Mutharika appeals to Lilongwe Msozi North to vote for DPP’s Daka

President  Peter Mutharika on Wednesday called on people of Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency to vote for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate during Tuesday’s Parliamentary by-election.

Mutharika introducing DPP candidate Bruno Daka

DPP supporters at Chibaba school ground

Speaking when he addressed a political campaign rally at Chibubu Primary School in the area of Chief Chadza in the district, Mutharika said voting for the DPP candidate, Bruno Daka as Member of Parliament would help transform the area in terms of development.

“DPP is the only party that has the welfare of the people at heart and this is evidenced by the numerous development activities and programs it has undertaken in the eleven years it has been in power,” said Mutharika.

He further said it is unfortunate that the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) failed to develop the country despite being in power for 31 years.

The President cited the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP 8), the Decent Housing Accommodation Subsidy Programme (DHASP), the community colleges programme, construction of roads and rural growth centres throughout the country as some of the development programs his government is implementing.

According to Mutharika, over 300 rural trading centres would be electrified under MAREP 8 while 15,000 houses have so far been constructed under DHASP.

He said the Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency has already benefited from MAREP 8 through the electrification of Chadza Trading Centre, besides construction of houses under DHASP.

The President said plans are underway to upgrade roads in the constituency including the Nayele-Chadza road which would be bituminized.

DPP Vice President for the Central Region, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba described Daka as the only suitable candidate in the constituency’s by-elections as he is a bonafide citizen of the area.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Chadza commended the DPP led government for initiating development projects in the central region.

“We have the state of the art Bingu International Stadium, the Old Airport-Kasiya-Santhe road as well as the cancer centre which are both under construction here in the central region. As people from the region, we are grateful to government for undertaking these development projects,” said Chadza.

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Zovotera congress zo ndi zachamba. Anthu a Ku Nsanje musayelekeze, anthu a gulewa amakonda kuponyera otsusana nao mu mtsinje wa Shire kuti ng’ona zichite phwando. A gulewa amakonda kuchitira Uve wao kum’mwera. Mukukumbikira zomwe anachita ndi a Gadama ndi anzao aja.
Never be fooled, MCP will never change. Always vote for DPP and its eversharp APM!!!

Blood Suckers

Whatever nonsense you talk about comes from the tax every Malawian pays. Development does not come from you thieves. All you know is to steal our money from our tobacco and maize. Where you come from the people are lazy and busy believing in being sucked blood. Can a person survive without blood? This is the time we booted these thugs from the government. We have to put the right people and not thieves who believe in zopusa zopopana magazi.

I thought your comments beside condemning the president and his DPP you will at the same time give reasons why people should vote for Chakwera and his MCP. All the comments written here there is no one giving reasons why people from Mulanje, Thyolo, Balaka, Zomba should vote for Chakwera. If Mutharika should stop talking about atrocities of MCP done 31 years ago then MCP supporters should also not talk about the development done 31 years ago. The truth of the matter is that DPP is still maintaining its support in the south and has added its support in the… Read more »
You say MCP failed to develop this country???? Really???? I think Mr. Ibu nis myopic. All state residences built by Kamuzu, talk of Capital hill, talk of Queen Elizabeth and Kamuzu Central hosipitals. How about Reserve bank of Malawi. Sugar plantations both in Dwangwa and Nchalo. The university of Malawi, the Polytechnic, Bunda college of Agriculture, NRC which you have shamelessily turned into LUANAR.The list is endless. If you compare what MCP did for this country during 31 can not much what you can do even if you stay in power for 50 years. Munthu opanda manyazi ukugona mnyumba zomanga… Read more »

Rural Growth Centers ndi idea ya MCP and because you do not know the purpose of having these centers that’s your cities are congested with job seeking youth.

“He further said it is unfortunate that the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) failed to develop the country despite being in power for 31 years.” I still don’t believe it when people tell me that Peter Mutharika stayed in the United states of America for more than 30 years…. I don’t believe my ears trust me! ! President Mutharika is practicing cheap and archaic politics. . This is not the time to talk about what happened during MCP time, he is missing the point,.. By the way, he has been the president for the past four years, is there anything… Read more »

DPP cannot win in Msozi Constituency even if MCP cannot go there to campaign. Mmalo monena fundo za chipani they were busy kutukwana Gwengwe using our taxes on MBC, what a waste of resources!!! DPP komatu kuba, kumenya anthu, tsankho, kunamiza anthu…..chitukuko abwampini inu mwachita kuti………..


My fellow Malawians, Please don’t vote for these thugs. Tizikhalabe movutika for another 5 years once you vote for these people 2019. The guys behind APM are just thieves, crminals, thugs. They are savages. Please a Malawi, osanamizidwa.


Oooooooh! Who was addressing the rally? Aspiring ward councillor or state president? Forget dpp u can’t win any election.

Nambuma Girl

What APM is saying that if we are not voting for DPP, it means there will be no developments in the areas where a DPP candidate is not voted for. This is a senseless statement from the WHOLE PRESIDENT. Ndalamazo zake kapena misonkho yathu? The only problem is that a Malawife tinaonjeza kugona and we have sleepy opposition parties who cannot stand out and abolish these rude remarks. Eishhhhh!


DPP Boma ilo!!


ndi zoseketsa kwambiri for a mad person kumangokamba za mcp kuti yalemphera kupanga develop this country for 31years ….pamene chosecho akulamula ndi iwo ,,,,,, mwina atipatsa kale BOMALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l don,t think that DPP can win again because anthu aku family kwathu tapangana zosavoteraso dpp chifukwa ndiyakumpha mene ndayiwonera ineyo

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