CHRR warns Mutharika against cash stripping Aids commission

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation  (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo has warned President Peter Mutharika’s government against interfering with the National Aids Commission (NAC) business and instead concentrate on addressing the current economic mess.

Mtambo:   Don't abuse NAC

Mtambo: Don’t abuse NAC

The remarks comes against newspaper revelations that the First Lady Getrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe in September this year asked for money amounting to about K15 million from National Aids Commission (NAC) to fund activities that have nothing to do with the fight against the HIV/AIDs pandemic.

CHRR executive director Timothy Mtambo condemned the practice, and warned against any external interference in NAC’s efforts to fight HIV and AIDS in the country.

“The move itself confirms our long-held fears that Malawi is failing to progress on many fronts because of ill-advised and misdirected priorities by our leadership,” Mtabo told Weekend Nation which revealed the cash stripping of NAC by the organisations that are connected to the President.

“At a time when Malawi is going through economic turmoil due to, among others, pulling out of donors and other development partners, it is a mockery on our nationhood for government institution that operates on taxpayers resources to consider donating resources to organizations that do not deserve such finding,” said Mtambo.

Mtambo added: “In fact, this is an act of abuse of resources by a public office, but unfortunately, this circus is not peculiar to NAC alone as various statutory bodies have been used as income-generating institutions to finance activities that are only in the interest of the President or a political party in power.”

In an earlier separate interview with Nyasa Times, CHRR boss wondered why the current regime was so preoccupied in interfering with NAC resources to the extent that it seemed to ignore the current economic crisis in the country.

“It is an insult to all Malawians of goodwill, who continue to seek answers and solutions from the current regime on how to come out of the current economic crisis, to hear of such interference. President Mutharika must rise up and address the nation on what steps his government is doing to calm the current storm rather than crippling the already under-funded NAC. His continued silence is making a lot of noise,” argued Mtambo.

NAC is mandated to manage the HIV and Aids national response in the country, but documents seen by Weekend Nation reveal that the First Lady personally wrote the executive director of NAC asking for financial support to launch her initiative on September 13.

The letter was followed by a K5 million invoice to NAC dated September 9 “as being charges for advertising at Beam launch”.

Apart from Beam, documents also reveal that tribal grouping Mulhako wa Alhomwe, whose patron is President Peter Mutharika, also asked for K9.4 million from NAC to cover expenses for its 2014 annual gathering.

The state spy agency through its head Nicholous Dausi has also asked for money from NAC.

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These two fools who call themselves president and first lady will stop at nothing in plundering resources. The K92b they stole few years back is not enough and they want to shamelessly incapacitate the operations of NAC by way of milking its financial resources. Anthu inu tazichitani manyazi ndikuba. I put my blame on these people who helped DPP to rise to power fraundrently. This is the nyasi you voted for.


Was Bisika’s suspension meant to shove him out of the way ? This is level 2 cash gate. NAC might lose funding from Global Fund if this cash drain continues. Thank you our 4th estate for the whistle blowing .


This gvt is iligitimate or unoficial whatever are happening are unoficial. what i ll coment is unoficial but what you ll read is also unofical. DPP, is a failure. There is nothing they can do apart from doing what they are doing. We ll cry, but when we ll rinse our tears they ll feel us. Malawians are not fools. we are now wiser than before the demise of his brother. ” shoot to kill ” s back. I think what we shud do npw is tp much for impeachement. Gross violation of our basic rights.


some of the leaders are indeed incompetent as some people said in the past. big fish in NAC were you afraid of PETULO and HENDRINA? you deserve to be fired. stupid both DPP Leadership and NAC in charge of finance.





Is it true that Dr Dalitso Kabambe is at NAC?


Koma ziphuphuzo kumasoko ndichiyani kodi a Mtambo, kachibungutu kadakuzwitani eti, paja anthu akakhala pa ma units, mitu yawo imazungulira ndipo amasokosa kwambiri, mutha posachedwapa popeza makhwala ochiza sanapezeke

This is serious joke. I cannot believe the president could accept this. Why, how? Malawians stop crying, when you throw in garbage you get garbage. Smart woman most probably not loving Malawi, but money. Well done woman, let sleeping dogs lie. Almighty God, father and founder of the Nation Malawi, please have mercy for the poor of the poorest malawians. Can you not find one person upright enough that would find favor in your heart to save the Nation. How would any donor consider of giving funds to a Country whose leadership is so hateful of its own people? Is… Read more »

A Kanyama Chima .The work of health brains ,inu mukudabwa c
za mwalubungu,mwakasungula mtambo,bwanji try to apply for a job know you are not qualified and not capable.kuzolowela kutola zotha kale.mungagwire ntchito inu yofunika kuganiza,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………


The DPP at it again.

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