‘Chilima yemweyo, kuti wa-wa-wa’: DPP chants, Hurricane Callista dominate Malawi press

Former First Lady Callista Mutharika’s comments supporting Vice-President Saulos Chilima as the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) torch-bearer in the 2019 elections continued to dominate the Malawi media this week, with Saturday papers focusing on a youth-driven ‘revolution’ for battle for succession at the top job.

Chilima flanked by Army General Supuni Phiri and Malawi police IG Rodney Jose

The Weekend Nation,  under the headline ‘DPP youths in pro-Chilima chants’, reported on hundreds of supporters clad in DPP regalia who went through the usual routine of seeing President Peter Mutharika off at Kamuzu International Airport on Friday in Lilongwe  broke into pro-Chilima chants.

The paper quoted the chants of the DPP youth which it reported clearly  shocked and embarrassed top ruling DPP officials who could be seen disappearing to their cars.

Wokana Chilima amangidwe [Those rejecting Chilima should be arrested],” some of the youths chanted, while others sang, “Chilima yemweyo, kuti wa-wa-wa! [Chilima is our celebrated choice].”

More chants said: “Chilima ndi boma [Chilima is government] and “bola Chilima [Chilima is better!].”

Two camps have emerged in the DPP  with one rooting for the incumbent , while another embrace the ‘bombshell’ statement made by Mutharika’s in-law, former first lady Callista Mutharika,  saying that the 79-year-old President is old and must retire because he is no longer popular enough to make the party win next year’s elections. Instead, she declared that the youthful Chilima, aged 45, should be the DPP presidential candidate next year, if the party hopes to retain the presidency.

“Hurricane Callista”was the headline in the flagship Malawi News, reporting that the DPP has been hit with a crisis going by the name Hurricane Callista.

The paper also reported about a group of DPP youths who mobbed the Veep car, and started singing in support of him.

Accoring to the paper, at one point they sang: “Chilima ndi pwepwete… Chilima ndi pwepwete, pwetepwete, enawa ndi ojiya mtauni!”

Some sections of the DPP are trying to ostracise Chilima.

But both papers  reported that at the airport, President Mutharika and VP Chilima  shook hands and chatted briefly, they seemed to enjoy their normal working relationship.

Mutharika  has gone for a two-week visit to the United Kingdom that starts with his attending a three-day Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) on Monday. He will later go on a four-day State visit to Scotland.

After the President’s chartered jet registration PA BFY took off, Chilima dismissed the guard of honour in the company of Army Commanger Griffin Supuni and acting Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose.

Chilima in-charge

Malawi Law Society (MLS) president Mwiza Nkhata said the Constitution is very clear on who is in charge in the absence of the President, telling Malawi News that Chilima is acting Head of State.

“The default position is normally the Vice President. The Constitution says in the absence of the President, the Vice President discharges the duties of the President. One of the duties is presiding over cabinet meetings,” Nkhata said as quoted by the weekly.

Nkhata also highlighted Section 79 of the Constitution which gives an indication that the Vice President is the one who takes charge in the absence of the President.

“There shall be a First Vice- President and, subject to section 80 (5), a Second Vice-President both of whom shall assist the President and who shall exercise the powers and perform the functions conferred on the First Vice-President or the Second Vice-President, as the case may be, by this Constitution or by any Act of Parliament and by the President,” reads the section.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi declined to comment on the matter.



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14 Comments on "‘Chilima yemweyo, kuti wa-wa-wa’: DPP chants, Hurricane Callista dominate Malawi press"

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Zonvetsa chisoni at this age wina nkumakakamira nkhalamba, kunvetsa chisoni kwambiri omwe akulimbikirawo ndi achinyamata omwe there being used, kumazipenta just for a mere 500 kwacha. Its not a supprise that most of those doing that are ignorant of the current economic situation. To them when they go and dance it ends there. They dont think beyond rallies. but shame is the one who has a highest educational qualification to claim that only those who have betrayed Malawian for so long are the only capable. They are being fooled by the one simple thing of technical colleges which after graduation… Read more »
kaka ni dada

Anthu azindikila, travelling from Dwambazi to Lilongwe yesterday, in every minibus I kept on board, people talked about Chakwera “will be the next President, Pitala has failed miserably ” asked if DPP features Chilima as presidencial candidate what will happen, people said no to Chilima, we are tired with crooks in DPP. Chilima is part of the crooked people, that’s why he is failing to come on the open to say he aspires to be the next President. Njoka yopusa imalumila ku mchira, people voiced.

His Excellency Nkhalamba AP
How old was Kamuzu Banda in 1964? How many things did he do for Malawi? It’s not that Pitala is old. Pitala is a failure. Pitala is useless. Kamuzu was succeeded by young Muluzi but the latter failed miserably and all he did was stealing. Muluzi was succeeded a very old Bingu whose first term was a success. A younger Joyce Banda came in but was busy kugawa ng’ombe and cashgating. It’s the personality that matters. A leader must be ambitious. A leader must be strong. Malawi still needs to be ruled with a strong hand. Our. Forests are going… Read more »
Vincent Mkandawire

This shows maturity..the president has followed the Constitution.
Chilima for presidency…


Callisita It’s just a personal hatred with Peter. We knew long time ago that she wanted Peter to Mary get but Peter refused.No kulowa chokolo takana.
Nchilima be patient. If you accept that’s the end of you in politics and end of Dpp. It’s obvious they want you to compete with Chakwera of the same region and they know over my dead body you won’t win in the south.


Mine is what the very old Goodall Gondwe said that Government is not for babies. To him Government is not for old if not ancient people like him. He is too greedy and too pompous. For sure we can’t be ruled by such old people. Hon. Goodall Gondwe should remember Barak Obama became president of USA at a ssimilar age of Dr.Chilima.

I believe we give Dr.Chilima chance and I hope Malawi will be better.

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

MBC you really had a field day when some members of MCP were coming to your to talk about their troubles and sorrow in MCP, ena mpka kuwotcha nsalu ya Kamuzu. Are you going to give those who are supporting Chilima a mic so that we can also hear them? You thought you could set the agenda of this country. People set their own agenda. This is the beginning of cardiac arrest. they Bible say do not rejoice when your enemy stumble. MCP troubles gave you something to say.

Pimbisa Ambwiye

Whether it is APM or SKC, these debates are healthy for DPP for people have slowly started forgetting the fake accent pastor and his MCP as talk everywhere is DPP. Viva DPP


The real voters ali phe ku mudzi. Enanu a packet of chibuku is enough to buy you. Munthu wa ku milonde ndi voti yake sangaimve imeneyo. Ena akukunamizaniwo analephera u MP ku Zomba kwa Jali.
Nkhani ya msudzulo ndi ndale zikugwirizana pati? Ngati akufuna Ku kwatiwa angotero kusiyana ndi kuononga maina a ena. Kodi achinyamata komwe angaime ndi ku DPP kokha? Akayese kwina, a DPP apeza running mate wina; osalilira foundation ya APM ayi, kapangeni yanu. Ife wathu ndi APM, no debate about it.


Hatton ukunena zoona. Calista ndi munthu womumvera? Chilima sanakhwime mu politics


Ineyo, I will only vote if Peter is a presidential candidate for DPP. Apo bi a pumbwa enawa ndilibe nawo ntchito.

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