Diplomat designate Thoko Banda called Mugabe ‘idiot’: Malawi set itself on collision course with Zimbabwe

Malawi risk to face a diplomatic scandal with Zimbabwe after it has been revealed that the newly appointed Ambassador to that country Thoko Banda in one of his interviews around 2006 had called Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe an idiot.

Mugabe: Will he receive letters of credence from a diplomat who called him an idiot?

Mugabe: Will he receive letters of credence from a diplomat who called him an idiot?

Thoko Banda:  Mugabe is a horrible man and na idiot

Thoko Banda: Mugabe is a horrible man and na idiot

The revelation has already sent the Zimbabwean Government working on a way to bar Banda from taking up his post due to the embarrassing comments made during his stay as a political asylum seeker in Germany.

The interview was posted on an online magazine The Foreigner, a German based online publication with the objective of giving voice to asylum seekers worldwide.

In the interview, Banda chronicled his nasty experience with the then autocratic government of Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda as well as his souring working relation with the both former president  Bakili Muluzi and late Bingu wa Mutharika, developments he said led him to flee the country twice.

Banda referred to Mugabe as an ‘idiot’ as he tried to explain how he found himself at loggerheads with Muluzi and Mutharika who themselves were ‘dissidents’ and fighters for democracy and a new constitution during Dr Banda’s regime.

He explained that the last government (Muluzi’s), that he served (as a diplomat) and the people he was working with in 2006 were dissidents before 1994 but changed when they were part of the same oppressive system.

“You won’t hear about it in the West. You will hear about Zimbabwe, because Zimbabwe has an Idiot. I am sorry, I know you are recording, but they have an Idiot for president. This guy Robert Mugabe, I hope that he lives a very long time, so that one day he can go before an international tribunal. He is a horrible man,” said Banda.

He went on to say that the only difference between Mugabe and some of the other leaders in Malawi is that Mugabe hurts not only his own people but also foreigners.

“That is why they hate him so much in the West. Leaders like mine, they are cleverer. And I know how it works. They know, as long they are nice to foreigners they can stay,” he said.

Added Banda: “To say it simply, people who are in power now are interested only in their own business. They are not bothered about the poverty of people in their own country. Definitely not. And the West is quiet about this. Because it is not that important to them, right now. They have other problems to worry about.”

Full version of Banda’s interview can be accessed on:  http://www.foreigner.de/in_thoko_banda.html

Banda was among the initial team of diplomats who were appointed soon after President Arthur Peter Mutharika took over and he was destined to go to Brussels to represent the country in Belgium and European Union.

His appointment raised controversies after questions came up on his academic credentials and in a turn of events his name appeared again on a list of diplomats released early this week and has been earmarked to go to Harare.

According to sources from Zimbabwe the Mugabe government has taken the appointment with reservation and a dossier by the country’s Central Office of Intelligence (COI) has already been forwarded to Zimbabwean President’s office for action on it.

Diplomatic experts have said that Banda’s utterances, though made back in 2006, were a cause to worry by the Zimbabwean government as it puts to question the relationship that will be there between Banda and Mugabe in the course of duty.

The experts suggest that as things are it would do Malawi good if the appointment is rescinded rather than waiting for a possible action from  Harare as the country has the final say on who is to be in the country whether as a diplomat or just a private citizen.

“This is very serious revelations but it only show one thing; that Malawi is not serious when it comes to background check on such appointments. This also reminds us on what happened to the newly appointed Director of the Office of Asset Declaration Christopher Tukula who just days after his appointment was arrested on ‘cashgate’ related issues,” said the expert.

Soon after appearing before Parliament’s Public Appointments Committee, Banda who is son to Malawi’s renowned politician Aleke Banda, angered Mutharika with his blatant lies on his qualifications and home of origin.

Apart from his qualifications Banda is also said to have told the committee that he comes from Thyolo, the President’s home, yet all along he has been known to have hailed from Tukombo in northern district of Nkhatabay.

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From the look of things, this diplomatic post has already been tarnished by this publication. I would edge the appointing authority to give this post to another upright personnel so that our relationship with Zimbabwe should not go hell wire.


Don’t worry he is going no where. angopita ku Thyolo akapeze munda

john k black

This Thoko Banda is not fit for any function higher than office cleaner.


I think this guy is bad news. I have said it before and I am saying it again that the guy is a loose cannon – in fact he is a huge liability to our nation. Please release him to go back to Nkhata Bay to lie low. Otherwise he will cause a huge pandemonium and confuse everybody, and that will cost us big time.

Dominic Chipwayira

A Banda kutembeleredwa kwanu nkwanu basi mmati mubisala mpaka liti mwayiwona mphamvu ya Namalenga zakumudima zawuliridwa Leave Mugabe alone please,


Calling Mugabe an Idiot? Maybe Thoko is actually a smart man!


Thoko tiyene ku mudzi tizikalima. You are still a Tonga we will welcome you back just like the Father who welcomed his prodigal son in the Bible. We are Tongas we do not forsake our own even though you distanced yourself from us. Get out of the lime light, take some time off and just chill. Hope you have learnt your lesson.


Does anybody understand why APM is holding on to this guy?? coz I don’t get it. He is as poor as a church mouse, he is way behind on his rent, utility companies constantly disconnect water and electricity at his place, he lives off unsuspecting women …..he owes people thousands of money …. The list goes on and on……. What the heck?????


Thoko Banda also called Atupele Muluzi a terrorist because of his Islamic faith……. Remember that????


Now he plans to call the US, German, Norwegian , and British Ambassadors, he wants to drag them into this mess. He plan to tell them that he is being persecuted by who? ….. Nobody knows……. He is forgetting that he gave the interview to The Foreigner at his own will He was not under duress. The biggest weakness this guy has is he tries to outsmart everybody and now he has been caught in his own web of lies.


Malawi government needs to go on damage control mode ASAP!

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