Defence calls Mphwiyo case a fallacy: Kasambara says its ‘trial by error’

The defence lawyers in the Paul Mphwiyo shooting trial has branded the whole case as a fallacy.

Trial by error

Kasambara: It has been trial be erros by state prosecutors

Former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder alongside Macdonald Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter, Dauka Manondo, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and businessperson Osward Lutepo.

Defence lawyer John Gift Mwakhwawa during his oral submissions on Monday before Lilongwe High Court Judge Michael Mtambo said it is a “script” written by Mphwiyo himself while Ralph Kasambara who is
representing himself said it is “a trial by error.”

Mwakhwawa said investigator Superintendent Kankhwala Chilinda never investigated the case but rather testified based on Mphwiyo’s version.

“My Lord, this is a script written by Mphwiyo and what Chilinda did was to find people to suit that script. Who funded it we will never know but is targeting one person among the accused,” said Mwakhwawa.

Mwakhwawa said there were a lot of inconsistencies and discrepancies among the witnesses with one being that Chilinda told the court that Mphwiyo told him the names of those who shot him in September. But the victim himself said he did not mention the names up to November because he was afraid.

“There is also an issue of the note which Mphwiyo supposedly wrote after he was shot which he gave his aunt, we wonder where it is and why the aunt did not brought before the court to testify,” he said.

He added: “We take it that she is a virtuous woman who did not want to lie before court.”

Mwakhwawa also questioned the motive of Mphwiyo’s waiting at the gate for two to three minutes before he was shot.

“In his testimony, within the said minutes he saw people sprung out of the bush, then why did he wait to be shot before he reacted? Instincts tell us what we could have all done in such circumstances in such scenarios where people we are afraid.

“In the face of danger, you don’t wait to see what will happen next, you run.” he said.

But during clarification, state lawyer Dzikondianthu Malunda said Mphwiyo did not react because after recognizing their faces, he thought they were in need of help.

In response, Mwakhwawa said the state’s case is confusing.

“These are the people whom he was afraid of, if then he was thinking that they were indeed in need of help, why didn’t he roll down the car window and ask them. Three minutes is a lot of time they could have even asked each other how their wives are,” he said.

Taking his turn, Kasambara said the state’s case is a “sad error, a trial by error “with the police role being pathetic aimed at securing conviction at all cost.

“Your Lord, Mphwiyo said he was afraid of me but why didn’t he report to the police? Again, if that was the case, why did he came home on the day of shooting,” he said.

But Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale said the State had presented enough evidence for a prima facie case for the court to find the accused persons with a case to answer.

Mphwiyo’s shooting at the gate of his Area 43 residence opened a can of worms into the plunder of government resources at Capital Hill in what has been dubbed Cashgate.

Meanwhile, High Court Judge Michael Ntambo has set Wednesday as the day he will rule whether the accused have a case to answer.

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osawasiya pokhaPokha cheni cheni chidziwike.Anthu kuphunzira kuti azitibera.Zitsi……


Mbava Kasambara Uziona


Law is about facts and proving your facts beyond reasonable. This is why criminals, with intelligence, will always win. Law is not about chilungamo at all. Argue your case reasonably and you will get through. It is not. Kangaroo court.

ronald mhango

kasambara simungamuthe mwachepa


Government will surely lose this case because the DPP seems to have relied too much on fabricated lies which do not work in law.

apundi says

zatitopetsa za kasambara, osangomumanga bwanji. inu mukuona kuti munthuyu kwake ndi kupha, kuba, kuononga ndi bodza. gehena is waiting for you


Ndipodi kuombeledwa kwa mphwiyo tiyamike ndithu otherwise misonkho yathu bwenzi idakali mmanja mmanja. Panopo akubabe koma mwa timing.


Kasambala just admited that what his housekeeper said its true, the two meet at his den. since pwinyo refused to live all the evelopes, they went after him,and pwinyo noticed his friends boys, right then he new they were after the envelope of the money in his car. oh!!!!!!!!! that is why he waited few mins. the guy saw his days getting numbered, I get it now.


Just bring this case to traditional court. A case like this will be ruled in one day during my time. Pali chani apa.


I have maintained the innocence of Raphael Kasambara. He is a victim of his competence and intellectual ability. As a holder of doctoral degree in Law from Harvard University in criminology, I do not see the merit of the case from the state legal team. I can predict that tax-payers will pay where it was not due. As diaspora Malawi, I sympathise with my fellow countrymen. May Allah guide you.

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