Corruption in Malawi should not be fought through empty sound bites

Corruption and theft of public resources are a curse in Malawi. These vices have had an extremely negative impact on national development.

The decision by the board of Admarc to suspend Mr. Foster Mulumbe for his alleged corrupt involvement in ‘maizegate’ must send a clear message to all thieving CEOs in parastatals and senior officers in public service that the Peter Mutharika government will not spare them should they fall in the same trap as Mr. Foster Mulumbe.

In fact, the Admarc board should have not ‘suspended’ Mr. Mulumbe but show him the exit door outright. He is under investigation for corruption and fraud and that is reason enough to hand Mr. Mulumbe an instant dismissal.

President Mutharika and his DPP administration must be seen to decisively deal with corruption to overcome Malawi’s developmental challenges because those that are on a mission to pull this country down will continue to do so.

Corruption and theft of taxpayers’ money seriously cripple national development and that it was vital for government and all stakeholders to end corruption and fraud in the public sector.

Indeed, the President has been at the forefront of the fight against corruption and fraud as evidenced by the sacking of Agriculture Minister Dr. George Chaponda. But I would urge him not stop at Dr. George Chaponda and Mr. Foster Mulumbe.

But Mr. President, many Malawians still think you should go beyond dismissal but also ensure that the sacked minister faces justice because he can’t just get away with it when huge sums of money were found at his house and the Commission of Inquiry on ‘maizegate’ was emphatic in its report the minister was corrupt in his dealings.

Indeed, there are many senior public officers and cabinet ministers in his cabinet who have been mentioned at one point or another to have been involved in corruption and theft of public money.

Mr. President, the MK577 billion matter must reach its logical conclusion. Issue of TEVETA money, tractorgate, armygate must be dealt with speed if Malawi is going to restore donor confidence and also attract direct foreign investment (DFI).

Mr. President, it is not a secret that are still a few ministers in your government have a lot of corruption skeletons in the cupboards. Malawians suspect the President is treating these few ministers with kid gloves. The same measure used to sack Dr. Chaponda must apply to these thieving ministers Mr. President. Our President must be listening to what people are saying about corrupt individuals in his government.

Indeed, Malawians have grave concerns over the rising corruption particularly in the award of lucrative government contracts.

Mr. President, corruption is actually very bad for businesses. The MK1, 000 paid out in bribes is a tax that is put to no good purpose. It builds no roads, schools or hospitals. We must fight corruption and fraud in the public sector if we, as a nation, will genuinely improve the fiscal position of the country.

Mr. President, Malawians want to see the will and commitment on your part and your government to make their lives better. Resources permitting, they know I would have done more for them. Malawians are looking for political will at the highest level to decisively deal with corruption.

Mr. President, you must work hard to ensure that people involved in corruption are brought to book. I reiterate that there should be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption and abuse of public resources.

The President owes it to our country to ensure that public resources are safeguarded and those who are found abusing them, are apprehended. It is not a one-day’s job; it will take some time but it has to be done, Mr. President, as a matter of urgency.

We all have to be more vigilant than before in our various contributions towards the fight against abuse public resources and corruption. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) must now grow some teeth. The ACB must become more transparent and rigorous than ever before in fighting corruption.

Corruption in Malawi should not be fought through empty sound bites and grand gestures. The elimination of corruption must be a very deliberate goal for the President and his government.

“We’ve seen over time that countries that have the best economic growth are those that have good governance, and good governance comes from freedom of communication. It comes from ending corruption. It comes from a populace that can go online and say, ‘This politician is corrupt, this administrator, or this public official is corrupt.”-Ramez Naam

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6 thoughts on “Corruption in Malawi should not be fought through empty sound bites”

  1. Nkango says:

    What au saying here? Mr president is doing his job right BT if ur apposing everything is where u can nt understand. APM is doing a very good job,why other other people run away from the country BT u don’t mention it? They stole the huge money ,ndiwe wabodza nkulu iwe.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    Lack of condemnations against Muthalika’s heinous leadership,is responsible for all this uncontrolled trend,he has turned our country into his own empire that he can do anything he wants to do criminally or otherwise.We have seen his Ministers and a number of his serviles,hiding sacks or boxes of stolen funds for their own personal benefit.We had seen his own brother Bingu emptying government coffers for his own interests and yet,his brother Peter defends him openly and viciously,SHAME !!! We have seen how Peter carelessly use public funds for hiring private jets for his own interests wasting billions of KWACHA,while our people are starving,hospitals lack drugs,crime up to the ceiling,joblessness appallingly high and many other anomalies and yet our Trade Unions are blind-folded.Right now,South Africa’s political and economical atmosphere,are in bad shape and the country’s Credit Rating has been dissapointinglly catapulted into a junk-state throwing the whole country into pandemonium.Meanwhile South Africa’s biggest Trade Union formed in the 19th century by Clement Kadalie a Tonga from Nkhata-Bay,is preparing its massive supporters all over the country to demonstrate against the womaniser and corrupt President Jacob Zuma against his obnoxious leadership.So Malawians,you are still slumbering while your country is led by oligarchy under Muthalika’s leadership.Let’s demonstrate to Peter that he is not ruling dead-souls.ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!

  3. benjones says:

    The Article is very good but ufortunetly its going to deaf ears.

  4. need to know says:

    Bwana David Lipenga is right

  5. MCP WENIWENI says:

    Eeeish, Eeeiiiish, A Daivid Lipenga or Mwapenga. What we are saying here is that if the President did NOT appoint these thieves into these positions and IF the President is Clean from these Party Deals, akubawa President akanawa chotsa kalekale. By still keeping these clear thieves aliyense mu Malawi weniweni kupatulapo amene amanenapo zilizonse ngati mwanena inuzi timamudabwa.

    We are saying the President must remove his hands from these thieves for the Law to take its course. Worse still the Ant Corruption Bureau also, changed its name to Corruption Bureau. Therefore innocent Malawians will keep on suffering until we have the President that will stand above this nonsense.

    We have highly trained and disciplined Kamuzus’ Civil Servants. Of course most of them are between 55 – 65 years now and their President Dr. Chakwera , give then 5 years to clear and clean this nonsense. You will be able to see what we are talking and what we mean. This DPP achoke onse.

    For example ask Dr. Muluzu, during his reign , Air Malawi was useless. He appointed just one Kamuzu trained FZP, he cleaned up the mess and insanity in just one year and sanity came back. Ask Dr. Muluzu about this. We have Malawians who still have Malawi at heart. Give them an opportunity they are capable of turning this Malawi into a prospering Nation. Enafe zimatiwawa mukamanena zambwerera. Alimo a Malawi olikonda dziko ili. How I wish genuine Malawians who are tired with these thieves stood up in 2019 and say Enough is Enough!!!!!!!! Ambuye Musatisiye!!!!!!!

  6. David Lipenga says:

    The president is not the prosecutor of law therefore does not deserve accusations that he is failing the execution of law to get the corruptor and the corrupted face the mighty of law. I am of the opinion that those accusing the President that he is failing to excise his powers to get the victims of corruption face the mighty of law is real lack of understanding the legal procedures from allegation to conviction.
    It is indeed important to support the initiatives that the President takes.

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