Dausi apologises for MCP’s chequered past: ‘I will reveal a lot in 2019 campaign’

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi, who is also government spokesperson, on Sunday disclosed that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will use the 1992 Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) violent recorded clips in order to destroy its  image in the next year’s elections.

Dausi: Chakwera is making mere political tantrums


Dausi made the remarks during DPP political rally held at Nchalo in Chikwawa district which was addressed by President Peter Mutharika.

He said his ministry and the ruling party have a number of MCP’s violent recorded clips in 1992 that will be aired during the campaign period in 2019.

Dausi, ironically a former MCP member who rose up to the position of vice president,   started his remarks at the rally by asking for forgiveness from Malawians especially for working with MCP.

The Minister said he has a number of evil things to reveal against the oldest party.

“First of all let me confess here that I was with MCP and I know everything they do and they have done,” said Dausi.

He added: “For those who were young or not born during the one party system, please don’t vote for MCP. I shall reveal evil things about the party soon and will air the 1992 violent recorded clips during campaign period in order to deal with it.”

According to Dausi, the current wrangles in MCP is part of the manifestation of the party’s chequered history/

Dausi, who was among the members of the notorious paramilitary wing Malawi Young Pioneer and received his retirement benefits last month, said Malawians should not be deceived that the coming in of Dr Lazarus Chakwera as new leader has changed MCP.

“Don’t be deceived that MCP has changed because of Chakwera who was a pastor. This party is not changed and it will not. If it is changed, why firing its vice President, Secretary General and Spokesperson among others without valid reasons. How many will Chakwera fire if he can take government? What kind of man of God who does not want to be faulted?” wondered Dausi.

He was referring for MCP’s suspension of  first-vice president Richard Msowoya together with party secretary general Gustav Kaliwo and three other executive members who have since   gone to court for a relief after obtaining an injunction stopping the main opposition party from implementing the decision of the national executive committee (NEC).

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M Sizini

A politician is an ass upon which everyone has sat except a man. – ee cummings


So Mr Dausi has discovered a bag of his dirty underwear that was discarded twenty years ago. It is difficult to see what advantage he thinks he will gain by washing them in public.


Santana mbuli yachabechabe with blind loyalty, there is none in current MCP leadership who can answer those atrocities. Let him and others who are alive be responsible. Use common sense.

Christtie Chiswa

Why hold Malawians hostage and use tactics of black mail? This shows leadership bankruptcy. Why do leaders want to corrupt minds of those who were not there during that dark error? Until Malawi learns from South Africa and Rwanda, we will continue with the mediocre leaders who thrive on divisions. The elections in 2019 should be a watershed for Malawi, to do away with praise singers who do so because they are unemployable.

Shithole country, Be it known to you that those 20 people who were killed in Mzuzu were thugs and thieves. Whenever there is a demo the organisers tell participants which route will be taken and used during the demo. Every participant is supposed to use it up to the last destination to present whatever. These 20 thugs died in PTCs and Chipikus. Who broke these shops if not the 20? Why is it that none of the deceased died along the route of the demos? And you call them heros? No wonder despite a call by Amayi to contribute to… Read more »
Understand me me well Mr Kaitano. My point here is this: Many people are saying Dausi should not blame MCP because he was in the same organization which was killing people. So what I am saying is that it would be stupid if Dausi was saying this while still in the party. Paul would not go to the people he was torturing and say he is a changed man yet still in that sect. He would not accept to work for Jesus while remaining in that sect. Dausi is saying this now because he is out of this party of… Read more »

Chindere chakufikapo. Peter Mathanyula’s nsete licker


Santana, don’t show your ignorance here. Who told you that when a pastor has joined politics it means he has abandoned God? This is why Malawi is not developing. You erroneously think that politics is for crooks and not for the Clergy. You are wrong and very wrong. I doubt if you really read the Bible. If you do then it means you don’t understand it. When you say MCP will never change, you make me laugh with your line of thought.

So Peter Muthalika is Jesus of Mr Dausi? Santana, ife tikudikila zomwe Mr Dausi pamodzi ndi iweyo mudzatulutse and we are ready to follow it and amene adzakhudzidwe adzamangidwe, are you ready for that? we are not talking about winning election, but we are talking about what Mr Dausi will reveal, because the finger is is pointing his own time, kapena sukudziwa kuti he was one of the people in Government that time?And some times you need to know kuti mbuli zimaombela mmanja mbuli zizakeeeeee ngati iweyo! Ndipo ndufunitsitsa maso ako atatsekuka kuti upenye, koma poti umayesa kuti ndiwe openya,… Read more »
Shithole Country
Go to Katoto you will find the graves of those killed by Bingu on 20th July 2011. Go to falls or Biwi Cemetry you will find the grave of Njaunju killed by DPP thugs and up to now no trace of his killers. These stupid UDF and DPP guys have never come up with a list of people killed by MCP except the Mwanza four.Bingu arrested more politicians in one years starting with Bakili Muluzi (the master thief) to Sam Mpasu. If you say MCP killed thousands, where are the graves? If politicians misbehaved or stole public money Kamuzu jailed… Read more »
Roderick Phiri

He is one of the few survivors of the perpetrators of those atrocities, and for sure he needs to face to face the law as well


DPP should fire Dausi. he is a disgrace to DPP. He should have been silent and not menmtion of his past. If gvt does not arrest him the DPP is part of the past. moti kupha kukuchitika mu DPP resume is bcz of him (Dausi). MBC should not bother mention other people than Dausi. thats old politics which will not help DPP

How I wish


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