Deported Indians to be returned to Malawi, Minister Chiumia ‘sweetened’

Minister of Home Affairs Grace Chiumia is said to have been given a ‘sweetener’ by India High Commissioner in Malawi Anil Kumar to allow deported dentist and  a dubious Indian businessman Chandrashaker More be returned to the country.

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Kumar summoned Dr Anthony, a dentist based in Lilongwe to India to be quizzed why he let a worker at his clinic to be removed by Immigration when his permit expired.

He has been lobbying to have the dentist returned to Malawi and  More, who owes the public tax collector K20 million.

Sources at Indian High Commisison told Nyasa Times that Kumar has “sorted” Minister Chiumia and she has facilitated that the two should be returned to Malawian.

However, observers say if indeed the two could return, then Anti Corruption Bureau should probe the minister.

Chiumia  has stressed that the dubious Indian investor will remain a prohibited immigrant in Malawi.

“ I would like to point out that there is no way someone, who has been deported would be allowed to come back into this country. It means the passport of such a person is completely cancelled,” Chiumia said.

The Minister made the remarks in Parliament.

Indian High Commission has been pressing Malawi government and its agencies to allow More back in the country with the deputy high commissioner taking a personal interest in the matter and seeking police protection for its national.

But a ‘press release’ of July 8 2017, the Indian High Commission denied that it has not requested at any point of time to provide diplomatic privileges, right or immunity to More.

“The security provided to him was extended by police authorities, which is a standard procedure, if the conditions to provide secueity are met,” the statement reads.

However, a diplomatic note dated March 10 2017 Nyasa Times sourced shows that Indian High Commission requested for two armed Malawi Police officers for More and is lying that the close protection was extended by police.

The letter indicates that the office actually wrote Malawi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation over the police protection issue and that More would bear the costs.

More was deported  in June 2017 just two days after he was arrested for jumping bail. He was initially arrested in 2015, in connection with tax evasion issues and left for India after being granted permission to travel while on bail.

He had also racially insulted Police officers at the court calling them “poor plebs”.

Nonetheless, Indian High Commission says it continues to support the efforts of Malawi to promote private sector investment in the country.


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Keen Observer

The issue people is not about the business growing or employing a lot of the locals but when it comes to tax evasion then it’s a serious case so don’t just comment blindly.

James Phiri

my cousin was working at industrial unit of more and he swear by mr more is not what media or government is saying.

his business was growing, 100’s of malawians were happily had jobs at Mr more and then some corrupt politicians wanted money from Mr more and take over his business.

if our country treat good business people bad like this, we are the ones to loose.

Peloma Pepe

Milandu yiypila amphawi ife… olemera kumangotipondereza. This is blatant corruption, but ACB just pays a blind eye… Apa ofunika kayendetu basi ka Chiuma yo. If this is true, she must resign immediately!

winston msowoya
QUEENB.I hope you did not go further with your education.The problem here is not TUMBUKA but Chiumia as an individual,it has nothing absolutely to do with TUMBUKAS.If you are familiar with your country’s history,you will acknowledge the fact that no TUMBUKA has been elected President of Malawi not because Tumbukas are bull-shit like others but,because they are Northerners period.To say the fact,Northerners are SPEAR-HEADS OF MALAWI’S independence and multi party democracy struggle and has at least,altered the political landscape of the 21st century.Are the Tumbukas now trying to go with their knees to an Arab Muslim to become their leader?… Read more »

what?? you must be jocking waht malawi government is losing feom this guy so you tell me that this guy is more powerfull than our laws of this country i believe we malawians we are Dead people indeed


Another Mtumbuka Minister selling the country. What is wrong with the Tumbukas? Full of cash gate and now this. Shame on you Minister!


kaunda was right when he said banda was ruling dead


If these idiots return to Malawi Chiumia must go and for the Indians its about time they realize that dziko ndi lathu.These fools abuses their Malawian workers.

Nganiza Muthulika

U are right. Malawi is not for Indians and they have NO right to tel the givernment what to do. They have to live under our rules and aw. Asians be careful dont provoc Malawians. The givernment u are bribing Will not be there forever. Remember Kamuzu and Idi Amin.

Peloma Pepe

The problem we have here in Malawi is that we complain a lot but hardly act. In other countries, if this is true, it would have attracted a petition for Chiumia’s resignation. Koma you’ll see that this grave acts of corruption will go unpunished! With this mindset, we will never develop as a country.

winston msowoya
If the deported Indians are allowed back into Malawi,then our country politically,is ruled by the corrupt mwenyes.If Idd Amin expelled hundreds of thousands of mwenyes for contravening Uganda’s laws,how would the Malawi government succumb to these criminals? However,it seems quite clear that the Indian High Commission in Malawi,controls the running of our government which is blatantly shame and unbelievable as far as an independent State is concerned.In South Africa,President Zuma was nearly coerced to resign for his corrupt deals with the Gupta’s richest Indian family in the country.I have no doubts in my mind that Chiumia has been engulfed into… Read more »
Nganiza Muthulika

ACB must check in which ground is deported mwenye Who obtained dual citizenship in 2016 and not Malawian diasporan Who have asked for dual citizenship. Amwenye are the government feed. I think we as Malawians shoild chase Amwenye. Like in Uganda Idi Amin. They dont contribute to our nation but take money our. The corrupt idiot Afrikan officials receive little money. Leta finish with DDP try another one not Atupele irs the same shit


Pathetic country.

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