Chisi warns Mutharika on protecting ‘sacred cows’ in Malawi corruption scandals

Umodzi Party (UP) President John Chisi has warned President Peter Mutharika to tread carefully in handling corruption cases presently haunting the country pointing out that protecting his aides and cabinet ministers might backfire dangerously for him.

Chisi: Warns Mutharika for shielding corrup gangsters in Malawi government

Chisi said it was unfortunate that Mutharika was “not on top” of his job.

He mentioned such cases as the K577 billion corruption scam – that has now been slashed to K236 billion –and the recent misprocurement of maize from Zambia involving Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe and Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda as some of which Mutharika must handle with an iron fist.

“As President he should not shield anyone but must make sure he works for the well good of the entire nation,” said Chisi.

The politician-cum-medical professor at the College of Medicine who performed miserably in the May 2014 tripartite elections, getting less than two per cent of the total vote, Chisi warned that should Mutharika not act on the matter he “risks losing the trust of Malawians.”

Mutharika has been under pressure from activists and the civil society to fire Chaponda and Mulumbe so that they pave way for investigations.

But Chaponda has militantly refused to step down, accusing private media of sheer smear.

Last week Mutharika appointed a Commission of Inquiry that will be headed by retired Chief Justice Anastanzia Msosa “to get to the bottom” of the matter. The commissioners include Solicitor General Janet Banda, auditor Isaac Kayira and Mike Chinoko.

The Commission has 21 days, up to January 31, to come up with findings on the issue.

But several quarters including social commentators have described the establishment of the Inquiry as a mere “political gimmick.”

On Sunday, Times Group editor-in-chief George Kasakula observed that Commissions of Inquiry have never worked in the country.

“That is why Malawians are skeptical about the one the President has just instituted,” said Kasakula.

Kasakula, a columnist in weekly Malawi News, was also of the view that Chaponda and Mulumbe step down.

Admarc reportedly bought maize at K26 billion from the Zambian company and it is believed that Malawi could have saved about K9.5 billion if it had bought the grain directly from the Zambian government.

The use of a middleman, Kaloswe, is raising suspicion when Malawi government is on record to have said Chaponda was in discussion with the Zambian government over the maize deal, and at some point, engaged in discussions directly with Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

Both Chaponda and Mulumbe have denied any wrong doing in the alleged scam.


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Major Chimesha

We Call It Theft By Profetional,Mutharika’s Government


Bravo Santana.I totally agree with you. Where on earth can one get good advice from his openly. I have never heard a normal person taking advice from someone planning to pull him down.
With this Santana I declare CHAPTER CLOSED. No more listening to what Chakwera is saying. Be will never give good advice may be John Tembo can do.
I advise Chakwera to continue making noise until 2039
Thank you bwanas and Donas
Chapter closed

If Mutharika accepted the opposition stupid demand that he should resign just because he fell sick in America he would not be the president now. There was noise about the 61bn, another one about 92bn. Despite being in govt for 2 years Joyce Banda failed to establish the evidence of these billions against Bingu. So if Mutharika will accept any demand from opposition or the so called CSOs he will lose miserably in 2019. What they are doing is just to ask him do what later will backfire politically. The opposition is still fighting for his seat, so how can… Read more »

Chisi are you really serious of what you are doing .Malawians are very dull people They just want to appear in news head lines with no facts
Chisi I respect you but look at your dressing Don’t you have a suit. Be careful with these medias you guys. You allow them to interview you and take your photos when you are dressed like vagabonds
Chisi you are just like an empty dusty bin


I thought the President is doing something about it. Isn’t commission of Inquiry something? Didn’t you hear him loud and clear when he said he wants facts first before he could fire anyone? After all he can’t fire Mulumbe directly as he does not report to Mutharika; he reports to the Board of ADMARC. If the Board had to fire Mulumbe, they had to do so through a Disciplinary Inquiry process. It’s a complicated matter.So Mutharika’s approach is centered on fairness as he believes thus the best way.


What about Chaponda?


Your comments shows that you never went to school or you didn’t finish school. If what I heard is true, then when allegations are levelled against the two, the lyrics must be suspended and investigated. About the Board and the president,- the president can fire anyone within civil service without involving any board.

the pillar

how can you do a thorough investigation with the offender still in the office ? osamangowombera m’manja zopusa a Chambe.


@the pillar and @mweru
Read Malawi Employment Act 6 of 2000 Part. VIII section 56(2) revised in 2010 with this part unchanged. You will see that Suspension applies only on Disciplinary Inquiry on an employee by his/her employer. The commission of inquiry has no legal mandate on Mulumbe to be suspended. You just need to apply the act and your logic and this does not require for one to school to understand.


Maizegate seems to be an inter Government corruption of highest level ever heard in my life.It is very difficult to come up with evidence as Governments are colloboratevely destroying the available evidence before investigators are in for it. .

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