China calls on Malawians to develop industrious spirit

The Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Zhang Qingyang has urged Malawians to develop entrepreneurial spirit and venture into small scale businesses to help strengthen the country’s ailing economy.

Chaponda and Chinese Ambasssador having a feel of the water

Chaponda and Chinese Ambasssador having a feel of the water

Chaponda and Chinese Ambassador to Malawi

Chaponda and Chinese Ambassador to Malawi

Chinese envoy made the call when he officially handed-over two bore holes to Lufaneti and Khwiliro villages in Mulanje South West Constituency, whose Parliamentarian is Dr. George Chaponda, also Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The two facilities will be benefit over 350,000 people in area, according to Traditional Authority (T/A) Mthiramanja.

Ambassador Qingyang urged the communities to be industrious, observing no country can achieve sustainable economic growth without diversifying trade with small businesses.

“You may wish to know that China is doing well because of the hard-working spirit of its people. People in China are very industrious and they don’t just wait for government’s interventions to uplift their welfare.

“Small scale businesses play a pivotal role to emerging economies and Malawi require more small scale businesses to advance its economy,” said Ambassador Qingyang.

He therefore said his government is committed to supporting such initiative, apart providing the nation with funds for various development projects.

In his remarks, Chaponda described the Chinese Ambassador Qingyang as Malawi’s true friend.

He also hailed the People’s Republic of China’s support in transforming the country’s socioeconomic landscape.

The Foreign Affairs Minister further said since the establishment of the relationship in 2007, China has become Malawi’s true friend and has assisted in financing, infrastructure development; capacity building and disaster relief and risk management, among others.

“I am also very certain that China will assist us in terms of food security. At the moment, dry spells have damaged our crops and this will certainly to lead to food challenges.

“We require Chinese government’s support in our interventions and efforts to support the rural masses,” said Chaponda.

He added, “His Excellency Qingyand is not just an Ambassador, but also a good friend. He could have easily delegated and asked officials from his office to come, but he has traveled to be part of this ceremony and appreciate challenge being faced here.

“They have transformed the landscape of Malawi and they will certainly continue doing good work for the betterment of Malawians.”

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HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Two boreholes benefiting 350,000 people? What is this reporter? Could you please re-check your facts.


Can the Govt and the Private sector seriously start rewarding Grants etc to innovative people, students in secondary and college institutions so that this culture is promoted INDEED NOT in words only.God surely loves Malawi and Malawians .And there is something unique with Malawi that the whole world can not provide .Lets pray for wisdom to discover that thing.It may be GOLD right under our feet and all this time we did not know it.


The other day it was another Lohmwe minister showcasing boreholes donated by a Chinese company. So APM deliberately sends these 2 favorite Ministers of his to international conferences do that they can negotiate separate deals for their constituencies?

Ha ha ha where is the Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda dreams of piped water for all. Did I ever hear Ngwazi or his minister opening a borehole. Borehole politics came with Bakili Muluzi and unfortunately it has continued tothe extent that despite having abundance of water bodies, and good topography Malawians have no food and food polititcs have creeped in. Kamuzu never wished to see this type of development. But we have mediocre leaders in the form of this dishonourable minister. What can we learn from the Chinese? the industrious spirit of poaching, fraud, fake products and smuggling of foreign currency… Read more »

Malawi cannot be industrialised, as investors will not come and invest in a country where the currency is the most unstable in the world. IMF have made poilices that We malawians remains slaves of the western world for ever, they will not give us aid, they will make us adopt there culture and starve us, It is about time we show IMF the exit door and adopt Chinese Yuan as our currency and we shall be ok> But with our clueless Goodal and Chuka they will allow kwacha to depreciate and bring more misery to poor malawians


Are you serios? Two boreholes will benefit 35000 people! Mhh. But then Malawi needs to develop really. We need to start getting rid of handpumps and move to solar powered boreholes. Install submersible pumps using solar energy. Collect water from the borehole and install in a raises tank and connect to at least three or more tapstands. That’s it …..


Mijigo iwiri ikapindulire anthu 350 000, ndiye akamazudzulani kuti mbali yakumeneko m’mabelekana ngati nyerere muzikwiyanso.


HAHAHAHAH the whole diplomat and senior minister opening a borehole? seriously?

Dr Fletcher Phiri

Yes Malawi will be hit from left and right. Now it’s Chinese wanting Malawians to change their culture and adopt Chinese. Last month it was Americans and Europeans pressurising Malawians to adopt their Gay culture. Not sure whether Malawi will be Malawi we know in ten years time. All its identity will be lost. Unfortunately beggars are not choosers

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