Circus at State House: Ben Phiri resigns, President rebuts

After Ben Phiri, President Peter Mutharika’s longest serving aide and right-hand man, announced through the media his resignation Tuesday,  President Peter Mutharika has issued a rebuttal firmly insisting his ‘Special Aide’ remains at State House.ben letter

Ben Phiri: State House 'special' aide to President: Mind boggling wealth

Ben Phiri: State House ‘special’ aide to President: Mind boggling wealth

Mutharika speaking through a presidential press secretary Gerald Viola said Phiri remains a special aide .

Phiri told local media including Zodiak radio that he had resigned to “pave way for investigations” following accusations that he was accumulating unexplained wealth through wrongful ventures.

A letter of resignation puportedly written by Phiri (also published in this article) shows  resignation will be  with effect from June 1, ‘2105.’

He said his decision to resign was made to safeguard the President from undue attacks from his (Phiri) detractors.

The presidential aide said his move was also aimed at creating an opportunity for investigations into allegations that he abused his proximity to the presidency to amass wealth.

“The fact that I have left the office of the President gives a chance for anybody to commence investigations into these allegations without hindrance,” he said.

“I wish to call upon all those that have been making allegations against me to now seize this as an opportunity to prove themselves,”he said.

“It is not fair, for instance, for someone to call the state president a puppet just because of me,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, State House said Phiri resignation is not official.

Viola told state broadcaster MBC that Phiri has not tendered his resignation.

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man kapumeni bwino


A Ntata ndi a mzanu a nsanje munyera magazi a mafinya nsanje basi ndi a malawi anzanu iwo zisamawayendere koma inu. What are you doing in UK wosokoneza iwe. Mchira wako. Busy fighting a smart guy. Are you a credible barrister or is just lip service: Does the post of the prime minister exist in Malawi? A Ntatatu zikuoneka kuti school sinakupindulireni, Just go back to lab uzikayeza manyi.


Abale English in an official document like this one kungokhala ngati yalembedwa ndi primary school drop out! Can Ben Phiri confirm this letter is the one he indeed wrote? In this country our official language is English, tiziti this is the kind of English that Ben Phiri uses when dealing with high ranking dignitaries at state house? Shame! I think his resignation is a blessing in disguise. We cannot afford to continue having him as Special Advisor and Assistant to the entire president with this English as if this was a French speaking country!!!!!

Mr Phade

Koma zilikoliko

Farooq umar

Is this english for a personal assistant to a state president of the republic of Malawi or standard 3 student? Malawi ntchito kulembana pa chibale vuto lalikulu kwambiri.



Keen Observer
I don’t hate any human being & I don’t have anything against this guy BUT it’s for the better if this guy can resign cos all the cries about him cannot just be ignored. 99% of the time when there is smoke only 1% of the time that you can find smoke without fire so I think it’s better even Mutharika himself must let the guy loose now. My greatest worry is that the guy knows too much about the incumbent president so he will be scared that he can spill the beans. You know in African politics there is… Read more »

sorry the English used in his letter showsI how poorly educated he is. it’s no wonder the country is in a mess. how does a full professor hire this person as his special aide or is there more to what needs the eye. “special” aide to me sounds like he gives Peter more than verbal advice. The world poorest country….yes I can now see why


Shaa 2105 1st June?

Mwana wa kwa Inkosi Bvumbwe
Mwana wa kwa Inkosi Bvumbwe

“Effect 21st June 2105”. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Pa Malawi!

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