Chilima upbeat on Bingu Stadium opening; Malawi VP appeals to public to put facility in good use

Vice President Saulos Chilima has hinted that government might go ahead opening the state-of-the-art Bingu National Stadium despite Ministry of Sports and Culture failing to secure a K500 million funding for completion of some facilities at the stadium.

Vice President Dr.Chilima accompanied by the Ministers of Sports and Transport inspects t(c) Stanley

Vice President Dr.Chilima accompanied by the Ministers of Sports inspectsm Bingu National Stadium

Vice President of Malawi Dr.Saulos Chilima is being briefed at the  Stadium (C) Stanley Makuti - Mana

 Chilima is being briefed at the Stadium (C) Stanley Makuti – Mana

Chilima speaking to reporters after touring the Bingu National Stadium - Photo by Nyasa Times

Chilima speaking to reporters after touring the Bingu National Stadium – Photo by Nyasa Times

Construction of the 40,500-seater stadium completed on November 30, 2015 but President Peter Mutharika is yet to perform the official opening of the facility due to failure by the Ministry of Sports to raise about K500 million for completion of some facilities, which were not covered in the construction agreement between Malawi government and Chinese construction firm Anhui Foreign Construction Company Limited.

Amongst the facilities the Ministry is expected to put in place include a sewer system, electricity, an MTL fibre cable and furniture. The stadium does also not have an evacuation system.

Presently, the stadium is using electricity power used for the construction, which is not enough for other functions requiring power including floodlights.

But speaking when he toured the stadium on Wednesday, Chilima felt the outstanding elements were very little to hamper the stadium opening.

“From what I have seen, the sewer system remains the crucial issue since there are over 800 toilets at the stadium. Once the sewer system has been installed, I think H.E can open the stadium. We should not be worried about playing football at night. In the state it is, the stadium can host a football match or any other activity during the day as long as the critical issue has been addressed.

“We can look at the other elements after opening the stadium,” said Chilima, who took over an hour inspecting the facilities and being briefed by Sports Ministry officials.

On safety of spectators, the Vice President admitted safety was of paramount importance and assured government would ensure there is maximum safety at the stadium. He gave an example of the 76,000-seater Old Trafford Stadium- home to English giants Manchester United, where he said all spectators can be evacuated within eight minutes in case of an emergency.

Sports Minister Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia, who invited the Vice President to visit the stadium expressed optimism that the stadium would open soon.

“My wish is to see the stadium opened before July 6 but that all depends on the availability of funds at Treasury. The stadium could have been opened by now but there are other critical issues that government is addressing at the moment like the food shortage, shortage of drugs in our hospitals, the natural disasters and other economic problems that the country is experiencing.

“But I am hopeful that Treasury will find a way before the 2016-2017 budget is approved,” by Parliament,” she said.

Chiumia said there were few things which are needed to be finalised such as solar lights, Malawi Telecommunication Limited (MTL) cables and Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (Escom) main cable need to be connected.

She said this will cost government about MK500 million, after the completion the stadium will be opened.

Chiumia said: “The construction of the sewer line will depend on the availability of the funds, if available it can be started as soon as they can be installed.

“As we all know that priority is sewer line, yes we have generators which can be used as electricity for a one day function. But there are issues which we need to sit down as a cabinet and discuss”.

She said government prioritises sports and the evidence of its commitment is the construction of the Bingu National Stadium and the support that it gives to the teams of the country.

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zowa luhanga

ndaona says:uku ndikuchedwesa nkhani.bwanji osaimika kaye za stadiamzo,muthandize anthu ndi mankhwala,lg,ndi zinazo?


But the whole Government failing to finance Mk500 Million budget. Very sad.



Point of correction, its not that the stadium don’t have toilets and urinals as some are posting here, the stadium has over 800 toilets, but its the sewer line. Toilets and sewer line are two different things but they work together. Sewer line its a pipe work that take stuff u deposit in the toilets

Cry my beloved country. The argument as put here is the same as child is asking Father to give him/her additional money and the mother says to the child that additional money is not important. What should the child (Ministry of Sports) do? Poor thinking from President and his vice. As somebody has already indicated, were there be money for maintenance of the stadium. Fellow Malawians, this only confirms that the president and his cabinet have no welfare of Malawians at heart, no wander there are no drugs in hospitals, failure to pay allowances (Leave grant and additional payments due… Read more »

Ma president aku Malawi kumvesa chisoni kuganiza kwao sukulu sinkalasidi ndaonera mbuzi zama presiden

Che Wanimiliyoni
Any donor funded govt project which has a local component funding are rarely completed on time and this stadium will not be an exception. I for one doubt very much if those mentioned are the only oustanding items and doubt also if they will cost only K500 million. You talking of a big electricity transformer, a big standby generator, water storage tanks, sewer lines, optic fibre cable, ordinary and vip furniture, police unit, bus shelters, traffic robots, slipway lanes, etc. Costruction of sewer lines to accomodate 800 toilets is not an easy task and at the end of the day… Read more »

Kodi abale inu, if you cannot source the K500 million for critical services to support the stadium, where will the money to maintain this stadium come from? Was there any analysis done on how the stadium will repay the loan and for how long? Can we really prioritise a stadium when we need basic infrastructure which can support the economy, health and well-being of Malawians? Which world do these DPP guys live in? No wonder our country will forever be backward. Indeed backward thinking is a disease which only affects Malawians. What a bunch of shallow-minded people!!

Rolland Chikosera

No comment….

Ellias Makandanje

Half loaf is better than none,i second the veep.Flood lights are important but the most needed as of now is the sewer system,the rest can be done a little later on when enough funds are available.


Koma dziko ili nde kayaa,, akakhala atsogoleri nde mbuzinso zenizeni. Bwana chilima munali ndi nzeru ku Airtel komwe kuja koma pano aaaa mxii!!

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