Jappie tells Malawi hospitals to grow own maize to feed patients

Information minister Jappie Mhango has told district health officers to change their mindset and be innovative by growing maize to feed patients.

Jappie Mhango

Jappie Mhango: Be innovative

Mhango said this in Chitipa when he donated 100 bags of maize and 10 bags of beans at the district hospital donated by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Mhango said it is high time hospitals acquired land where they can cultivate land to grow maize and other crops that can feed patients.

“Always be innovative, you cannot go on suffering, failing to feed patients waiting for assistance from donors and government,” said Mhango who is also government spokesman.

Officials at the hospital said patients get a meal a day instead of the normal three meals due to lack of funds.

District Hospital Officer Moffat Kambalame thanked the DPP for the donation, saying it would alleviate problems faced by the hospital due to lack of money.

Kambalame said the financial situation has worsened due to the pulling out of a Norwegian NGO, Norad, which he said assisted the hospital with food and fuel for ambulances.

Ministry of Health officials are yet to comment on Mhango’s suggestion that has surprised many.

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KKKKKKKKKKKKKK , a hospital is not like a prison Mr Mhango. Was your speech pre-planned or you were under the influence ? so tell us who will farm and manage those farms if every hospital in the country has a farm to to grow crops to feed its patients? Mr Mhango, you have really shown the whole country that your level of thinking , understanding and education is very limited. What you can do Mr Mhango is to ask MCP how they managed to run the hospitals across the country when there in government then do some research on other… Read more »
Nkhabe tayi

This is perhaps the most chanzeru thing anduna has said in the longest time.anthu oyang’ana kutsogolofe will understand. Enanu mudzazindikira bwino patsogolo.Hon minister paja we are used to spoon feeding nde come up with an an action plan for us…eyetu…nanga si siinu mzungu.mukadakhala otero tikadaombera mmanja mwina


Wolemekezeka a nduna a Mathanyula amenewo.


Malawi Without direction. Kkkkkkkk it seem all in executive arm of government are addicted by Indian hemp

Frankly speaking

a Japi mwafuntha ! mumutu muli mahala kweni ! shame please think before you utter a word or better still stay quiet.

If this was meant to be a joke then its one in bad taste. ‘Always be innovative………waiting for assistance from government’ one would think its not government’s responsibility, through the tax payers’ hard-earned money, to provide services such as medical to the citizenry. DHOs are pretty sure are supposed to supervise the provision of medical services and not innovating on how to feed patients because some higher office is failing to perform its duties. As Sothini rightly puts it, farming is the agricultural ministry domain. Leave it at that and let the health ministry do its health thing. Jodi a… Read more »

It’s time 4 Jappie to be self employed and not rely on government 4 wages at the end of month ! Be innovative man !!!

John Mwalungila

Think twice Mr minister. Shame.

ray~mo tcheza

[email protected] astupid min* ihav nvr seen b4!!!!

ray~mo tcheza

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