and seal all loopholes where money is stolen.

“Enough is enough. Malawians have been robbed and abused for too long,” he declared.

Many influential politicians and individuals also graced the launch, signifying that UTM has totally shaken the political landscape in Malawi.

Notable people who have joined movement and attended the launch included Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya, former First Lady Shanil Dzimbiri, popular musician Lucius Banda, former deputy speaker Loveness Gondwe and many Members of Parliament (MP) from Malawi Congress Party (MCP), DPP and other parties.

Msowoya, Shanil and Lucius endorsed Chilima to lead UTM, saying he is the “only hope for Malawi”.

In his speech, Msowoya said many people and MPs have been approaching him to join the movement.

Msowoya said he and Chilima have been in talks for the past four years on how to rescue Malawi from underdevelopment and high levels of corruption and theft of state resources.

He said it is therefore not a surprise that they have decided to work together to transform the nation through UTM.

Msowoya cited the many foundation stones being laid for development projects, saying they are cash cows to siphon money from government.

“We are robbing the country of development because of greed… I will help you (Vice President) to win next year’s elections and there are a lot of MPs that are behind the movement and nobody will tamper with the elections results ;we know how to put that in check,” said Msowoya.

He added: “We must put an end to the tendency of initiating development projects just to siphon money from government. This will not take us anywhere.”

Balaka North member of Parliament Lucius Banda, who has withdrawn from United Democratic Front (UDF) leadership race, also spoke to endorse Chilima.

“There comes a time that one needs to forget about his tribe and all affiliations to fight for true and meaningful change… We fought for multiparty democracy and here we are,” he said.

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3 years ago

The fact that right beside him is Masangwi who is known for getting govt contracts. Who was also arrested for the Chasowa murder speaks volumes of where we are heading. The Chasowa murder case has stalled because the people involved are the Masangwis who were involved but because they are linked to DPP cops are not doing anything. And these people joined the movement because they know APM not popular and for continued protection against such, they have gone on Chilimas side. Bad thing is Malawian journalists are so biased. Have we asked ourselves why interviews are only on Zodiak.… Read more »

3 years ago

Just hit the nail on its head than sideways.Mention all those who are involved in corruption.Besides all these,you need also to apologise to the whole nation the role you played in 2014 election.

3 years ago

The fact the SKC is so bold to come out of DPP and begin exposing the corruption and rot means he never participated in he rot himself..otherwise DPP would have used the toothless ACB and tax collector MRA. SKC has his sins yes and so do we but I like what I hear and for me he seems more “clueful” than MCP. You need an insider to dent DPP and SKC knows them My take is that either way, SKC will be a king maker in terms of how much votes he will take away from MCP and DPP. At… Read more »

Mbava Team B
Mbava Team B
3 years ago

I cannot be taken up by these cashgaters team B.
Masangwi and Kaliati Cashgate
Chilima Rigging of 2014 elections
Calister Cashgaters.

Chilima ndi mbali ya TOO.

concerned Malawian
concerned Malawian
3 years ago

This looks like a nice step Mr. Chilima but my only worry is that you are teaming up with the same familiar faces and this has left me wondering if your goals are going to be achieved should you be voted into power , another thing MR . PRESIDENT TO BE ,mukadzalowa m’boma zawaganizileni anzathu agwira ntchito mma company a amwenye

3 years ago

He is a useless guy with full of lies. Zoona electric train within one year , creating one million jobs within one year atibodza .

3 years ago


3 years ago

1) Sale of the Government MSB Bank at a give away price? Koma Peter ndi DPP, they thought the 17 million of us all are sleepy????
2) MK3 billlion compensation to Muli?
3) Yama Genset nde umboni wonse wa corruption tilinawo.Mameeting aja ankachitika.Kuchosedwa kwa former CEO Mwapasa??

Mas ter
Mas ter
3 years ago

Remember Slr
1994 Muluzi to win used similar campaign castigating Dr Banda to be corrupt stealing tax payers mpney he promised employment opportunity infrastructure development end of 1/4 system
So go back to know how many he employed, how many increament he provided to employs
Not only him Joice Banda and some money hungry castigated Bingu adminiistration now go back how she performed
If you can win your government will be the most corrupt and failure
You Wil not run alone but with people who now surround you. Know they are after money

Buk lulu
Buk lulu
3 years ago

Dig deeo into the asian so knwn Malawians……huge huge scandals there too….v simple ask them the properties they own where did th money come from ?agalu a mwenye crooks

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