Dinnergate: DPP milk Councils for Blue Night, Mzuzu City rejects media reports

Malawi’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been embroiled in a scandal of siphoning millions of kwacha from Blantyre, Mzuzu and other district councils for its Blue Night fundraising dinner and dance which took place at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Saturday.

Patrons at the DPP’s Blue Night fund raising event

Blue Night dance at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by Govati Nyirenda, Mana

Blue Night dance at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by Govati Nyirenda, Mana

The Councils which are already struggling with finances were asked to donate to the Blue Night fundraising event of DPP.

DPP vice president for centre, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, said donations which they party received were made voluntary and could not disclose all “well-wishers.”

But reports have emerged that Ntaba refused a cheque of K2.5 million which was given by Blantyre City Council , saying the amount was manifestly inadequate and had to let Council officials write another cheque of K5 million.

Mzuzu City Council reportedly paid K3.5 million towards Blue Night fundraising dinner.

However, on Tuesday, Mzuzu City Council denied that it contributed, saying the council communicated to the organising committee that it will not afford to contribute any amount as they were passing through financial constraints.

Reports indicate that Mzuzu Council funded six councillors who represented the council K90, 000 each for their accommodation and allowances.

Mzuzu City Council reportedly bought a table at K3.5 million during the event and gave the six councillors K30, 000 each as their allowance and K60, 000 each for accommodation.

Spokesman for Mzuzu City council, Karen Msiska said the council only gave the councillors K29, 500 each as their accommodation allowance for two days.

“As a council we only sent six councillors out of 15 drawn from different parties represented in the chamber and most of them are in a fundraising team of MCC which is helping to set up to widen its revenue sources.

“Apart from these councillors, six officers including two drivers accompanied the councillors and these officials got their allowances according to their grades; it was not uniform,” he said.

The City Council is on record that it is passing through tough times financially as some workers have not been paid their salaries since last month.


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This is stealing please officers keep documents for future prosecutions

Malawi Wanga

Vuto losiyila boma kuti lizilendesedwa ndi zitsiru ndi limeneli. amayika maliseche potsogolo. mbuzi za anthu inu mukukanika

Nganiza Muthulika

Malawi need independent auditors who can check government expenditures. I remember during Bingu companies and Asiabs/Indians were forced to donate money to Bingus such.events and they called it WELL WISHE. It sin Of high Class. To force a bisinessman to pay millions outsourcing Of historia business when they are strungling in poor Malawi. One Indian reviewed this to me and he cried. He said mama Malawians think we are corrupted but the government force us to pay them. I believed Jim because the government has never mentioned that Indians are corrupted.


DPP – The Democratic People’s Party. It is NOT democratic, it is NOT the people’s party, but it IS a Party, or at least it likes ‘to party’ – at the people’s expense.

chilungamo chimawawa

by the way how much money do DPP pay MBC to advertise the campaign rallies every 15 minutes on radio and almost very hour on MBCTV. You corrupt DPP officials you are busy stealing money for poor Malawians. But remember the money you steel shall one day send you to the grave yard. By the way many politicians have contracted and died of HIV/AIDS because of these political gatherings as they sleep with women who dance at the events. you know a lot of them who passed away and you cant prove me wrong!


DPP ndiye mukusiyana pati ndi Joyce Banda mukufuna kumumangayo? Inu nomwe mukuti ndalama sizikulongosoka muma council yet inunso mukupanga demand ndalama zambirimbiri kodi accountability yake amaipanga bwanji kuti kenako muziti ma officers awa anaononga ndalama, are they allowed to write so much money donated to Dpp during fundraising dinner? Anankhumwa zioneni bwino izi osati muzingomangapo anthu chosecho mukuwapangitsa kuba ndinu nomwe apa!

chilungamo chimawawa

Ladies and gentlemen. this act of holding political rallies every day using public funds is not right and must stop. DPP is evey day on the move conducting campaigns as if elections are today. Even the president himself can’t sit down with his family to relax even a single day! other presidents do that!


NAC gate is not yet forgotten and now it’s council gate again….. DPP why are you taking Malawians for granted like that? Do you want us to revolt against your visible corrupt practices?
Why! Why! Why Mr. President?
Councils are failing to give bursaries to needy secondary school students due to financial constraints and you go there siphoning millions for partying…..
I will organize my fellow youths to a great revolution…. and don’t point fingers against your critics when I do this. I will do it for patriotic Malawians and to save them from you robbers. And am ready for anything…

Nganiza Muthulika
I support u. Only youth revolution will change Malawi. U youth will remain poor as long as these old gurus are ruling. Muntharika/sDDP are the most corrupted leaders we have in Malawi history. Joyce Banda was together with Bingu so what du u except? Corruption Of DDP is not mentioned why? They are just after a woman. What about Bakili? Bingu stole more than any president in Malawi. Kazumu Banda was a millioner and he is the One wjp bult all state houses, roads, government houses.,which they have shared. He build first universitees. How many universitiies DDP ord UDF has… Read more »

MAPWEVUPWEVU at its best. Dyeranitu 2019 muli m’madzi.


DPP caught in the wrong act again. This party was principally formed to rip off Malawians of their public resources. What kind of democratic and progressive party is this. A party that thrive on the promotion of corrupt practices. DPP woyeee, corruption woyeee.

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