Dausi quashes Africa Confidential report on Malawi hitting DPP on corruption, nepotism

A latest report by London-based influential intelligence publication  the Africa Confidential has painted a grim picture for Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the run up to 2019 elections, saying its administration is riddled with widespread corruption,  nepotism and infighting.

Dausi: The report is p

Africa Confidential is one of the longest-established specialist publications on Africa, with a considerable reputation for being first with in-depth news and analysis on significant political, economic and security developments across the continent.

But government spokesman and Minister of Information and Communications, Nicolas Dausi,  has rejected the report  titled ‘Mutharika’s uncertain future’ as “unfair  and baseless.”

The report said by keeping Georger Chaponda , the fires Minister of Agriculture  as the DPP second in command,  despite facing corruption charges  and  abuse of public office  for his role in the maize deal with Zambia as well as the vast sums of cash found by police in his home “is a measure of how tight a cormer Mutharika is in.”

It also said the appointment of Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey as DPP secretary general who had a corruption case 10 years ago but is currently in court demanding that she be paid K12 billion for wrongful arrest also contributes to DPP’s waning popularity.

The report says “reputation for corruption, nepotism and as a Lhomwe supremacist” has taken hold for the Malawi leader.

Reads the report quoting a source within the ruling party: “ Corruption is endemic. We have  senior DPP officials literally forcing parastatals to give them contracts or donations to the party. Once all this strats coming out, the President will be finished.”

The official said those responsible for the blatatnt corruption are now closer to the President than before an have more influence on him.

Apart from Chaponda , the report also mentioned Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa “ accused of beigng another overnight millionaire and faces allegations of corruption over military procurement.”

Africa Confidential also claims that President Mutharika  appointed his nephew Dalitso Kabambe as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi. But Kabambe denies he is a nephew to Mutharika.

Reacting to the contents of the report, Dausi said  accusations of nepotism are “unfair, unmerited and iniquitous.”

He said: “President Professor Mutharika appoints people in his government  on merit. The report is unjust, wrong and uiniquitous.”

On maintaining Chaponda as DPP vice president while he is facing charges, Dausi said: “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by competent court of law.”

The report says several members in Mutharika’s Cabinet and senior officials of DPP who have” become  rich overnight” are being investigated by the Anti  Corruption Bureau.

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How on earth did Dausi not mention MCP in his refutal?


I don’t blame DPP but us Malawians for giving some votes to these DPP guys. They were not new to us.

The opposition is also failing to punch enough. We can’t depend on mercy of ineventualities to change govt. We need strong parties to get lead of the mess which is around.


I have never heard either Dausi or DPP accepting any report that shows that DPP is on the wrong. This simply shows how wicked Dausi and DPP are.

Charle Hebdo

Was Mr Dausi himself appointed on merit? Had merit been used in appointing ministers, most of the chaff we have in cabinet wouldn’t be there. Most of these sycophants were appointed for parroting what the powers be want to hear.


Akukana koma pansi pa ntima angoti Shaaa.. Anthu atitulukila eti. FOR MANDELA, IT WAS FROM PRISON TO PRESIDENT. How about you guys??? A chaponda mutha kuwasiya choncho koma ziwani kuti mlandu suuola.


Kaya zanu zimenezo. Bola mwauzidwa. Akakhala makaniwo ndikukhala kwanu kuchokera kwa mbuyanu Bingu. Munayamba mwavomerezapo chinthu inu? Tionana.

Vampire Dausi

Can’t be said any better than that kikik! Well said, man.


The goodness is that the report has not been written by opposition politicians but by independent International organisation


Dausi ndi mbava zinzake ali mmadzi……. one day the sun will shine


This is strong warning to dpp. If there is a party in Malawi which has been so corrupt is dpp. Chair anali osaphunzira koma kuba sizanali chonchi. Tinaona Chair akumanga Yusufu Mwawa chifukwa chakuba komanso kumuchotsa paudindo ngakhale kuchipani. Koma izi zikuchitika ndi dpp kuyambira nthawi ya Bingu aononga dziko lino chotero pa 2019 pano dziko ili likubwerera komwe lidachokera. Ndichitukuko chanji chomwe Pitala akunena pakampeni yaku Msozi north choti daily ma report akutuluka ndi akuba mmboma Chuma cha eniake a Malawi tikuti ndalamazo mubweza 2019 komanso kundende ya kalavula gaga.


Point of correction, Mwawa was sacked and and charged during the Bingu days. However, what you have said makes alot of sense




Deny the report at your on peril. For warned is for armed. Get yourself ready for life after government.

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