Proposal to change Malawi election dates from May to September

President Peter Mutharika  could end up staying in power unchallenged  till September 2019  if the election date is extended Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah has  informed  Parliament Legal  Affairs committee of the proposal  to consider extending the 2019 election date to allow people more time to cast their votes.

Ansah: Malawi Electoral Commission wantto shift voting day from May to September

But chairperson of the Legal Affairs committee, Maxwell Thyolera, who belongs to main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said the initial voting day should be maintained for next year’s polls and if anything change should be for 2024.

Ansah informed the committee that the proposal is part of the reforms the commission plans to effect before the next year’s tripartite elections.

She said the reforms would require a Constitutional Amendment in Parliament on the schedule of the polls shifting from the Tuesday in the third week of May in the fifth year after the previous general election to September.

According to Ansah, in May Malawi is in cold weather and there are short days and long nights geographically as compared to summer time in September which has long days.

“We think it would be better if the days are shifted,” MEC chairperson said.

However, Ansah said the change is not final but one of the reforms the electoral body are “contemplating to propose.”

The opposition want the reforms to change the first-past-the-post and the-winner-takes all voting system and replace it with 50-plus-one provision for electing a president.

Under the 50+1 electoral system, the triumphant contender is decided on the basis of getting a majority 50 percent plus one of the votes to win.

In Malawi, a simple majority is currently required for one to win the presidency without provision for a runoff election.

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Jane Ansa please act like an educated woman.kumangomvera zili zonse kwa chani?you think anthu ku lower shire angakaime pa nzere mu september nkuvota mmene kumatenthera muja?cholinga anthu akakanike kumuvotera Sidik Mia.Wake up woman before its too late.U yes bwana siukuthandizani mai.Evelyn Mwapasa was incorruptible thats why anamuchotsa and inu nde muzingokhalira u yes bwana mpaka liti?oh shame…ndimakwiya ndikamaona azimai ali pa fore front kupanga ndikuvomeleza zinthu zopanda pake.


Thats a direct instruction from peter muthalika. The appointing authority. Mec can never be independent if its commissioners r appointed by the president. She is a blue eyed woman & thats an attempt to buy time for dpp. Dont distort history woman this will haunt you


musatiyambe.JENI khala cete waka kuputa njuci uku and dont play up our minds or brain wash us pease. ngati mwaonjezeredwa kapambala just psatila manja mphecepece before more fire. i repeat plesase please do not provoke us with wicked ideas.


koma mai ameneyi kukalamba olo chani, her facts doesn’t make any sense, she is not capable enough to hold that post just resign before people start matching against you

Chilungamo Chimawawa

they have been bribed by DPP so they can rig elections??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

It is better for Malawians to demand removal of Jane Ansah as soon as possible. She is not making decisions as Chairperson, but as a puppet. Apart from being the Chair for MEC , she is supposed to advise Government on electoral maters. But by look of things Government is advising her – useless!!


Unless you have other reason, that is a total lame excuse.mxieeeeew


You pple do you have brain in your heads.. September is not conducive for someone to stand on a quee for long… The heat is unbearable.. consider pple in lower shire and lakeshore districts.. who would withstand the line for more than 2hrs in these area during the proposed time.. May is ideal.. unless you have other reasons..


We can not vote in September no. Weather is not an issue here if our children start writing exams in May it means cold weather is good for national event such as elections. We don’t want people to collapse on the que in southern region it rainy season already and dpp tactics to remain in power is very interesting. These people are going out state of house May 2019 not September, Jane Ansah samala a dpp akupwetekesa. Ife sitiimva.


This is Dpp propaganda a Malawi tisalole izi.

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