Confusion in CSOs over money for demo: Malawi police mounts more roadblocks in Lilongwe

Civil society organisations (CSOs) planning the April 27 2018 demonstrations were rocked in heated arguments on how to share the money for the protests on  the K4 billion payout to members of Parliament (MPs) and other socio-economic and governance issues.

CSO members organising demo

Nyasa Times understands that some of the members who attended a preparatory meeting in Area 10, Lilongwe, on Wednesday nightexpressed unhappiness as they feel cheated after it emerged that money was shared unequally among activists.

According to one insider, the meeting took place in an exclusive Area 10 of Lilongwe from 10pm  on Zomba Street.
It took over an hour of accusations and counter-accusations over what Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF) chairperson Timothy Mtambo described as “unfair” distribution of money.
It turned out that Mtambo was the unhappiest person in the meeting as he accused Charles Kajoloweka of pocketing more money.
“It’s not fair that some people must pocket more money. We are all in this for the same thing.” Mtambo, who was  closely backed by Gift Trapence, accused Kajoloweka of pocketing more money whereas he is bringing a small constituency to the demonstrations.
At one point in the meeting, Mtambo lost his temper and told Kajoloweka  that “iwetu ndiwe mwana (You are only kid)”.
Surprisingly, it took Cassim Chilumpha, one of the former Vice Presidents to walk into the meeting and pacify the situation. Chilumpha advised that “we focus on executing the demonstrations and we can sort out the money issues later.”
It was however clear on the face of Mtambo that he was not satisfied or happy although Chilumpha brought some sanity into the room and meeting went to the agenda.
The focus of the meeting was to create ad hoc demonstrations in some city locations parallel to the street demonstrations in order to confuse security authorities. The plan goes as far as burning tyres,  burning property and creating chaos in order to make the country ungovernable before 2019 elections.
Politicians from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have been trying to recruit demonstrators in the townships of Lilongwe and Blantyre.
Meanwhile,  Police have  erected more roadblocks in the capital Lilongwe which many road users have described as abnormal.

But a senior police officer who did not want to be mentioned told Nyasa Times that the roadblocks are normal.

“The roadblocks can be placed at any place at any time for security checks,” he said.

And, a snapshot check we did reveals that most of the additional roadblocks are “annoying.”

Speculations are rife that the additional roadblocks are a “fever” ahead of Friday’s  protests.


According to a statement by police signed by national spokesperson, James Kadadzera, it acknowledges that the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi affords every citizen the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.

“MPS therefore calls upon all Malawians intending to exercise this right by participating in the April 27 demonstrations organized by Civil Society Organisations to do so peacefully and responsibly,” reads the statement in part.

The statement adds that every citizen participating in the demonstrations is required, by law, to desist from destruction of property, causing injury to people, unnecessary obstruction of traffic, acts of hooliganism and use of words that propagate hatred against a group of people.

Kadadzera says MPS has collected credible intelligence that some unpatriotic Malawians are planning to advance their selfish and criminal interests during the April 27 demonstrations by disguising themselves as demonstrators.

The service has since warned any person or organization intending to engage in any criminal act that they will be dealt with according to the law.

On the other hand, MPS has assured all peace loving and law abiding Malawians not to live in fear since officers are ready to deal with any unlawful act during the demonstrations.


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The truth is Chakwera was they trying to eat some of the loot! The moment chakwera spoke with his FAKE ACCENT the whole lot of them stopped fighting!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha amaopa ndi zungu akuyankhula,,, stupid guy


CSO vultures fighting for blood money. Kukanganirana ndalama uku akunamiza anthu. You will walk alone mawa ndi mkhwidzi ndiyera lanulo. Foolish and greedy activisits. Go to the streets and be shamed.


Please do not dignify this article with your reasoned comments. It is an example of pure garbage. If it was a newspaper article rather burn it, not worth leaving it ku toilet as a toilet tissue.
This is garbage that let’s our country down. Very retrogressive!!!


Propaganda. A DPP mulibe azanu


This story somehow confuses me, how did Dr Cssim Chilumpha come in? were these discussions taking place at his house? If the meeting started around 10 pm then would Dr Chilimpha wake up from his house just to quell the situation? Am yet to believe the authenticity of the story.


Mwaona sopano ma Cadet.Mwatenga anthu Ku Mulanje ndi Thyolo ma K200.Akuzungulira mtauni mmatrack munatogula ndi Makobili athu.Ati kuopseza kuti mawa kusakhale mademo.Amalawi mumatoatenga Opepera?

Timothy Trapence Mayaya
Timothy Trapence Mayaya

Ineyo honestly speaking…phone ikundisokoneza. Ndikamawelenga 2 minutes ndili pa watsaap kapena Nyasa. Technology ikundionongela tsogolo. Ndithandizeni amzanga am scared. Too addicted to technology


Mwatoyipeka bwinotu.So Chilumpha who has a party and azayimira pa chisankho amapanga nao plan yowotcha property ?Kenako iyo yafikano Ku MCP.Osamumanga Chilumphayo bwanji ngati mukumanga SUSPECTED GAYS.


…ukakahala pabwino poipa pamakutsata, chibwana chimalanda..Oona kuyambitsa chisokonzo chifukwa chofuna kulemera? ….

Sapitamo kawiri mu DPP
Sapitamo kawiri mu DPP

Money no money tikukayenda basi..

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