Defiant Omar unhappy with Atupele, UDF-DPP ‘alliance’

Businessman-cum-politician Iqbal ‘Nthandizi’ Omar has challenged  United Democratic Front (UDF) that he does not recognise its decision to expel him as its first vice president, saying he remains in his rank and the party, criticising its leader Atupele Muluzi and the alliance with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Omat: I remain UDF for life
Omat: I remain UDF for life

According to UDF deputy publicity secretary, Judith Ngwira, Omar was expelled during a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which took place in Lilongwe on Friday afternoon in which he attended.

The former Lilongwe City South West Member of Parliament was expelled together with two other officials in the party, deputy director of women, Zaituna Yusuf and deputy central region governor, Dinocius Magombo following recommendations of a disciplinary committee.

But speaking on Capital Radio’s flagship interview program, Straight Talk on Tuesday, Omar insisted that he is still in UDF and holding his position, saying he never faced any disciplinary hearing.

“God is my witness I have never been given a letter calling me for a disciplinary committee hearing,” said Omar.

He said the meeting in Lilongwe was not a disciplinary hearing and that he was heckled by party functionaries when he was asked to respond to the accusations.

“I was there at the NEC meeting, [but] when they gave me a podium to respond, there was a lot of noise,” he said.

UDF accuses Omar, Yusuf and Magombo for gross misconduct in forming parallel structures.

Ngwira said Omar appeared before a disciplinary committee, chaired by the party’s third vice president, Charles Chikuwo.

But Omar denied the accusations.

“I completely deny forming parallel structures,” he said.

During the Capital Radio’s Straight Talk interview with presenter Rhodes Msonkho, Omar insisted he does not accept the decision to expel him from UDF.

“I am always UDF and I will die UDF. I love UDF more than my business,” he asserted.

“I am ready to face disciplinary committee any time,” said Omar, who claims to be one of the founding members of UDF.

Omar defiantly said he will remain in his post unless UDF calls for a convention, saying his position was an elected one at the party conference.

“God will answer them. I am innocent. I haven’t done anything wrong,” he said.

In the radio interview, Omar also criticised UDF president Atupele Muluzi of being incommunicado.

“The only problem with our president, he doesn’t answer the phone. I am not the only one, most members in the party including Lucius Banda MP have been complain about the same,” said Omar.

He also criticised the working relationship between UDF and DPP, saying it is not in the interest of the party.

“I am not happy with UDF-DPP alliance. We don’t benefit anything,” said Omar.

He said the alliance pact was not agreed by the entire party rank and file.

Omar was elected vice president of UDF at a convention which took place in October 2012 but Muluzi sidelined him when he picked Dr Godfrey Chapola as his running mate in the 2014 presidential elections.

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6 years ago

Tidzasankha wina come 2019. Maina enawa atopetsa mu ndale.

Pamalawi pavuta says
6 years ago

Ngati mwatumidwa kuti mugwetse boma a omar mwalephera,mukufuna kuti atupele mumugwiritse ntchito kuti mcp itenge boma. Atupele simwana kuti mumugwiritse ntchito imeneyo ayi.

Ibrahim Kachere
6 years ago

Atupele Muluzi he is not a president of UDF

6 years ago

UDF inatha because of greedy and self centered by Former head of state Dr Bakili Muluzi, in 2004/2005 there was an issue of third and open term vigorously we supported, after you failed you gave us Bingu Muntharika an outsider from UDF camp we voted for him. After few months he dumped the party started his own party called DPP, and the rest is history. UDF made alliance with Aford in 2009, we followed you, come 2014 you dragged us to MCP we followed you, before dragged us to MCP alliance ( Bakili and John Tembo alliance, you said “ndiyimanso”… Read more »

6 years ago

In fact DPP is coming from UDF. But Atupele has lost direction by taking and marrying his father’s Party to DPP. UDF will soon lose its identify as it has already started fading bit by bit. However, those UDF members who are not tossed by the wind of change to join DPP are doing a commendable job.

6 years ago


Terms & conditions apply


6 years ago

Sintha statement iwe Omar

We are not benefiting!!!! Rather say. The party is not benefiting.

Why jump on conclusions.

Mbava iwe eti.

This guy has come to my shop demanding millions at the campain time. With fear. We paid.

6 years ago

Muzingochiyang’ana chipani ichi…chitha ngati makatani….monga ananenera Elesoni banmbo wa Atupele.

Prince Edward rsa
Prince Edward rsa
6 years ago

Is udf afraid of pita,should we say bakili is now apupet plz plz malawi lets kick out this idiot out of malawi pitala is in possesion of our tax money amounting 577billion plus 92billion he is the biggest fish in malawis cashgate udf plz plz you are the founders of democracy stop associating with straigers they never fought for democracy look now he is bunging table as if he knows the history of malawi.

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