Court to the rescue again: Allows Times to switch on TV, Radio and Malawi News to publish

The High Court has allowed an injunction sought by media giant Times Group allowing  the  privately owned news  organisation to resume publishing and broadcasting after Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) shut it down.

MRA sealed Times Group offices in Blantyre on Friday over tax arrears the media group owes government.

Times Group titles

But the news organisation through its lawyer Patrick Mpaka rushed to court to seek interim relief.

Judge James Chagona granted  Times Group, which often has been critical of President Peter Mutharika, could resume operations pending  further proceedings from the court.

The order restrains MRA from shutting down the media giant, Mpaka confirmed to Nyasa Times.

Still out

One of the titles for Times Group, the Malawi News will still hit the streets on Saturday, Nyasa Times understands.

The news organisation claims it is   aware of plans by government to shut ist operations using the MRA.

Acticists have said Malawiasn should not allow the selfish and evil motive by a few disgruntled government officials to annihilate the news compnay which has proved to be a beacon of democracy and freedom of expression in the country.

They argue that President Peter Mutharika has all the government media, MBC  television and radio stations to himself, including some private media houses hence should live Times alone as it is only paper accommodating the opposition and being critical of the administration.

“Let  corrupt mafias in government know that the Malawi Revenue Authority is not a branch of the Democratic Progressive Party which they can shamelessly abuse in this manner,” posted one Nyasa Times reader on comments section.

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Just pay tax nothing else,it’s a duty of every Malawian to do so

Barnaba Sila
If you live in a glass house do not throw stones! Times Group, it is not witch hunting you are experiencing, but you are too vocal. Definitely, the Govt machinery must be on your neck. If you are wise enough to confront govt. make sure that you have put your house in in order. If it is indeed true that you have long overdue taxes, don’t call this witch hunting. Simply put, pay your taxes and make the noise you are making. Otherwise, you will soon be pinned down never to resurrect! Remember what happened to Lucious Banda on the… Read more »
The exercise to punish times group due to failure to pay tax has significant bearing ,and more lesson’s to all Malawians, ,,,,,,but only if the government does not favour or control which organization shud pay tax or not. all Malawians are suppose to pay tax regardless of political affiliations. If some organisations are forced to pay tax while others are spaired just because of closeness to ruling regime, then that s not the true principal of tax, that’s corruption , whether MBC, Senior government official juniors ,multinational companies , private company like times all shud face same treatment if government… Read more »
Captain Jouncerie

Take it from me, If you embaras Gov in one way or the other, the next thing you are going to receive is MRA


Tax, Tax, Tax. Why now? And this tax money is misused anyway!

Kent Y.G. Mphepo
Countrymen, 1. I few months ago someone passed a very old article (written around 1898 -1900) to me that chronicled the eventful arrival of large numbers of the Lomwe people (from Mozambique) into the districts of Phalombe, Chiradzulo, Mulanje and Thyolo which is, historically, a Mang’anja territory. The Mang’anja were first invaded by the Yao people (among whom were slave traders) in the early 1800s and they claimed some sections of the territory through war. You have Mkanda (Mkando?), Chikumbu, Juma, Matipwiri, etc in Mulanje – these are Yao chiefs who welcomed their Mozambiquan cousins (Llomwes) who were running away… Read more »
The best comment I have eveer read on Nyasa times. This comment should have its own space on nyasatimes page and not just be as a comment. A lot of people need to read it. So the Lhomwes like winiko claim that their land was grabbed from them when they actually found it gone when they arrived?? Teach them this history especially tge Mang’anja and Yaos who have been hoodwinked to believe that they are lomwe. Peter Mutharika clearly said when elevating TA ngongoliwa that he is the only Lomwe chief.. so the rest of you who do you think… Read more »

What a literature review is in the comment!!!! Good work and an educative peace that needs a special consideration in the newspaper. Whether the nation. Fairly times or any paper should print this if we are to have an informed public. I have learnt alot from this and i hope Vincent wandale will use it .




So we are now crapping hands and encouraging tax evasion? What kind of crap is this? Some of us are deducted PAYE every month and have never sought an injunction. Whats so special with BNL? Pay up the taxes as required of you.

James Mpata
If Government and government organisations start tramping on the hard won freedom of expression and our right to freedom then this action by MRA should be strongly condemned. Where was MRA all this time to act at this time when a few Mafia are being investigated. Mr. Malata refuse to be used by any government no matter which one because once you start compromising your own professionalism the start of the end begins. We should refuse this kind of action. Even if Times Group reneged on its tax paying obligations the action by MRA coming as it does not augur… Read more »

If this is politics then the country is in mess

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