Councillor obtains injunction stopping K1.8Bbn Lilongwe City road project

Councillor Botha has obtained the ex parte (one side only) injunction from the Lilongwe High court restraining the Lilongwe City Council from implementing the K1.8Billion road Project.

Lilongwe city Council Mayor, Willy Chapondela and his deputy Kwame Ngwira

Lilongwe city Council Mayor, Willy Chapondela and his deputy Kwame Ngwira

The injunction comes amid written warning from Ministry of Local Government that the Lilongwe City Council  (LCC) risk losing the whole lot of money following the dilly dallying which the council is doing in implementing the project.

LCC in August 2015 received funding of K1.8 billion towards tarmac of various roads within
the capital city.

Some of the roads which were earmarked for the upgrading included 2Km Chipasula Area 23 road, 2Km NCIC to Ngwenya road, 2KM Chilinde Parish to Kawale road and 3Km Falls to Area 36 road.

Other roads to be catered are; Sent Bridge-Chenicheni Mchiti, Senti-Kaunda road, Ngwenya-ZBS, OIBM to Malangalanga, Six Miles-Ntaya road, and Chinsapo Police-Ngulube.

However, due to the devaluation of the Kwacha the money was not enough to fund all the projects instead, the Lilongwe Council only approved three.

The three roads included Mphwetekele, Ngwenya and Saint.

However, despite Councillor Botha of Area 24 Ward being among the councillors who approved the the upgrading of the three roads, he had a time for a second thought where he quickly consulted his lawyers and tie the whole process of the project despite the Council already identifying the contractor.

This did not please Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre David Bisnowaty who has described the development as unfortunate.
“After noting that the money will not be enough we dully approved the three roads but I wonder why this injunction,” Said Bisnowaty.

He said the court action will derail the project.

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the issue is in the hands of Bisnowaty who mess up everything the first vote fafoured the area 24 (Ngwenya road ) but the second voting made changes . and if you compaire the Senti road and area 24 ngwenya road you will find that in senti people are illegal dwellers and the dont even pay city rates and the area is zoned for industries . therefore for your own information the councillor who sought for an injuction is right basing on councillors standing orders , why voting twice because the deputy mayor was not in attendance, therefore the secretariant… Read more »

Which roads can bring the highest returns and added value. Ngwenya is a dead place…..
This man is wasting our time as residents of the City. The Funds are not enough, period. The more delays, the money the value of the money will depreciated.

Mr botha is right guys the roads to be mentioned here is sent which has brought mpungwempungwe , these councillor voted twice at first ngwenya road was the first voted and bisnowaty was not happy with this and he inticed some poor councillors to support his constitutiency by promissing then alittle something then they voted for the second time . please leave mr botha alone he is fighting for his ward . no body can deny such development to his or her area . this is the truth of the matters. the first voting deputy mayor and his friend were… Read more »
Dr Manda

Koma Botha uyu munthu oipa.

How can he do that. Osazamvoteraso anthu aku 24 Chifukwa apapa nthawi ikupita.Kenaka ndalama alandatu. Alfred we continue giving us these stories from the council tidziwe kuti next time tivotere ndani.

Guys I have two or three observations; 1.The story which the reporter has written is clear mwalowetsa ndale ndinu. Palibe nkhani ya Chipani cha MCP apapa. Choti ma errors amachitika even mu Daily Times or Nation. Anthu awa amakhala ndi pressure reporter uyu I know him he is a great journalists amalemba nkhani zikuluzikulu. 2. Botha watenga injunction ngati munthu osati ngati Chipani otherwise MCP zopusa izi sakanalola. Opusa ndi Bothayo Chifukwa watenga injunction akufuna mseu wakwawo kuti ayambire umenewo. Ndiye kuzikondako. Chifukwa ndalama ndi zochepa only three roads were enough osati asintheso. Ndiye musiye kunyoza atolankhani especially Chauwa he… Read more »
Malawi is a funny country. Any dunderhead can obtain a court injunction. A court injunction for a road, exam results, election results….. everything. It’s high time our useless lawyers and judges become serious please. The more time it takes to start these roads, the higher the Kwacha will fall and the money will not be enough for these three roads! I hope the foolish judge who gave in to this nonsense took this in consideration. He should be willing to pay for any inconvenience caused, osamangopanga zinthu kufuna kutchuka. On another note, how on earth do 2km + 2km +… Read more »

Komatu iwe ukachotseretu injunction yakoyo ife tatopa kuyenda mufumbi abii yikuphwanyira kanu konko


please take this fund to carter an access road for the new stadium.stadium is not opening due to access.

Game on!

# 11 usaiwaletu kuti mgalatiya yemweyu amatinso nseu wa Kasiya-Santhe uimitsidwe koma a TA Kabudula ndi mafumu ena kumeneko adamuuziratu kuti sadzaiwona voti come 2019. Iyeyitu ndale saazidziwa mtima wa nyau basi kuzokowera kutibera amatibera ku church muja Judas Iscariot ameneyu.


zitsiru ndi a makhothi!!!!!!!!!!!

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